What's in my Bag for Wedding Photography / Videography – Wedding Videography Tips

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What’s in my Bag for Wedding Photography and Videography. I get asked about specific kit items ALLLLL the time, so I thought I’d show you exactly what is in my wedding kit bag every time I film. Have been shooting weddings with this set up all year and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

Check out my review of my Camera bag (the Companion backpack) here;

Links to all equipment / gear used below.
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What’s in my Bag for Wedding Photography

hey guys Adam here help you well this week is gonna be slightly different this is gonna be a what's in my kit bag kind of video everything that's always in my bag on every single wedding it's not exactly a tip video but I think it's still advice and it's hopefully still helpful I've just uploaded a review of my backpack that I use for all my weddings that companion backpack I've just done a review of it so that's one of the channel as well I'll link it below go and check that out I definitely recommend that as a bag for the especially minimalist wedding videographers so to tame with that I thought I'd do a little what's in my kit bag so that's this week's vid and hopefully is helpful this is my companion rucksack this is my wedding bag that's taken on my weddings in its top bit there's loads of space in there I keep spare clothes so the minute I think I've just got a pair of pumps in there and a shirt so that's just over and out clothes if I'm going destination wedding or I'm prone to spilling coffee so they're closing the top bit there a Manfrotto travel tripod goes on the side that's the only tripod I used all their just half of one so that fits on the side of the bag which is dead handy and then we open it up here the top bit there that's the clothes I mentioned that's my spare shirt it's bear pumps there's extra pads obviously the velcro customizable pads I've got a centre cleaning sticky thing that slides in the top there this is my audio equipment so I've got all my sonís recorders in there got like five of those in a little pouch that slots in there here's my a 7s 285 mil prime zeiss batis lens that's that's Maycomb that's my number one camera that I shoot 95% of the day on this is this is my baby oh the cam Robbie come is the a 7f mark one it's got a 35 mil some young pram lens on it most of the sounds just to get a wider shot I'm also proud to say I've never lost a lens cap so they're always on there what you're doing Chad's kind shot this bit I have a case for spare SD cards I have some gorilla tape for taping my recorders to microphones or tables or left turns or anything like that I've also got double sided velcro for the same purpose lens wipes I've got a couple of jack cables to get feeds from mixing desks for backup audio this pair little plate in there as well I'm discovering stuff I've not seen in ages kit lens I'm not using a wedding for a long time but this is the lens I started with Zeiss 24 to 70 kit lens that I got with the camera I've got an 85 mil some young prime as well just as a backup 85 where the pouch here that's full of batteries some legit so any batteries some cheap ones I've hammers in but I tend to find they work just as well because about ten batteries in there this bit I've got a zoom recorder again this is just to get feed off of mixing desks as a backup audio that I don't really use that often I also have a light in here that's I can't remember that last the batteries are dead that's how long it wasn't to use that you know a first dance or a night do sometimes good but I hardly ever in this top bit here headphones my laptop isn't in there but that slide down there that's it okay and there you have it that's genuinely everything that I take on every single way occasionally I'll have drone Bop 2 now have a second shooter or I'll do or shoot a bit drone footage I don't do that every wedding so I just carry that separately normally if and when but that that's that's the bag that I take that's all the kit near enough all of it is linked below as well as links to all the different pieces of equipment etc if you didn't want to check any of those pieces out the links are below and I hope you liked this video and I hope it was useful and I will see you next week

8 thoughts on “What's in my Bag for Wedding Photography / Videography – Wedding Videography Tips

  1. Wow, I need to rethink what I'm doing. I've been taking far too much stuff! Tripods x3, monopod, slider, glide-cam, 70-200 lens, 24-105, wide-angle, 50mm, 35mm, 2 Canon DSLR bodies, c100mk11, zoomh4n, zoomh1n, radio mic, batteries, cards, light, shotgun microphones, wipes for sweaty face…no room for spare clothes in my bag!

  2. Hi. I’m interested in trying out the Samyang manual lenses. Do you know which is suitable for an a6500 which is apsc. Im getting as a b camera. Looking for 24/35 for wide shots for b camera speeches . Don’t know what I’m looking for. Great channel btw. Keep it up.

  3. How do you connect zoom to DJ set? XLR or something else?
    And whats the name of your bag? it looks nice, i want something like that 🙂
    Why dont you use a stabilizer like dji ronin-s or crane 2?

    My gear is different a bit, i use a7rII with 2 batteries and 24000 mAh powerbank. I also always use zhiyun crane 2 for most of my shots from preparations, ceremony and shooting a couple in some places. I also got a smooth head tripod which i use mostly on a banket and… one lense 28-75 Tamron 2.8 FE. That's it. I havent still felt a need to buy another lense, but im gonna still buy some day 70-200 2.8 GM. Just someday 🙂
    I also plan to get extra 8-10 batteries, cos powerbank is not handy. I always wear a backpack with powerbank on it and cable attached from it to my camera, which looks stupid and it starts feel really heavy when i work for many hours straight.
    Dont know if i should go for monopod, tried to work with manfrotto monopod and cant say its handy, but i also cant shoot with camera on my hands for longer than few minutes.

  4. Not watched much on YT as I’ve been working in London for a few weeks first one I’ve been in a while but really good advice. Will play catch up and look at your others x

  5. I love the idea of the simple minimal approach especially your audio solution- Ive just taken delivery of a decent spec iMac with Final Cut Pro x installed , then next month it’ll be the first of two A7 iii’s , then after that ronin s gimbal, then later on it’ll be Phantom 4 obsidian and licence …… 💸💸 😂

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