Wedding Photography Tips – LIVE Q&A Session

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everyone Henry here with success in wedding photography and hey you may notice well if you've been following his channel for a while that this look and feel utilizing a DSLR for the live stream is we're back at this again I started this maybe maybe about a year or so ago and actually this is a super duper impromptu live stream I usually go live here on Wednesdays but here it is August 5th 2019 of course and I set this up again earlier today got it out from the closet got my a DD Canon Canon a DD DSLR and I thought let's see how this goes I've been trying to you know just kind of play around a little bit I've been utilizing my my webcam for the the pre-recorded videos but I thought maybe this might be kind of cool especially for some of the newer videos so I don't anticipate being on this livestream too long this is you know this is more of just just to test things out let me see how the audio is Wow look like a sweaty mixed yeah it's been it's been relatively warm here in LA it's it's like in the 90s pretty much everyday and my room here my office faces the Sun in the late afternoon basically right now it's about 650 p.m. and so I get the the the heat coming in even with the a/c on so we got a few people watching alright so I actually have a client meeting in just under an hour so for sure I won't be on here too long and I out still plan on going live this this Wednesday I mean what will that that is the plan but it's been a little extra busy week and you know I don't really have like a set agenda for this one I guess a couple of things I can talk about in case anybody ends up joining and also have any questions feel free to ask away I'm not sure if I'm gonna save this live stream I have been saving the recent ones because I feel like you know especially for the replay viewers that it could be of hopefully some value to you but maybe we'll see what we got out we got one thumbs up alright cool thanks so much forever Gators a thumbs up but let's see so first and foremost is that I am definitely picking up the the YouTube content game here if you will I've been recording a lot more YouTube videos in the last you know about week or two then in a long long time and it's been it's been a process of just trying to find a groove on how I can be efficient while while hopefully giving you you know giving you the but giving you the best content that I can as much as I can so the reason this week is a little bit extra busy aside from the usual wedding season and all is that I actually am right in the middle of a few things I'm working on and you may or may not know from my past YouTube live streams that I've been you know of course I've been coaching students to help them with their wedding photography business so I'm actually gonna be having my next masterclass this Wednesday as well as I just literally started today the messenger chat program so that is something that I'm I may have some more videos here on this channel I did the three-part master class about a week and a half ago so it seems to be a very almost like a polarizing subject like some of us might be like yeah this sounds amazing that sounds very intriguing I definitely want to give this a shot and then the other half is more like I don't know about this I don't know if it's ever gonna it seems just a little bit it's just something I'm not comfortable with so it seems like we're somewhere in the middle but hey we got six people watching alright I thought I was just gonna be talking to myself for about five minutes and then head out but once again I'm testing out this this this sort of old live setup that I had about a year ago just on the 2470 the only thing that's a little bit tricky is is a little bit too close so you can see on my sweat and pores and blemishes or something and it's you know it's just right here versus utilizing my built-in webcam on the iMac Pro but hey I like the shallow depth-of-field look a little bit more a little different and you can see in the background I have on my camera left or right video right here the some of the lenses that I'm not using and just some sort of decor and then on my right in the back our camera left again is my stand-up table and I don't really use that table it's more just I don't know putting some stuff on there if I need to and my gear is basically down there so I try to keep my room pretty pretty simple pretty efficient and only have what I need so all right guys let's see it's about 650 maybe I'll hang out for another 10 minutes and once again I'm debating to keep this livestream oh I probably won't I'll just end up letting it just sort of delete just because I don't want anybody listening or watching this on the replay later and then like wow this live stream was kind of a you know a bus there was much not content normally with the live streams will will have some good questions will have some good topics I usually don't have like like a training on these live streams it's not like I'm gonna present something specifically to you that's more for the pre-recorded videos that that you you know hopefully you saw one earlier today and the plan my plan is and and you know don't hold me to this because I can't promise this but I'm planning ish hoping slash intending to to upload a new video here basically two to three times a week at the bare minimum once and that's not counting the live stream but you know I would love to do like a Monday Wednesday Friday format I don't know if that's gonna be a little bit too much content for you so so let me know your feedback live live stream viewers right now or watching this on the replay replay viewers would you be okay if I up my content just a little bit more you know the the last few weeks I've been I've been kind of testing a few things out I had some videos recorded while I was driving which is usually not a good idea but I thought I'd make the most that time and also when I