Winner of our family photoshoot | Photography Competition | Mabokela Studios

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WINNER OF OUR FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT | PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Thank you very much to everyone that has participated and it was such a great success. We look forward to the next challenge. Mabokela Studios

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hi guys we are so excited to announce them whenever our family culture to tell it and you look forward to maybe you and your family knows whatever monogamous to use my name is Capello and my intense thing and this is our little Thailand will come up again if you are new to our Channel remember to defeat them subscribe button and it become the pepper so that you can be notified of any year that we have learned thank you so much for taking part in our challenge it was so much fun going through your comments if you have in the video you can take it right here but under comments below because way they had to pick the arena so we sent a truce our little one to help us [Applause] and the family photo shoot is home with Hana congratulations Buddha Muhammad banir we do hope to give you end of the minute in our studio once again thank you so much guys for participating in our challenge because of you we had over a hundred subscribers coming to our YouTube channel and expected many more challenges to come and if you haven't subscribed to our Channel please do subscribe and hit the ball so that you can be notified of our next challenge when it comes to remember to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram suppose any conversations that you would like to have with us and we'll be posting on a regular basis so see you there [Applause]

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