Wyze Cam Pan REVIEW | $29.99 1080P Pan and Tilt Security Camera

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Wyzecam Pan is their new $29.99 security camera that can pan, tilt and motion track automatically.

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what is going on guys Greg listt V this is the wise cam pan camera if you know anything about wise cam they make very inexpensive security cameras I'm talking 1999 for their usual camera that they've had out in the past this one is only $29.99 and it can pan it can tilt and it can do that automatically it does everything that you basically love about the wise cameras including the price so all the features are that are in the version 1 and version 2 are also in this and then also like I said you get pan and tilt so it's pretty pretty crazy there is a size difference though so check this out the wise camp pan equals about two of the regular wise cams so if this is too big for you can always go for the little brother but if you need pan and tilt and that have that be automatic then you definitely want to look into this one also on the wise campaign you're going to get a USB port on the back at the bottom of the wise campaign you have the sync button you also have the motor that's going to turn this all the way around basically 360 degrees you also have a micro SD slot to record continuous video on the back of the camera you have a speaker and a USB port on the front of the camera is where the camera is that and again that pans and tilt and then also at the bottom you have a sensor and a microphone like I said earlier you're getting all the same features with the wise campaign and those features are PTZ control which is pan and tilt controls 360 degree horizontal and 93 degree vertical viewing angle that motion tracking pan scan motion tagging 1080p full-hd video night vision two-way audio so you can talk back and forth with the person motion sound detection and alerts motion detection zones smart sound recognition 14-day free cloud storage continuous video recording with a micro SD card if you insert one and time-lapse if you have used the wise cam before the app is exactly the same I'll be it for a couple of different features so right here you can see you can listen to the sound you can record a video spontaneously you can speak back and forth with someone you can take a photo if you click more you can turn on motion tracking which is going to have the camera automatically track any motion that it sees you can toggle on and off pan scan motion tagging you can look through the album and you can turn it on time-lapse if you have a microSD card inserted into the camera when you click view playback on the bottom that's gonna show you any continuous video recording that you have as long as you have inserted a micro SD card controlling the pan and tilt of the camera manually is really easy within the app all you have to do is press up/down right or left to control the camera in any direction that you want the rest of the controls are hidden within the settings on the top right the coolest thing about the wise campaign camera is the motion tracking if you turn that on within the settings it'll automatically capture whatever motion that it captures and it'll automatically follow it up down left or right as you can see the video is not super clear it's not going to win any awards but you can definitely see what's going on the next two videos have an issue with the lips not matching up with the voice that's more of a codec issue on my video software but I just wanted to give you an idea of what the video looks like close up and also with the sound turned on this is a test of the video and audio for the Y's campaign that is brand new gosh $29.99 that gives you an idea of how it sounds and looks versus the wide cam version – and this is recording with a live cam version – this one is 20 bucks and again it gives you a good idea of how this one goes against their new camera that way you can decide – just looking off looks and sound there's any difference alright so the wise campaign what's good about it well it's got tons of features and wise Kim's always have tons of features and this camera is no exception it's really easy to use and that's what I love about wives camps you basically plug it in it's really easy to set up it's really easy to maneuver within the app it's got continuous video audio in the video recording it's also got cloud storage for free and it's just like when you add those two things alone you have a winner on your hands in you when you add ease-of-use and you add feet more features that you probably even would want to use it's just amazing and I definitely would give it a yes especially the price $29.99 is an amazing deal on this camera it's only $10 more than the regular one and this coin can turn left right up and down and now this one actually will be replacing the one I have in my living room just because it can pan left right up and down so if you want to pick this up I would definitely recommend it it doesn't have the best video it doesn't have the best audio it doesn't you know it's just it doesn't have the best build quality the build quality is pretty good but you know generally has the best price it has tons of features and the features that it does have work they just work you know and they're like the video you'll see as you saw is like it's not the crispest the audio isn't the clearest but it works and you can tell what's going on and this compared to the other camera their other their version 1 and version 2 cameras ones that don't move at all I feel like this one has better audio it is clearer video I feel is about this but overall I would definitely recommend this camera it's $29.99 it's a no-brainer thanks for watching guys if you want to pick this up in his link down below I'll see you down the road peace

25 thoughts on “Wyze Cam Pan REVIEW | $29.99 1080P Pan and Tilt Security Camera

  1. Night vision quality question here. Is this (Wyze Cam Pan) noticeably improved over the Wyze Cam for night vision? The website says that the Cam Pan has 6 IR LEDs vs 4 IR LED (Wyze Cam) "for enhanced" images of grey….but is there a practical difference b/w the two products?

  2. Awesome cam…again you can't beat the Price..and its pack with a ton of features..way to go Wyze..Yi and Wyze are setting the standard for the home securtiy market with a quality product and PRICE…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I've had the V2 and loved it but this will be perfect for my Bedroom/Gameroom XD Thanks for the video to make sure this is what i wanted. It has so much value for so little! I just going to get one but I hope to buy a couple of more to secure my home.

  4. I disagree that the video quality is not that great, it's 1080P after all. I think it's the frame rate that's an issue at only 15 fps, many cameras use that rate too. I'd like to see 30 fps but then again it's a security camera, not a movie camera.

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