Xiaomi Mi9 vs OnePlus 6T Camera comparison/Screen/Size/Sound Speakers/Design! Review

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welcome back new jazz welcome back oh my god nobody asked for this video so I'm not gonna say many of you asked for this you're a youtubers love to say that but nobody asked them for that video but they do it man no makes no sense anyway so we have a show Mimi 9 vs 1 plus 60 bro yes as $600 versus $500 we'll see how these two smart phones at this is a part 2 comparison size design screen speaker and camera comparison part 1 it is the speed test and the gaming comparison so please make sure to check it out check it out anyway let's begin okay I just saw on the right side one plus sixty regarding the design self ceramic versus glass and three cameras two cameras flashlight and they both have in display fingerprint sensors yes Amina and Eris kind of slightly anyway kind of they are the same and almost regarding regarding the thickness not the same one plus 60 it has a thicker and it does have a bigger battery bro seven seven point six millimeter with the for the me nine eight point two millimeter for the one plus sixty 185 grams in the wait for the one plus 60 173 grams for the mean nine so remember glass versus ceramic glass versus ceramic and we have two different few different colors for the one plus sixteen and for the Xiaomi me nine this one which I have it is the gradient blue yeah : like that anyway let's move on this sign basically the design comparison since I'm having a broken I do have a broken arm so I can't use my second right hand so sorry for that injures I'm gonna show you what me 9 offers IR blaster and noise cancellation microphone volume rocker and power button taps USB port ty SPEA type-c USB port main microphone and main speaker and on the left side we have volume rocker so if I don't want some acceptable spot without SD card and we have a I special button button button on the back we've so showed you and on the front we have just a minute waiting mode why the reading mode is enabled bloody me we're going to discuss regarding the screen in a minute let's move to the 1 plus 60 you can have the buying links below and purchase both of these smartphones on the gearbest and bandwidth bro check it out man 1 plus 60 looks amazing anyway over the 1 plus 16 adjust only noise cancellation microphone the top we don't have an IR blaster nothing fortunately we don't have we have a silent mode key to a key or with 1 plus 60 on the right side and power button this is a really cool feature if somebody loves to have it silent silent key anyway on the bottom we have of course the type-c USB port and we have an of course main speaker enemy in microphone on the left side we have volume rocker sorry for that volume rocker is on the right side sorry for that one and then it is it is it what the heck I'm losing my balance their orientation a booming rocker is a raise on the left side and we have dual SIM acceptable slot on the left side both of these smartphones do not offer SD card so this is the lack of both of these ones the biggest con and they do have both as Samsung panels in display fingerprint sensor and we will see what else anyway let's see if everything is on the maximum yes it is everything is on the maximum so specs wise and the design here is design wise also you can simply check it out the North's water what adopt not it is tiny or smaller with and Shamim e9 bell vessels itself bezels itself very similar ninjas both of these smartphones has a very similar bezels let me just move to the gallery I'm gonna find the same picture let me find the same picture maybe some white or maybe yellow and then I'm gonna I'm gonna do that one just a minute let me just find let's see here maybe the blue one I think the blue one should be fine then come with the blue one we can see everything yeah with the blue one we can see right now so check it out on the bottom that is similar vessels on the side very similar bezels and on the top one plus sixty has on the top slightly and but why remember that the unbelievable but to me now maybe you think it has a sticker yes it does have a thicker and slightly thicker vessels on the top but it has a LED notification bar oh yes it's just over here that that right top corner bro yes let indication bar within me nine so as somebody said it's impossible to put it but Xiaomi Dannenberg Xiaomi done it cool bro okay ninjas viewing angles so Samsung panel on both of them let's check it out bro very similar honestly ninjas this is very very similar viewing angles impossible it's exactly the same I don't see any difference check it out from this angle exactly the same there is no difference this angle again no difference whatsoever from the top directly looking it's even same with even cheaper smartphone so again it's impossible to see the difference right now on the camera what I would say that there is a different slightly a different kind of colors bro slightly different colors maybe my camera can catch right now this in close-up check it out this is of course the wallpaper the main screen right now we're gonna move to the YouTube bro YouTube oh can you just here we go the display comparison YouTube you were using into YouTube damn em bro amazing both of them of course having the Samsung panel almost the same size 6.41 versus six inch six point four inches AMOLED displays at the same resolution 1080 with 2340 and you can't do what you can do with the Huawei smartphones with the Mui you can't downscale the resolution to HD plus unfortunately that would be amazing if you could 403 PPR screen