went backpacking I record a couple of videos however of course the main area or the the most common area will be here in this room and I also thought that I much rather get you you know some decent content on a periodic basis then then not so okay cool hey there is it a jolly or a yalla yalla twice a week sounds good okay cool so I might do like a Monday a Monday and Friday and then the Wednesday would be the live stream I thought that that live stream on the Wednesday which it's kind of like right now that's why I'm testing this new new format let me know if the audio is okay as well as the video content so I hope I'm not lagging so I'm just kind of shooting from the hips right now whatever's on my mind once again this is not a oh we got some comment awesome well we got three people watching and we've got three different people well thank you guys all so much hey there Brandon nice to meet you let's do you think it's possible in today's era of YouTube and other online tutorials to get started and wedding photographers out working under a seasoned photographer first the short answer would be will be yes Brandon definitely and you know the term seasoned photographer is very subjective because hey just because somebody's been photographing for so-called a long time whether that's five years or ten years doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best person to learn from and and conversely just because somebody is only been shooting for a year or two doesn't mean they're not a good person to learn from either so I would say that if you find somebody that is willing to give the opportunity yes however absolute like YouTube you know you get to watch videos behind the scenes of photographers and action you can also you know hopefully with my channel you get some some value out of that and so that's that's great learning experience however and you may have heard me mention this in past videos nothing beats real life experience so that's where you still want to to shadow as photographer second shooting assisting even third shooting whatever you can you can get your hands on I definitely recommend that you do and hey if you get paid for it that's even better but I hate to say it but don't even expect it in the beginning and I would say after you know maybe the first two to three times you know don't worry too much about the pay for the record I pay all of my second shooters assistant first time third time 20th time that is my policy but that might not be for every seasoned pro but you know that that's certainly the way to go I would say it's a combination of getting your learning on online and also reaching out especially don't just stick to email don't just stick to text see if you can send a video message see if you can send an audio message see if you can do something a little different to to to be noticed by by the seasoned pros okay mrs. B Castaneda twice a week okay so I'll stick to twice a week maybe some weeks it might be three but I definitely want more than three two to three how about that you know bare minimum will be one but two to three I have a couple videos coming out just to give you a little bit of a little sneak peek this coming Wednesday just a couple days I'm gonna share with you photos from my first 10 weddings and it's very embarrassing I I was like thinking long and hard if I should even do this but a few of us have asked like hey can we see photos you took when you started 12 years ago and I dug it up from my hard drive and so you'll see that let's see let's see a jolla my apologies if I if I'm mispronouncing video sounds fine your video on how to price your wedding was really helpful I'm glad to hear that thank you for the kind words I used to watch others prices and prices myself lower but turns out that I wasn't the best way to do it you know yeah pricing cost you know we can spend a whole hour talking about pricing and that still wouldn't be enough because pricing is so there's no right or wrong way to do I mean there's obviously a wrong way and that is if you're not making a profit I would say like your first just first year I would say the first year of photographing weddings if you break even you know after spending money on on gear and and your website maybe some branding just basically everything that you're you're spending money on the your cost of business if you break even like whatever money you make is-is-is right around what you spent I think you're doing really good honestly like don't expect to make a profit in your first year and hey if you do that that's amazing but don't be too disappointed if you don't because I think the far majority of us starting out we actually not only not make a profit in our first year but we actually have a loss right it's basically like going to school kind of thing and you're you're you're gonna be at a loss and it takes maybe two years I would say someone was even two to two and a half years to actually make a profit in our business and that's where pricing you're gonna price yourself accordingly as you progress in your business it's not gonna be like this set amount forever of course so okay we got a great audience you guys so I think I might have to save this live stream I was I was like man this this might not be a good time to go live I literally just went live I didn't send an email out to so if you're on my email list my apologies I did not send an email out I was doing some other stuff I was literally recording a few other videos and working on stuff and say hey I got about an hour before my meeting I just put this DSLR back here on my computer let me just go live test it out and here we are let's see let's see here mrs. B what do you look for in a second shooter I actually have a video about that maybe not exactly what I look for but it's a video on why if if we are struggling to get opportunities to second shoot why that might be the case so if we can bear with me first I'm just gonna post a link here if you search how to get second