Xiaomi 4k drone vs DJI Phantom 3 – Cameras, Stability, Battery etc

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Which one is worth it?
Xiaomi 4k: Coupon code ( under $400) : DCRC2
Phantom 3:

Many people asked me which one do I think is the best camera drone between the new Xiaomi 4k and the older Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro.

Frankly, they are both amazing quadcopters, but I must say the price for the Xiaomi 4k is unbeatable right now.




Both quadcopters have excellent gimbal stabilization and cameras are pretty much equal in detail.
Xiaomi has a better contrast directly from the camera and it can go up to 4k resolution.

I also love the fact that it can do 60fps in 2.7k and up to 100fps in full HD.

The Phantom 3 Professional can do similar stuff, but for way more dollars.

Flight time

The xiaomi also wins this one by like 2-3 minutes more, which is pretty amazing again.

Unfortunately, the MI drone is still a pretty big quadcopter when ready to fly, but a good thing is that it has a modular design that makes it easy to store in tighter spaces.

The comparison between the Xiaomi 4k and Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional leads to only one conclusion in my oppinion: Get the Xiaomi because it’s cheaper and amazing! ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇

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hey there guys it's Paul archer from grocery calm and this is the ultimate comparison between the Xiaomi me 4k and the phantom 3 with a surprising conclusion I chose the phantom 3 advanced to compare it against the Xiaomi because they are both very popular GPS camera drones with similar performance I'll be comparing flight time range controllers video quality stability and I'll also give you my personal opening at the end I'm also going to compare the Xiaomi 4k with DJ maverick which is a much more expensive job just to see how it handles it so subscribe and hit that Bell notification button if you want to see that the show me me 4k is considerably cheaper than the phantom 3 Pro and advanced so keep that in mind I got my Xiaomi drone from gearbest.com because they had a pretty big discount at the time they also have it on stock in the u.s. warehouse a great place to get the phantom 3 right now is amazon.com you have links for both in the description to check their prices as they always change now let's start comparing this to bass I chose the DJI phantom 3 advanced because it's closer in price the difference between the phantom 3 advanced and pro is that the advanced goes to a maximum resolution of 2.7 K and the DJI phantom 3 pro is 4k both the Xiaomi and any model of phantom 3 pro or advanced are pretty much the best camera drones you can get under $700 and this video is going to help you decide which one is going to make it into your ordered basket I don't have a case for the Xiaomi but if we put the original box next to a phantom 3 case you can see the Xiaomi is slimmer even though the drone itself is larger so why is that the Xiaomi has a retractable landing gear and the camera can also be removed leaving only a very slim profile to the droop in terms of weight Xiaomi is slightly heavier at 1376 grams compared to the 1280 grams on the phantom 3 so about 100 grams difference even though the Xiaomi can have a Limor profile were in the box I think it comes at a disadvantage when it's fully set up however it's perfect if you want to store it in a tighter space or simply not having to carry a huge phantom bag with you the propellers have different mounting systems on the Xiaomi drone there is a similar system to the new DJI quick-release props where you only have to twist ones and push and the propellers are secured in place on the other hand phantom three has the old style of mounting propellers you simply screw each one of them in place this will take more time from the drone set up so the Xiaomi wins in this case underneath the camera there's the proximity sensors for each both drones have stereoscopic camera for stable in your flight and to Soler's to detect distance to the ground both drones have really good 5 times but the Xiaomi 4k has the slight advantage Xiaomi advertises that drone to fly for up to 27 minutes in perfect conditions but in real life I've got a maximum of like 23 minutes DJI phantom 3 is advertised at about 25 minutes in perfect conditions but I seem to fly for maximum of 20 minutes both quad copters have smart batteries that indicate how much more battery's remaining and both batteries come with safety features in terms of flight range they both should be about the same I tested them in Europe and both lost signal at exactly 3,000 meters which is about 1.86 miles both controllers are high-quality hobby grade ones yet they feel slightly different in the end the Xiaomi transmitter has more of an Xbox controller feel to it and it's considerably smaller the sticks feel a little more sensitive the phantom 3 sticks do you appear a little bit more rigid yet that also makes them feel more durable but I can't really tell for sure everything is bigger on the Phantom controller including the phone mounting pad but the good thing about it is that you can also mount bigger tablets on it the Xiaomi controller can hold the biggest phones on the market easily but I don't think any tablet can fit in there here's a quick presentation of the Xiaomi remote buttons at the bottom there is the power on button and next to it you can find a button for automatic landing between the sticks there's a return to home switch that you can cancel anytime on the back you can find – easy to access buttons for taking photos and video top left there is the wheel for changing the camera angle and top right the wheel for changing the exposure to light at the bottom you can find a microSD slot for charging and a USB slot this older phantom 3 controller has a very similar button configuration but in a bigger package and a little bit more complicated the top-left will handle camera angle the switch close to it changes flight modes between GPS manual and headless mode the red dot button starts and stop the video recording on the right side there's a camera settings dial a button for changing shutter speed and the playback button there is two customizable buttons on the back and it has the same connectivity options like the xiaomi USB and the micro USB slot the most important thing in a camera drone is you guessed it the camera and also the gimbal this being said let's look at each one of them and draw some conclusions the most notable difference between the two cameras is that the Xiaomi camera is removable and not only that you can connect to a Sharma stick and basically create a DJI Osmo with it DJI phantom 3 of course doesn't have a modular camera which means that if you crash and break the camera you'll probably have to replace the entire drone with Shelby you can simply get a new camera and stick it in place and you're good to go both drones have microSD card slots and USB slot on the cameras both come with three axes motorized Kimball's which makes the footage super stable and frankly I think they are both doing this job great I'll show you some actual footage in a moment let's get into some quick camera specs the phantom 3 advanced only goes to 2.7 K while the Xiaomi 4 K well you guessed it both can do 60 frames per second at Full HD resolution and can go up to 3,000 to is el invierno although I would recommend going that high here's a comparison filmed in 1080p with both of them I personally like the colors on the Xiaomi better because they seem vivid but both Jones come with really good detail even in full HD resolution I have noticed that both of them show the propellers in the shot when the camera is looking forward while moving however the Phantom managed to show an arm from time to time which gives a point to show me here's another 1080p comparison handheld from the same spot I simply like both videos a lot so I'll let you decide which one you like best now it's time to compare some 2.4 K footage the Xiaomi can also do 4k but I kept most of the Phantom advanced maximum level I tested the xiaomi joan as a handheld stabilized gimbal and i wanted to see how well it does in that situation this is the result besides gimbal stability I wanted to see how stable this both Jones are when it comes to GPS so I made this comparison in part one a man with a horse game so I had to move away part two wasn't long enough because I ran out of battery but I think you got the idea by now as a conclusion I find both of these jobs to be very similar and I would probably recommend them both to a friend but it also matters how much money that's respective friend has a DJI phantom 3 advanced or pro who is maybe 200 to $300 more expensive that means that you're getting close to double the price I find the camera quality to be awesome on both Jones and the gimbal stabilization works perfectly the range is exactly the same and return-to-home works just as good although cheaper the xiaomi joan has quite a few advantages here is my list of them it has a smaller form factor in its package it also has slightly longer flight time the Xiaomi comes with a modular build so you can replace a broken camera easily or get a better one in the future the controller is smaller and easier to use I found the propellers to be much easier to mount I'll also say that the positioning system is slightly better from observations and finally it comes with 4k resolution at a very low price DJI phantom 3 has the following advantages one big advantage is that you can mount the tablet on the controller the more faded image style might be better for people who want to do some color correction and overall it has a small frame compared to an assembled Xiaomi drone I feel like the app is also a bit more intuitive and easy to use this being said personally if you don't really have a very good offer for a phantom tree Pro or advanced I would always recommend you buy a xiaomi me for kid room and four hundred five hundred dollars close to four hundred dollars if you use the link and coupon in the description it's pretty much a steal if you're willing to spend eight hundred dollars or more on a phantom tree that's new you might just as well spend one anymore and get a DJ maverick which is way more compact and offers way more things please do tell me in the comments what would you pick between these two Jones and what would you recommend to a friend also don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell icon to get the notifications for my future videos I'll be doing more videos with the Xiaomi 4k John comparing it with a maverick full review on it and more surprises are coming so stay in touch see ya later alligator