density 100 NTSC versus 100 320 SC 2.5 d care of the glass screen as screen brightness goes up to 600 muxes 60,000 with 1 contrast ratio always on display on both of these smartphones and they both have a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 plus they are full srgb standard DCI p3 rated HDR 10 screens so you can watch HDR videos on YouTube bro again they are ninjas in the real honestly in the real life they are not exactly 100% Saints screens again there is some kind of modification with the me9 and it seems that the 1 + 60 in just a minute let me see here I will forget to mention even to show you the white we're gonna go to the wine display here I will find something some white wallpaper or so right now looking directly they look exactly the same these colors loo look exactly the same red exactly the same on a sudden see the difference whatsoever here the sky again same very very same similar is very similar screens ninjas but it seems that the meanin is T tends to lean to a little bit to the warmish side but like just 10% then just 10% I'm gonna right now go to just a minute to wallpaper to wallpaper and check here them just a minute let's bring here like this come on anyway there you go this is the wallpaper yeah not whatever is the settings and yeah they just yes it does it does the me9 tends to lead to more warmish side and this proves it this is again meets 20 it is way way more warmer but 1 plus 60 it's super cool it's a super cold screen a super cool screen there if we can call it like that display I didn't I didn't modify anything I'll just show you right now here and let me just go to the custom color screen calibration yes custom color and then we can go to the default srgb or the phone just aminute contrast colors we have here one cool we're gonna go to the cool adaptive mode custom color I'm gonna go cold so this is the cold color right now with both of these smartphones check it out you know go move to the wallpaper it goes slightly right now different so I clean out difference you can see myself okay so it's one it was on the default so again you can see myself that it depends off this because this is a hydrogen ask vs. Mui and tan so maybe that also depends how they calibrated these two screens maybe they are the same panels from the Samsung but in reality not 100% exactly the same the screen brightness viewing angles are exactly the same for me I don't see any difference whatsoever almost anyway let's move now to the speaker comparison ok knee just let's begin with the me 9 max speaker max gaining just you just by yourself oh my god this was very very close both of them do have amazing speakers super loud a bit of the bass their cleanness is also a spot-on so again very very difficult to decide here honestly very very difficult for me to decide you're not gonna make mistake out of your side you're not gonna make mistake if you choose this one or that one let's go to the camera comparison okay just so this is the front of the camera comparison Cellini 9 vs 1 + 60 check this basically this I mean the clear winner here it is for me the me 9 and just maybe you're gonna love the colors of the 1 + 6 but I just busier here this that wider angle with the me 9 more people can fit you can give us off that my head also check HERE dynamic range and exposure and you can see by self that we can see more sky with the me 9 and finally sunny is including this regarding the course that the might melon Oh Kenny just so this is the phone self became a comparison summary 9 vs 1 plus 60 check this basically this I mean the clear winner here it is for me the me 9 it does maybe you're gonna love the colors of the 1 plus 6 but I just hear this wider angle with the me 9 more people thought that my head also check here dynamic range man exposure and you can see by self that we can see more sky with an e 9 and finally something is including this regarding the course that the might melons both exposure balance it's obvious that the nine is better many many different updates otx okay is it enjoying okay nature so this is the front selfie camera comparison show me me 9 versus 1 plus 60 check this basically I mean the clear winner here it is for me to me 90 just maybe you're gonna love the colors of the 1 plus see here this wider angle with me 9 more people can't fit you can see the stuff that my head same distance also check here that I make range the extortion and you can see myself that we can see more sky with the exposure I'm gonna go up and down and also the video stability altogether and all your quality or the quality okay just so this is the chemical person Xiaomi me nine versus one plus 60 users by yourself what do you think this one has a better dynamic range exposure I'm gonna go up and down and also the data stability all together and all your quality or the quality okay just this is the camera comparison xiaomi me 9 vs 1 plus 60 users by self what do you think with smartphone has a better dynamic knee range exposure I'm gonna go up and down and also the video stability altogether and all your quality or the quality two sites for online buying use my thermal links below in the description to purchase anything new just as the best way to support me let's go

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  1. Hey ninja friend … Sad you've broken your arm . Was that from arm wrestling big ninjas ???
    Thanks for doing this video , I have the 6t and was thinking of getting the mi 9 as I've mentioned before . I do like xiaomi too , and the camera seems great . Get well soon 😁👍

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