shooting opportunities on here on YouTube or just look in my video playlist you should be able to find that video but I'm looking for it it's here somewhere it's here can't get second shooting opportunity I think this is the video here so let me just let me just whoops don't want to close every oh my god that would have been really bad I actually would have closed like 50 of my browser's here so here is a video shameless plug right here but that talks about how if you're not getting opportunities to second shoot why you're not getting opportunities so you know maybe consider checking out that one and let's continue on so that's kind of my my thought process with my YouTube videos you guys is think of it kind of like a Wikipedia or or a repository of of the most common questions FAQ s and and things that I get asked most often and I will make videos to provide you the answer so maybe down the line maybe it's in like three months like hey you just found out about this channel and you have a question about fill in the blank and oh I actually did a video like two years ago and I can you know send you the link to that so that that's sort of the idea here okay let's see mrs. V I'm starting to see those first pictures oh my gosh but lay it on thick III mentioned in the Vista calf if teen 20-minute video but I'm gonna share with you the photos I posted a blog actually only share three of the ten because the video was getting long and that's that's good that's been my my biggest problem or my videos are way too long and some people have not been happy about it so I've definitely taken notice of that and I'm really doing my best to keep the videos to fifteen minutes yeah you know maybe twenty at times but I can't promise that there is a video coming out maybe Friday or Monday give or take basically showing you more about how to pose a wedding couple and that video I just finished recording yesterday is 45 minutes and and believe me you if you watch that video coming out in about a week I'm just racing through and you know so just trying to give you as much information without taking up too much of your time hmm sorry about that let's see george acosta or Jorge Jorge there you go can you tell how to get a photo how to get a photography contract I was gonna add those gonna ask I do have a video on what to put in a wedding photography contract and you can always search that here on YouTube should find that but you can always google it there's there's so many great websites where you can purchase a photography contract and they are contracts that have been looked over by lawyers so they're they're legal they're they're not just somebody typing on a word doc you and selling that I know a very popular one is is law talk la WTO G not Philly or anything but I've heard great things about them I mean I think she's a lawyer and she puts together contracts so that that's what I would say that's always been my simplest advice for anything is a good old Google search finds you everything you know that's pretty much what I've done for the longest of time now these days with YouTube you know we would YouTube it and kind of saying googling it YouTube is kind of like the same thing obviously goo Tube owned by Google so they they pretty much have the entire search engine you know sort of world on unlock and and and they do a great job of course you know we all I'm sure we all use Google every single day okay so how else are we doing guys if you have any other questions feel free to let me know let me see what else I can do just to make this enticing for anybody who's continued to watch if you have any sort of questions please let me know the other thing that I'm also thinking of doing is is some website critique not maybe for this session but but maybe a pre-recorded one so basically I'm just trying to to provide you the best content I can and you know that's something that I'm certainly very passionate about is to help you with your business and I really enjoy making these videos so you know that's why I really appreciate anyone that does take the time to watch it and hey if you could you know I value a comment more than anything else so I much rather get a comment than just a thumbs up or hey I'd rather get a thumbs down the no thumbs so I know some of the recent videos somebody was not happy that it was shaky I was in the car and recording but you know that's where I hope that you can look past a shaky video and at least listen to the video rather than try to watch it because it's it's not it's not the best video to watch the other ones are as you can you know kind of see there's a little bit of everything I don't feel like with wedding photography there's just one type of content that I can provide you because there's so many aspects of running a successful business it's not just shooting and even within shooting it's there's gear there's posing they're seeing the light capturing the moment and in the editing part with with the photography and that's just that side and of course you also have the business side and that's that's arguably everything under under the umbrella is under under business so that's where I'm basically breaking down my videos into four categories and these were the four that I use when I got started with this channel almost two years ago but I kind of went away from that a little over a year ago but these four categories and and you may have you may notice later on if you check out my my main channel a main page here on YouTube of course that I rearranged my playlist a little bit earlier today is that the four main number one would be business and marketing so I kind of group those together and I mean marketing is under business but marketing in the sense of how to get leads how to book weddings and just pricing discussions your website so that all kind of falls I feel under marketing and and of course business the second category would be a wedding day and and shooting wedding day and shooting I mean they basically