28 thoughts on “Xiaomi 4k drone vs DJI Phantom 3 – Cameras, Stability, Battery etc

  1. Excellent comparison ,you were exact and to the point. No wasting time in the set up which ofcourse does matter but the camera comparison is really what worked to me as I am planning to purchased a Xoiami Mi drone soon at a steall of a price if all goes well . What got me is the fact that the Xioami has a wideed angle of viee . I believe it's 94 Fov

  2. Tenho um Celular Xiaomi que é melhor que meu Samsung S7 Edge. Com relação ao Drone, gostei mais da imagem do Xiaomi. O melhor de tudo é O PREÇO. Celular, metade do preço, Drone idem.

  3. Hello I have the beautiful video and congratulations but unfortunately not knowing the English language being Italian, I understand that maybe the Mi Drone Xiaomi is better? You can give me some advice, I want a drone that has: good video resolution, follow me, way point and good application of the phone and updated firmware. thank you very much and good job. sorry, do you have a coupon for the purchase?

  4. The Xiaomi Mi camera is not nearly as good – lots of jello, and the ability to control the speed of the yaw seems limited. The DJI Phantom 3, Advanced or Professional, is also more reliable than the Xiaomi.

  5. did not know xiaomi is also in drone industry, nice video, thumbs up, I also make aerial videos with my bird, please check my channel and keep up the great work

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