What Girls Do In The Car

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okay here we go and I forgot everything I'm supposed to bring alright let's try this again yeah oh we call we go in the car I'm going backwards okay forwards here we go that my car making that noise sounds like a fucking dying robot and we're riding in the car I know if I can stop it yeah I should turn on the radio what the fuck how long have I been singing that well I don't even like that song my teeth oh is that in there was it a cone we touch you up be touchy upbeat oh I'm sorry sir Brian my ass brah you want to lick my ass asked looking ballsack mother fucking cock bitch oh hey look at that dog I like your outfit oh my god that's a group that's a stop sign why is that girl jogging like half naked hey angel face next time buy a whole shirt oh that's why Amy I should start jogging I'm not gonna start talking hi I beat you and I just got star power so I passed you yeah you can see right through these pants I'm here Emily that's about right mmm make sure you subscribe to our channel we put out new videos every Wednesday yeah you say we like to drive in the car and do stuff like that and then we like to be on the grass and go potties out I'm alright see you guys next week

43 thoughts on “What Girls Do In The Car

  1. I remember being 12 and watching this video on my iPod Touch with no camera when YouTube came on iPods. When it had the old tv as the icon. Trying to watch this video for like over 10 minutes because WiFi was garbage then. I thought this was like the best thing ever and I couldn’t even relate to any of it because I was 12 and now I’m 21 still watching Jenna and she still makes me laugh and this video is still funny

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