are you know you're gonna be shooting on the wedding day but maybe like an engagement session is not on the wedding day but anything related to the wedding day will be its own playlist so I have that as a second second category if you will the third one would be tools and equipment and so that would be any software that I'm using any apps gear which you know me I don't really have a lot of fancy gear but I wanted to put all that under that so maybe I have a video coming up talking about hey I don't know 7,200 or this flash or something I mean once again I don't have any new gear I literally have not bought gear in in like six years I mean I might have bought like a compact flash card some batteries or something but as far as like camera bodies lenses and flash I haven't bought any in six seven years literally so I maintain my gear I take it into cannon you know once or twice a year just to get it checked up and things up but anyways that's the third category starting off tangent again number one was the business and marketing number two we got some comments Tuesday there's like a 20 second delay it's crazy like 20 to 30 second delay I was testing things out like wow that's that's a lot of time in between what I'm saying and then the comments at times but the second one would be the wedding day and shooting tips number three would be tools and equipment tips you know they're all tips and then the fourth one would be motivational / general so that will be me just talking about the the other stuff you know hey what does success mean to you what what's part-time photography is it possible to do part-time and so forth you know just a little bit more of that mindset motivational hopefully some inspiration and a little bit so those are the four different categories of videos that I will be producing on this channel and I really feel all four are very very important if you don't think so let me know like we can definitely have a have a healthy debate on that okay let me get back to a few comments here so a 708 local time here Pacific Center time so I'll hang out for another 20 minutes I have a meeting in about 40 minutes so I definitely will be heading out before then yes mrs. B asks are you still going to make a video of how to person deal with uncle boss or you could just talk about it now yes I do have a video it is it is on my list my little one she is about to go to bed soon my wife thankfully kindly is is Manning or womaning the fort down as I get to go live and she might barge in any minute that is my little one my wife but we'll see okay yes I do have a list of videos that I'm gonna make and that is on the list but I'll talk a little bit I think there was like a really big what news article or something some photos some photographer was not too happy about some lady sticking the hand out in the middle of the ceremony bridegroom right dad walking down I saw that and I guess it was a big deal but in a nutshell with Uncle Bob's I don't know I mean I don't really I mean I do get a few Uncle Bob's here and there it's not every wedding it would really bother me in the beginning like my first maybe 200 weddings I would have more Uncle Bob's I'm not gonna try and and what's the word I don't want to get myself in trouble here I don't want to typecast anybody like Oh Uncle Bob's are more of this type of wedding you know I don't want to I don't want to get into that that that business but let's just say there were more Uncle Bob's in the beginning part of my my profession or my my career but over time I don't know I feel like they're still kind of there but and you know not just the so gonca and Bob's cousin Bob but overall I just maybe been really lucky in in all these years that there really hasn't been that many that gets in my way now if you were to share my photos on my galleries and such you'll see cameras you'll see phones you'll see iPads occasionally you might see a couple DSLRs but I feel like I've been pretty lucky especially in the last four to five years but the times that I had to deal with them I would just kindly talk to them I would maybe have my assistant or second shooter look out for them especially during parts of the day that I'm not gonna be able to like like during the ceremony but I've never ever handled it like in this really I don't know I'm not gonna make a scene out of it I'm certainly not gonna not gonna approach the couple or I'm not gonna write an article online or complain that's just not my thing I feel like every guest is there for a reason because the couple invited them and and you know I'm gonna do everything I can to get the best photos if I can talk to them if I start noticing like hey that person might be in my way etc then I'm gonna I'm gonna kindly ask them and for the record I have no problem with guests with their cameras at a wedding no problem at what so you shoot shoot to your heart's consent I don't care just just try not to get in my way and I'm sure the videographers wait and that's really it I'm very reasonable I'm not there to make a scene it's not my day it's not about oh my god like this this person totally ruined the shots and like I roll my eyes on that so I'll talk a little bit more about that but I think you can get a sense of where I'm at on that overall you know I'm just there to play my part do what I can to get the best photos ultimately I just wanna make sure my couples are happy and hey if you know somehow they're fine with Joe Betty aunty Betty Uncle Bob cousin Joe sure why not doesn't bother me okay so let's see for someone just starting a wedding photography but only has one camera and a computer to edit on what do you suggest our next piece of gear would be I assume you have a lens as well a Java so I would say I'm not sure what lens you have but I would I would expand the lens and of course you definitely need a flash so the essential will be camera body camera lens and a flash and you want to make sure you have that and then afterwards you could add on a second