Wedding Photography Tips – My First Time

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A few tips for whoever is stepping foot in the wedding photography world. I’m no expert, but I’ve managed to book two more wedding photography jobs this year so hopefully my tips will help πŸ™‚ Follow me:

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hey guys my name is Amara Jolley I'm a photographer and a videographer and I will be talking about all things photography and maybe videography today I will be talking about wedding photography I got to shoot my first ever wedding about a month ago it was kind of last-minute thing one of my friends was meant to photograph the wedding but she couldn't do it so she asked me if I could and I was like yeah sure so to stay organized I decided to make a list I think it's like a list of 10 to 12 things and this is a list that I'm gonna share with you guys because it may be helpful first thing was to decide what gear I was gonna use this was like the most important thing for me I have a Canon and I also have a sony a7s deciding on these two it wasn't really too hard I did all for the sony a7s this thing's a beast and low light it's extremely light it's a mirrorless camera as well it's really compact it's not bulky and I've kind of gone off of the whole bulky kind of style of cameras you know this thing you can actually fit in your pocket believe it or not I said I've managed to fit this in my jacket pocket the other day so very very cool lens wise I decided to go for the 50 millimeter at 1.8 because you know it's a 50 millimeter and it's a 1.8 man just let in a lot of light I decided not to take with me anything else like you know my tripod because that's just extremely useless for wedding photography I think if you're gonna go with the bride and groom somewhere and do a bunch of like shots fair enough because you have a lot of time to do so but when it's this type of stuff where it's run-and-gun tripods gonna be extremely useless carrying it around with use extremely pointless as well because it's just gonna be you know weighing you down so I didn't take that with me what I did take though as a spare was my Canon camera just as a spare didn't I never used it I also took with me my Sigma F 2.8 17 to 50 millimeter lens because I love this lens and I did use this a few times too but 90% of the time I did stick to the 15 millimeter lens the second thing on my list was to find a second photographer I will always take a second photographer with me because you need one to be honest with you I called up my friend she's a photographer she's never done a wedding either so I thought this would be like a good chance to kind of get her to be involved too I told her what gear I was gonna use because I was you know using a 50 millimeter lens she was use a wide-angle lens we wanted a good range of different types of photos so she basically said that she would kind of be in charge of just taking all the wide angle stuff and I was gonna be in charge of taking all the close-ups I'm just trying to catch my breath okay and then we made a list of the shots that we wanted to take we went on Google this is a really cool thing to do we went on Google we researched a lot of different types of wedding photos and we managed to get inspired to create our own type of photos as well and we wanted to compile a list for the bride and groom to show them as well because we were gonna meet with them to kind of know what we were trying to do and it was a good way for us to know what they wanted from us too but the bride and groom are very easy they were just like do your thing we just want to get married we have a small three-page list of shots that we wanted we were very happy with the shots that they wanted they were happy with the shots that we wanted now the fourth thing on the list was to research the venue and research the weather two most important things we had no idea what the venue was like we couldn't go physically to the venue either because it was so far away from the city and none of us drive mean the photographer so we went on the Internet research that went on Google checked out the pictures as well that pictures are fairly amateur so we were like if they were able to get these type of photos you know we'll be alright there were a couple of rooms where we couldn't really do much with because it was like you know two percent lighting in there and it was just impossible to get any pictures by looking at the rooms we were able to kind of determine what shots who were gonna be able to take here what shots were gonna be able to take there what we can get away with and what we couldn't get away with and then by researching the wedding as well the weather sorry we were like okay it's gonna rain at 3 o'clock in the afternoon so maybe do these type of photos outside when it's not raining and it won't started one starts to rain and go back inside that's exactly what happened by the way once 3 o'clock hit it just started to pour luckily we managed to do all the shots that they wanted outdoors and then once it rained we finished up and then went back in and then we carried on doing our things so yeah research the venue research the weather very important the fifth thing on the list is to take a lot of snacks and a lot of water you won't have a lot of time to sit down and eat like a meal or like a sandwich or you know just sit down like all the guests and eat because you're constantly taking pictures because not everyone's gonna be eating there's gonna be people doing other stuff too for us the most important thing was to capture candid moments they wanted all those like you know the special moments of smiling and hugging and all that kind of stuff so we had to be really alert the sixth thing on the list is to always be alert okay this is very very important when capturing candid photos you cannot be looking you know at the sky or like at the wall or canteen dreaming you need to look at everyone and look like a creep literally like that much you just gotta stare at someone and then once you kind of anticipate what they're gonna do if they're gonna laugh boom take that picture it's gonna be sick it's gonna look awesome and it didn't Corso always just kind of anticipate and always be alert and always look at people always keep your camera on as well to capture those candid special moments which means you're gonna have to take with you batteries SD cards chargers the next thing on the list is business cards always take business cards with you we had a crapload of people ask us for business cards and we didn't have any done which kind of sucks because I think we lost out on a crapload of work from a lot of other people as well because the pictures ended up really really good but yeah you never know when you're actually gonna be given an opportunity to to do another job you know whether it's photography whether it's like family portraits or you know any other kind of stuff to always have business cards made yeah that is about it so I really hope that this list helps any of you first you know first time photography for writing follow me on Instagram as well I post all my photography stuff there I'm gonna upload a bunch more videos of like different topics like like nature photography concert photography and all that kind of stuff so yeah subscribe

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