YouTube Director Onsite !! Get FREE Videos 😱 made by a YouTube Videographer

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YouTube just launched a new program for ANYONE to get a free video ad. Simply contact YouTube’s Onsite Director Programs and they’ll send a videographer to your house! You’re gonna ❤️ this episode so subscribe right now at


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YouTube will make your video commercial for free what that's right YouTube has launched a video ad creation service where you can get your video ad produced entirely for free that's a videographer for two hours professional equipment script development editing and a workroom to manage it all all you gotta do is pay for the ads let's talk details I'm Owen video welcome back my friends your beautiful youtube on-site director is now available in 17 cities that's up from nine which now dramatically increases the amount of potential YouTube advertisers who otherwise probably wouldn't have the cash for a professionally produced YouTube video now anyone with a gmail address can request the service which gets you a fully produced YouTube commercial shot and edited by a human being that actually comes to you phenomenal all you gotta do is commit to spending three hundred and fifty dollars in YouTube ads you'll even get a personal account specialist to help you set up your targeting and manage your ads I went through the process myself here's how it works first you go to director dot and walk through the steps there you'll log into Google and search for your business you'll enter in some details about your business to help kick-start your script development that's when YouTube will match you with a YouTube approved filmmaker in your area now at this time we really don't know who these people are or how they got approved but let's just assume that they're okay when all said and done you'll be sent to a private work room where you have the contact information for your videographer and also a checklist sort of an agenda where you can manage the projects the videographer will come to your place of business and shoot for you with fully loaded equipment for two hours that in itself is worth the price of admission folks your video will be edited in about seven days time that's when your account specialist steps in and helps you set up your targeting and boost the ad on YouTube I couldn't be happier about this service not only is this a great way to get more local businesses to finally start advertising to me but it's also great for local creators who want to make a living shooting video and making films but aren't exactly sure how to break into that business community I did sign up for the service we have a shoot scheduled in two weeks between our live stream studio in the back and of course my broadcasting studio here we're gonna have a ton of fun with this videographer would you use a service like this I loved how in the comments below and if you liked this video consider sharing it in your groups and on your timelines I'm Owen video new uploads on video marketing tips and tricks plus my live podcast every week only on Facebook

16 thoughts on “YouTube Director Onsite !! Get FREE Videos 😱 made by a YouTube Videographer

  1. Hey Owen! As always, thanks for another amazing video! I’m in shock that they will actually come to you and that they offer sooo much for only $350 – that’s actually a phenomenal deal! Thanks for letting us know this! I will absolutely be taking advantage of this deal. I hope your shoot in two weeks goes wonderfully – it’ll help grow your channel and brand recognition for sure. I’m excited for you 🤗 God bless and see you in the next video ❤️ Fernelle Davis from NurtureInChrist

  2. Wow! That is very cool. But at the moment I don't have that much to spend on ads. Plus I don't have an office! Maybe I'll check into whether I could go somewhere else in Chicago to record the video. I'm not going to use a video of my messy desk in the corner of my messy kitchen 😉

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