Wedding Photography | Shooting My First Wedding

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Wedding Photography | Shooting My First Wedding

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all right so regular vlogs haven't made one of these in a while tonight is the rehearsal dinner to Maddy Keith's wedding met Enoch you might remember is Haley's cousin nice the rehearsal dinner problem it looks like it might rain actually calico you cleared up we'll see okay [Laughter] okay so the rain started and he was grandpa it is actually going to like officiate kind of yeah have you seen this before look the kegs many Keith are having their rehearsal dinner at Rhine Geist some rehearsal beers if you will so the last couple weeks have been full of weddings like I said this weekend today actually is Haley not Haley she's married it's Maddie and Keith's wedding last weekend I've talked about this before I've never shot a wedding as far as like wedding photography goes but my dad was shooting my cousin's and he asked for help so I kind of shot a wedding last lated or they just surprised me yes it's like extra stressful doesn't matter to me because I can't wait what I'm shooting your beer I'll do what you want me to shoot a series of pictures I'll just go doing candid oh you said b-roll no I think handed Spurs Tyler won't be doing mostly candids and your b-roll Wow done b-roll guy not quite well I how I'm picturing this to go is in Star Wars Return of the Jedi when Luke Skywalker defeats the Darth Vader and then he realized he did kind of like you know squashes that beef I don't know like fill those shoes today coming-of-age okay so today I'm choosing a wedding with my dad and my mom sort of my cousin Heather she lives in DC she's getting married today I've never shot a wedding before so I'm kind of like just the B camera for my dad so I'm sort of just learning from him pretty cool like I said I've never I've never shot with him before and I've learned almost everything I know from this guy so Shelton and Sons photography service we really we don't do weddings this is just exclusively a family thing oh this is a video camera it was really cool because I've never shot with my dad like on any project so for me it was pretty sweet so pretty much what I did was I shot sort of like a B camera to him and then I just gave him the memory card straight up so I really don't even know how the pictures are gonna turn out but I have a really good feeling about it he texted me the other day and said they look great so yeah it's just been moving pretty quick here because I guess it got warm and the weddings start happening and summer starts happening trips a lot fun she's like I said Maggie's actual wedding is today actually I'm about two hours so I'm gonna get there a little bit early you'll see that in tomorrow's video I haven't I haven't done back-to-back videos a little bit but glad you're here it's gonna be exciting okay see you guys tomorrow

11 thoughts on “Wedding Photography | Shooting My First Wedding

  1. I have been a second shooter with my friend Erika and after saving her ass when her camera failed her and she didn't get "the kiss" and it was me that did…I swore off doing weddings ever by myself. Nope nope nopity nope.

  2. Tyler that is so exciting and I love watching the behind the scenes in vlogs 🙂 I’m second shooting my first wedding this summer and I’m beyond excited to do so and hopefully get into it more. 👌🏻

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