XANES HDQ15 review – Wide Angle Round Mini Camera Rs. 3800 (approx)

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This is XANES HDQ15 mini camera that comes with built in Wi-Fi and can shoot 1080p videos. In this video I have done the unboxing, talked about features and also included camera sample.

You can use this as mini or spy camera. So do check this mini camera and link from where you can buy plus other options also mentioned below.

You can buy this from Banggood also check other options below

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37 thoughts on “XANES HDQ15 review – Wide Angle Round Mini Camera Rs. 3800 (approx)

  1. Hi Gogi. I want to buy this model too.
    I read somewhere that his camera also supports connecting a WiFi network at home. Is this correct? So I don't have to switch my phone tot p2p everytime…


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