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Do you want to know the secrets of cover models? How do they work their bodies to make each picture amazing? Mitzi Martin Todd, Vogue cover model and wife of rocker Josh Todd, shares with us some great tips to making the most of your engagement, wedding & frankly all pictures taken of you:) Enjoy

being around the most creative people in the industry is where we wanted to be but what we love most of all is taking everything that we've learned over the last 14 years whether it's fashion or photography or all of our wedding and event experience and bringing it to you each and every week hello and welcome to notes from the light box today I am really excited to bring you guys an interview with one of my dearest friends and a favorite model of mine Mitzi Martin Todd Mitzi has graced the covers of elle magazine Harper's Bazaar vogue and has had such prestigious campaigns as l'oreal pepsi christian dior you name it she is going to give us some great modeling tips on our little vlog today the first things that I would suggest is choosing your dress and there are so many beautiful dresses out there and we see them info can we see them on TV and they're amazing but I think the most important things to be realistic about the dress my body and your body time and what's most flattering on you what you want to accentuate what you maybe want to not necessarily high but you know create a more subtle edge tues my second tip is choose the right photographer a professional wedding photographer because there's a difference there's a difference between a fashion photographer and maybe somebody who's taking your family photo yeah we do hear that a lot we hear something same like my uncle's going to do the pictures or you know so and so's the sports photography crying it's like going to get brain surgery from a knee surgeon it's just a different animal altogether so choose the right photographer who's a professional wedding photographer and then you can trust him and then you guys can work together you can even say listen I don't love my nose or I'd like my arms to look thinner or I want it to really be like I saw in a magazine and then you guys can work together and he can say maybe your head up and lean back a little bit it is a collaborative effort there's a collaborative effort between you and your photographer and that is really important my third tip is practice practice practice practice and I know it's going to feel weird at first you're going to stand in front of the mirror or every mirror that you pass you're going to start posing and seeing what it looks right for you what's more comfortable for your body and what feels more natural because it's gonna be harder to be on a set and have a photographer telling you to put your chin down and your shoulder back and your hips out and pretty soon you're just going to be uncomfortable and and I say that I say this all the time on the vlog is do practice all the time Mitzi is just reiterating it but what she's saying is really important because when the photographer's telling you to put your chin down you know yourself how much you have to put your chin down not too extreme you know what's good okay they're telling me that they want a profile but you know that you're a little bit better on the front so you want to cheat your face to the front right and just move a little bit each time every time a whit when I'm working when I move I just kind of move a little bit and I I'm not no I did not not happening like that I'm trying to sort of just ease into it find something that's pretty so I would practice but this is okay so the practice I love and what she's saying is so important because when we shoot Mitzi and we just did a family shoot with her and everybody else in the family's like got their pose but Mitzi having you know her experience in front of the camera knows there's just these subtle little changes in the way that you are in front of the camera makes all the difference because if you hate something you've done the entire photo shoot like this you're going to hate it and every picture you're gonna hate but if you just give yourself little subtle changes and I got media options of cyrene now I'm on the spot but we were just on the stairs and my whole family still and I just kind of moved a little bit I don't always think you have to look at the camera to take a pretty picture and sometimes it's like Mitzi was just doing its eyes at the camera maybe eyes over here just giving yourself options eyes down here that's going to change the face it's going to change just enough that if you hated the last frame you might love the next one and try and relax for I would be careful of anything extreme and we start to get extreme without knowing it so um leaning heavily on something that's really going to start to make unflattering shapes your chin really really low origin really high you may feel like it looks some way but we're just really looking up your nose um try not to squeeze two are you have to kind of stay light on your feet light on your body light on your body you know just you know trying not it an extreme smile nothing is more beautiful than real laughter or a real smile so be very careful with baking emotion and on your wedding day you should you should be pretty happy i would imagine that extreme is like the extreme of the arms against the side you do not want that you know and i was saying the mitzi realizing as I'm getting older that I don't even like necessarily my hand my arms out to the side because I'm like you know it's still like a little bit gay be here or whatever and I said I realized I have to put them back and she's like well yeah but you can't do extreme back and that's what people can very careful be scary because you're going to start to look like you don't even have our yellow so remember it's just it's subtle changes it's a subtle you know maybe it's not to the side but maybe it's a little bit back maybe it's like the chin out but it's not super chin out it's not super chin up it's you know little subtle just feel yourself and make just a little change and I would say reset reset yes so it starts to feel weird or if the photographer's giving you a lot of direction and your star to kind of get tied up in knots just relax just relax and read the model tip yes and we do this all the time we just start over you know because it does yeah sometimes when you do the same thing a lot it'll get kind of stiff and in since you're looking so we do it just to just to get a feeling back so relaxed reset and just remember if it feels weird is probably going to start with you where so Mitzi thank you so much for joining us and sharing your great modeling tips with our brides I hope that helped I hope you have great engagement pictures and wedding photos and I hope that you stay tuned to note from the lightbox you can visit us at

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