lens so for example if you already have like a 24 70 then I would look into getting a 70 to 200 if you have you know I don't know a 35 prime then maybe look into getting a 50 or probably not 50 that's a little maybe like an 85 prime but I really really recommend at 24 70 that is my favorite lens and there's a video on that as well but check out my my video on on gear and it's here somewhere you know I guess this is kind of like I can have this this on my other screen right here let me send you this link so just another suggestion here so this is a video that just goes through what's in my camera bag it's maybe almost a year old but it is exactly the same what I have once again the gear that I'm using a few days ago it's what I've been using forever so but okay let me just get a quick drink water where are you guys all from let me know what part of the world what cities state you're you're from and hey really quick add me on instagram because I would love to keep in touch with you I'm recognizing some of the names here which is awesome so we you know building a nice community here and and also I would love to you know keep in touch with you guys so if you follow me on instagram is just my name Henry Chen the number one first name last name the number one is my username and you know follow me send me a quick DM and say hey saw your YouTube livestream or something and I will I will follow you back that's primarily where I communicate with with other wedding photographers on a daily basis not just my students but colleagues friends that I made through the through through YouTube and you know that's where I can I can even send some some audio files or something and sometimes we'll have like a one-on-one video chat so it's something a little bit more one-on-one personal then you know the whole world's watching kind of thing is there anything you guys would like to let's say see from me you know if there's if I can show that to you on a screen I'd be more than happy to I haven't actually tested out what it will look like let me test up the girl let me make sure I hide my couple things here nothing that important on my desktop so if I switch over to two here so let's see how this looks like to switch over to my very boring gray desktop and I'm sure it'll be fine so no lag I used to have the most lag when I have my older computer so I'm sure this is fine but yep so that's good let me just go back to full screen right here and and I have like three different webcams here so this is like my normal webcam here on the iMac Pro so this is what I been using most of the time and I went back to setting up this one so kind of cool just playing around with this livestream software let's see 24/7 was on my mind I have a 35 and 1650 kit lens yeah I definitely recommend the third 2470 I'm not sure if it's you know whether it's Canon or Nikon or Sony but I mean I really don't know I don't know anyone that says they hate the 2470 so I that's why I recommend it there's a video on that as well and you may see it in my in my archives here but it's here somewhere a couple first look yadda let's see what's in my camera bag it's probably staring right in front of me and I can't even find it well it's there somewhere how to shoot a wedding best best camera best wedding land excuse me so oh there we go this was almost a year ago so you can check out this video and that's where I talked about the 2470 I literally use that video that video I sort that lens a hundred percent of the day because it's it's on one of my two camera bodies at all times alright you guys how are we doing as far as I guess we don't know where we're from that's okay we don't want to disclose our location but hmmm what else can I ask how about you know who's who's shooting this weekend or it's it's summer here in in in the United States of course the northern hemisphere but is a busy wedding season for you right now here in in June or June I wish is so June August starting August already this is the height of wedding season and it's also when it's the hottest so usually not a good combination but yeah anybody shoot this past weekend how about this coming weekend you know what are you most excited for for 2020 or even in your just in your business do you have do you have something coming up this weekend that you're really looking forward to or next weekend or weekday just just kind of throwing out some questions just to get some just get some nice conversations going from Jamaica very nice I've never been to Jamaica I would love to need to take a vacation like like a relaxing vacation not backpacking trekking but yeah I that sounds amazing I'm sure my wife would love to go to Jamaica and that's cool very exotic place to be photographing when I'm curious I think you mentioned you're just getting started right so is it it probably is but is it pretty competitive in Jamaica with wedding photographers I'm kind of wondering how what the balance between the ones that are already local to Jamaica and how many our destination flying in from other parts of the country or parts of the world for which I'm sure the local photographers don't appreciate but I guess that's that's sort of how a market could be mm-hmm hey there Tammy nice to meet you I think first time I don't recognize your name yet so there's our first time chatting from Kentucky nice you guys so we got we got East Coast right we're on the Pacific Eastern Standard Time there and out here in California so it's almost what past ten o clock right there so how many of you guys are just curious are you would you say you're just getting started wedding photography would you call yourself a part-time wedding photographer or anybody in here doing wedding photography full-time you know let me know as well so but once again please you know feel free to add me on Instagram let me see my phone here and we can keep the conversation going later on just keep in touch the account that I gave you that's my my personal slash educational one