What To Do Before A Wedding Client Meeting

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you got this far and potentially hold up one second are we gonna really do this okay let's start over you got this far in potentially booking a client well visit to your website check inquiry check now the big moment having a client consultation be sure you are doing these these five things before you have a client consultation to increase your chances of booking that's what this video is all about so stay tuned hey guys Henry and Ellie hear of success in wedding photography if you're looking to get more enquiries but weddings potentially even do this full-time well consider subscribing to this channel so you don't miss any of my upcoming videos okay I'll address the pink elephant in the room a very adorable little pink elephant I might say she is a little fussy right now and I gotta record this video got to get the content out to you and hey for some laughs and giggles I thought maybe she'll make a little cameo appearance let's see how long my arms can keep up and how quiet she might be okay let's get back on topic I really want to talk about these essential things that you've got to do before you have your meeting by the time the bride and groom knocks on the door or meets you at the coffee shop you got to have a game plan don't want to be so-called winging it that's not the way to go one thing is I do want you to be very proud of how far you've gotten chances are you're on a very short list of photographers that the couple is inquiring but also actually meeting with almost no couples of mine and tenures have told me when I ask them hey out of curiosity how many other photographers are you meeting but nobody's saying like 10 15 20 it's usually like 3 to 5 and if you really have impressed them with your photography your online presence your reputation you might be the only one so really pat yourself on the back you're almost there but hey the reality is finishing second place runner-up that doesn't cut it you need to be the only choice as a photographer of course for your bride and groom a few assumptions I want to make before we get into the 5 tips the first one is the bride and groom your prospective couple they already know pricing what you charge what your rates are and you know what their budget is there's no surprise in that secondly this meeting this client consultation it will be in person over the phone or the web or just email it's actually a face-to-face meeting and the third one is that you as a photographer you've actually shot a few a handful or two of weddings you're not just so-called getting started and you've only done one or so you need to be somewhat experienced of a wedding photographer okay now that we got the assumptions out of the way let's get in the tips first one and this actually starts the moment that the prospective couple tells you that they'd like to meet with you actually here's a little bonus tip tip zero don't just email them when they first inquire send them the link to your pricey maybe additional other links here and there and ask that dreaded question which I absolutely don't like which is hey if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know of course if they have questions they're gonna ask you why wouldn't they right it's a foregone question take it a step further ask them if they are interested in having a consultation take that step to initiate it but yes of course they said they want to have a meeting with you and that's why we're here in this video next step is to send them the directions to your house or the studio or a coffee shop wherever you're meeting in the emails you want to be as assertive as possible not too aggressive of course but you want to take the lead on everything you're the expert you're the one that they're coming to to potentially consider you you want to do everything to let the couple know they're in great hands so my first tip take the lead be assertive with directions guidance possibly if there's some parking logistics that they need to know in advance whatever it might be give them a little bit of an expectation in addition in that email when you're letting them know about the details also what they can expect in a consultation with you you don't have to write a whole knob or anything but a few bullet points like we're gonna spend some time getting to know each other hear more about their wedding plans and all also what you're gonna go over what you'll be presenting looking over some albums prints going over the packages and all my other last thing to include in this first tip yes it's a pretty long one I apologize but actually come up with somewhat of a propose package in the email you heard me right even before you have this meeting you want to actually give the couple a suggestion or two like hey we're gonna go into greater detail when we have our meeting but based on what you told me in the contact form maybe you have a few other questions you asked them but I recommend something like a collection – with this many hours having an engagement session you mentioned you want something like that it's gonna be roughly this amount but everything is customizable flexible we'll go into details yada yada but what this does is first off unless a couple note Wow Henry or you is in charge and knows what's going on this is what we're gonna go over I feel really confident already working with an expert photographer but also just as importantly financially they know what they're signing up for just in case they might have missed the packages and pricing conveniently but this there's no mistakes here hey what you're looking for it's gonna be around four or five thousand dollars three four thousand or whatever it is it's what you're looking for this is what's included and we just want to ensure when we do meet we can talk more about adjusting it and so forth and see what they say tip number one secondly this is more fun this is not about the numbers and directions and all that stuff but actually getting to know your couples a bit before having the meeting you don't want to show up to wherever you are going to meet each other and not know anything about your couple except their names and where they're getting married and so forth this is where I don't recommend in the initial contact form on your website because it might be too overwhelming too many questions but once they responded and shown interest in meeting with you you can send them to a second contact