and mr. guitar man hey George alright so I'll go ahead and follow you right back so very cool there so just got a message right here nice George awesome mr. guitar man George or hey let me know which one you prefer so check this out George just sent me a cool message so this is what I do quite a bit with my you know people aren't following let me see so that's how we get to know each other a little bit so and and let's see here we go it's like staring right in front of me I'm sure message right here all right so we're doing this live right here wow I am a sweaty mess here I'm just sweating with perspiration hey there George thanks so much for adding me here on Instagram good to connect with you on YouTube I'll check out your work in a bit and please keep in touch you have any questions if any way I can help you out send me and message you're on Instagram so have a great evening ticket take care of Mike I'll send that over to so I do that quite a bit a lot of times I'll send an audio file so you know that like Instagram is true I use Instagram way more than my phone I'm sure we're all on Instagram I think it's it's an awesome way to not just market our business I mean that's like you know what we all primarily use it for but I actually use Instagram more for connecting communicating with engage couples with potential couples so if they find me on Instagram or maybe I welcome it like hey you can always message me through Instagram or through Facebook Messenger which is a completely new awesome not new it's been around for awhile but it's a relatively new way of getting lead so our right seems very competitive as all I gather but I'll be doing it part-time I also do gravity' so so that's cool so maybe you can combine your graphic design background for with your photography whether it's for your logo website or maybe you can provide something of value to other wedding vendors that other photographers cannot but you know I'm also very curious because you know as you may or may not know depending on how long you've been following my channel that my intention is to help you go part or full-time so I'm not just here to you know yes I want I want to help you be a better wedding photographer without a doubt but my main slash ultimate intention is I want you to have a successful this a thriving business where you're making a profit you're consistently booking weddings you have the option to go full-time if that's what you choose to do or stick to a part-time whether that's five weddings a year or ten weddings 15 weddings a year whatever your goals are so that's where I'm coming from and I guess some of us hopefully agrees with that or at least are on line with that I know some of us don't and that's totally cool and I'll keep getting the thumbs-down in those videos I'm just kidding I've been paying more attention to to those things in the in the in the YouTube stuff here so you know I don't last often but it's always good to get feedback so I welcome feedback even if it's it's critique or critiquing me or negative feedback you know just just I don't know leave don't attack me personally unless you really need to but aside from that it's all fair games if you don't agree with something I say if you think something's better if if you rather do something else that's totally cool and please let me know or I don't know if you you know have your own YouTube channel then share that away so that's what that's what I'm all about and what I want si WP this channel and everything to be about so what's up Hassan I think you're up in Sacramento area right so not a couple hour drive from where I'm based out of so cool you guys you know what I'll hang out for maybe another five definitely no more than 10 minutes got to save my breath I have a client meeting 7:45 so that's about 20 minutes away 20 20 minutes away and a lot of my couples they have work throughout the day so if I do have a meeting with them it would be in the in the evening right now so you know how many weddings have we shots or not maybe I was like trying to get at have we had client meetings is what I'm getting at like howdy how do you guys have your client meetings you have your client meetings at a coffee shop do you have a home office i hain't home-studio even using the living room or mostly online phone like how do you meet your your couples so let me know as well hmm I totally forgot to mention this coming Wednesday so I will be having so I'm not sure if you're familiar with my sort of my next level of education that I can provide so yes I am gonna a little shameless plug right here but the farmer Jordan my time aside from photographing weddings is coaching wedding photographers primarily newer ones so actually I'm starting this again on September 1st or September 2nd that's a Monday and that is my next session of my wedding photography coaching program so I've done three sessions earlier this year you may have seen my playlist with the testimonial videos from my past students but I'm really really excited to start the next session in September but this coming Wednesday August 7th that's when I will be having an exclusive free master class and we have several dozen students or hopefully students but potential students that sign up already so if you are interested in having me as your coach to work with you very much almost on a one-on-one basis but it's a very small group like one on one one on three one on four it's a very small group to help you book your first 10 weddings so if you haven't booked your first 10 weddings yet but you're very serious about doing wedding photography then let's definitely take that next step and see if I can be of help to you and so I invite you to sign up for my free masterclass it's just go to wedding photography coaching dot-com and I'm just gonna put the link in here if that's if that's ok with you and if you are already registered that's awesome I will see you in class this coming Wednesday if you're not interested doesn't apply to you then and then don't worry about it of course but that's the link wedding photography coaching com just enter your name email address it's gonna be a masterclass a webinar basically not here on YouTube that's my little one crying so I better see it's how about my mom as well my mom my wife yikes she would not be out here that my wife with the little one but just go to wedding started coaching comm we're gonna spend about an hour going over some really really important and if I may say so valuable information this is the this is my my go-to I guess you know flagship program if you will the stuff that you see here on YouTube I'm giving you you know the content and sharing with you all that stuff but it's information you know here on YouTube and anywhere else that you're consuming information is that videos reading articles listening to podcasts etc is that it's still consuming but that's not enough and I talked about that in recent videos which is don't just don't just don't just watch videos here on YouTube which as much as I appreciate that's not gonna help you book weddings it's gonna be going out and networking doing style shoot may you know of course connecting on Instagram working on your website all these marketing strategies and and and things that you know I've talked about I'm sure other people that you follow have talked about that's what matters the most would be the action that you take from what you've learned so part of me being a coach to you is not just giving you information but or not just giving you specific exclusive information that's not available anywhere else but also information the right information at the right time to you that's very specific to your business and so the advice that I would give you the strategies that I would want you to implement it's not gonna really apply for everyone else it's only gonna be for you so that's what I do in this coaching program it's for eight weeks and it's very intense if I may say so but once again if you are interested we will get started in just a few weeks but in order to to find out more about the coaching program what's included all the logistics she's about to come in head on over to wedding photography coaching calm so just a little bit of a a little bit of a little bit of a mention there okay you guys so let's finish up pretty soon Tammy here I shoot as a hobby I've shot about eight small weddings for friends and family awesome so it sounds like it's uh well if you're shooting weddings that's especially for loved ones I would say that's a that's a part-time job right I mean hobby would be more if you're not if you're doing it just for fun and you know maybe not getting paid for it that would be a hobby but if you're getting paid for it and you may be I'm not sure if you do or do not want to do more of that then then we're venturing into the into that next step which is working towards it's somewhat part-time ish I guess between a hobby and a part-time whatever that might be okay so let me just take a little breather in case that there's like a 30-second delay so I'll give it a couple of seconds in case there's any final questions or comments before we wrap up but I'm glad to have a successful if I may say so impromptu livestream so I will definitely keep this this livestream up because because of that and try to keep it to under an hour what was it we went so well 30 minutes right was it 30 minutes or 45 minutes something like that okay let me see right here how nice so hey there y'all again cool so we getting connect with some new friends here on Instagram so hey I got it I got to do this too right since I just did that for George so here we go just add a little personalization you know this is what I I do something like this maybe five or six times a day but also not just with photographers um but maybe like a potential couple here and they're not as often as that like that would be a little bit too much but you know I usually do this more like on the desktop and how many of us are using video in our business it's a huge I'm not talking about like being a videographer but adding a personal touch to your communication with with the potential clients so especially since almost all my couples are complete strangers they never met me I never met them maybe we you know they were a friend of a friend at a wedding but almost always they find me through Google they find me through Instagram they find me through Facebook ads that kind of things so that way I need to make things a little bit more personalized for them okay so here we go hey there Jala good to connect with you here on Instagram thanks for following me and I just followed you back so into a quick video to say hello again and of course we are still alive right here so hopefully one day we'll get to visit my wife and I to Jamaica and maybe we'll connect but best of luck oh I took too long right there so usually you want to keep that to within the whatever the 15 seconds that they allow but like with YouTube I tend to spend a little bit too much time even on the Instagram videos okay I think this live stream is coming to an end thank you all so much for hanging out I do plan on going live on Wednesday again so Wednesday is the normal day of the week for live streams and look out also Wednesday for my next video that hopefully will help you a little bit more in your business appreciate you guys enjoy this live stream we had a good time just a huge favor – give it a thumbs up I know I told in another video I won't request that too often but I think selfishly if you did enjoy I would appreciate it if you give this video thumbs up and I always like to say if you did not enjoy the video totally cool you can give this video a thumbs down – I don't mind as long as you participate and you engage that's what most important so I will hopefully see you in another livestream or chat with you on Instagram have a great rest of this Monday take care bye

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