form to ask for a bit more in-depth question really just three or four such as the story of them and each other their fiancee how they met how they got engaged initial wedding plans anything that could help you with the presentation during the meeting so that's tip number two get to know them more so that way when you are in front of them you can reference things like oh yeah you mentioned that you actually met through fill-in-the-blank that's wonderful maybe a personal connection with you or that's incredible you got engaged this way or hey groom brah you know tell me a little bit more about how you plan the proposal or how did they go about with this and that just a little more small talk much better than being complete stranger not knowing anything and spending half of your meeting breaking the ice instead of actually talking about the details of their wedding my third tip and this is more if your meeting place is not at a consistent place for example a studio your house wherever it might be if this is like at a Starbucks a coffee bean a place that's not going to be the same every single time maybe it's at the venue where the couple's getting married at it could even be their home but wherever the meeting places and if you can to actually have everything set aside ready to go specifically if it's at a coffee shop or a a common place where you can go and meet together you don't want to be showing up say the meeting is at 3 p.m. at like 255 struggling to find parking and a table and trying to order something for yourself in the couple show up 20-30 minutes in advance maybe even four then you pick a time that would have a minimal crowd and so it's not too noisy in there and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a quiet spot so not only the location but the environment where the meeting is going to be is very important one quick note for the ones that do have a consistent place like a home a studio space well of course you want to get that ready as well you can also do a few other things because it's your place like have water bottles on the table making sure the TV where your presentation connected to your laptop maybe some ambience with some musics playing in the background and wherever it might be I also recommend sending a text or just a call to your couple while they're driving down just let them know hey I'm already here actually got us a table or perhaps that it's a busy Sunday for whatever reason parking might be a little bit tough or this is how you get here and there send them a little reminder any little thing that you can do to make their experience meeting with you that much better I highly recommend doing so think about every step of the process not just when they actually sit down with you start with that very email after they're interested in having a consultation with you my fourth tip is to well have some kind of a presentation ready and if you already told your prospective couple with tip number one things that you're gonna cover well this should be pretty straightforward having a laptop an iMac computer all good to go you don't want to be opening up a browser or sifting through your boxes of albums or if they wanted water asking them there you should have it ready or worse if they ask you for it but having some kind of a game plan presentation ready the first half or so I recommend getting to know them their story their wedding plans and then slowly bridging in to how you would capture their day specifically with illustrations maybe it's a venue that you've already worked at so you have past blog post an online gallery possibly even a physical print or to an album that you can show anything that you could do for them to help make their decision especially things that you cannot show over the web over the phone that's why we're having an in-person meeting not only to get to know each other but really sell the experience of working with you and on top of that is some of the products the services that you can provide so lots of illustration presentations having your questions pretty much memorized now one thing to note don't just go and ask questions for the sake of asking but also in tying with what they're saying if they're asking you something elaborate a bit more if they're commenting on something they like an aspect of their wedding you want to make sure that you really connect with that don't just ask questions for the sake of question okay Ellie belly we're almost there at the very end let's see let's see how this goes maybe she might make another cameo appearance or two but I do appreciate you allowing me to share some tips with the little one in my arms number five and the last one this one's a little bit pretty straightforward but very important your own presentation as they say is not just about the images it's your image how you present yourself how you dress carrying a little one with you making some noises I'm not going to edit this out but your presentation your demeanor how you go about communicating with them everything from the physical appearance to the mental and all super important if you need to practice a little bit beforehand with your spouse with your friends that's even better you don't want to go into a meeting with little to no preparation no practice especially if you don't have meetings too often maybe just once or twice a month well it's like with anything practice makes perfect I contact moving a little bit closer if need be the way you're sitting the way your hand gestures are those kind of things all add up so really pay attention to all the details and on the flip side if there's something about your prospective couple you notice that you want to mention complement them professionally of course well it's worth mentioning as well all those little things all add up in giving an initial amazing client experience and hopefully from there it's a no-brainer decision in them hiring you let me know if these five tips or help to you and your client consultation are you doing some of them already did I miss something leave a comment below this video I love to get your thoughts as always if you like this video please make sure to give it a little thumbs up like she is doing sort of right here and if you haven't already subscribed to my channel so you don't miss any of my upcoming content to help you become a successful wedding photographer good luck I'll catch you or excuse me we'll catch you very soon bye

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