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Photography Gear I Use –


well everybody's been asking for it they wanted to know what's in my bag a kind of a funny question a lot of people ask and they just they want to know maybe you know what I'm shooting with stuff I've been carrying why carry it may be reasons why I've added new things to my bag maybe the bag that I use or what I take to weddings a couple products like Stan's stuff like that so here we go what's in the bag with David James visuals all right here we go so I got a bunch of stuff in the bag this is kind of a bunch just really stuff I've accumulated over the past maybe four or five years that I've been shooting photography so a lot of stuff is common and a couple things have gone that I didn't need we're all about weight this thing is really heavy to lug around and so that's why you saw up here and that before this clip I have a backpack that's what I usually take to just small shoots engagements anything that's not a wedding but for weddings I'll load it all up in this bad boy it's a pelican I think 15 something yeah 15 10 it's great a little case they're not too expensive I've honestly been using it for about two years I've beat it up and it still is treating me really well I love it but it is heavy and I've been realizing like well for smaller shoots I'm not taking this because I like to have lenses on me so I'll take a backpack with me and whenever we're just kind of roaming around wherever we're shooting I can swap lenses I don't have to you know drag this through the dirt so this is strictly for weddings and maybe big commercial shoots let's say just where I need everything so all rights get in here so we're gonna start from left to right so this little pouch first baby little pouch this is kind of just all my ND filters I have a bunch more in a different pack here there and ND filters are just neutral density filters they cut out light if you want to shoot at higher shutter speeds or if you're using it for flash photography if you want to shoot at lower apertures yeah shoot higher shutter speeds I didn't make any sense but yeah so these are great I use them a lot for when I'm doing maybe landscape photography if I want to shoot a little bit more wide-open outside where it's super bright and if I'm shooting at f/2 or even one for something and my camera's maxed out at shutter speed then a 18 or 8000 then pop one of these on it'll kill it about a stop or two depending on what you got and you're good to go I also use these for video a lot this is a new one I got it's a tiffin variable MV it's a beautiful nd really sharp glass really clean this is strictly I use for video but I have used it for photography as well as you can see it's great twist it variable I think it goes up to a couple stops and it's it's it's awesome for what I do love it alright here we go let's just hop on on de lenses so currently my lens selection is as follows we got the 50 the Rokinon 14 millimeter canons 35 l and then this bad boy which I love this is a classic so this is kind of my lineup right now 7,200 Canon 35 one for Canon 51 too and then the rock and on 14 millimeter which is a really wide angle lens I don't use it much honestly I don't use it at all for weddings and if I do now it's just maybe for dancing photos and that's about it 50 millimetres probably on my lens the most currently 35 is also right behind it all great lenses these are these are my favorite 7200 is one I just bought it was like the first big L lens I bought so this has kind of been with me from whoops this has been with me from the beginning and I love it I don't use it enough but I really should so yeah 50:35 are kind of staying on my camera I'm in the midst of getting an 85 but just haven't really found one at a decent price and don't really need it yet so haven't really got it this is my strap of choice our strap this is blackrapid this is one of their older versions like one of the first ones they made I mean I've had this thing for like three years and you can even see there's a groove like taken out of this steel like I've been using this forever hasn't let me down I love it I wouldn't switch at all I would just upgrade to maybe one of their new ones these are a bunch of Paul buff transceivers receivers four flashes I have a bunch of those and this is just for when I do off-camera flash stick them all on that all the flashes on those and they're good to go so those are fun in my bag currently four speed lights I just use a young new of five 60s these are a really old model but I haven't really seen a seen a need to upgrade yet to their newer stuff they work so I'm gonna use them until they die or I need maybe a new feature like high speed or ETTL which I don't really use you to yell so these are great they're workhorses I've used them for so long and they've never given me problems I have four of these in my bag at all times look at that they've been beat up they've been dropped and they still work they're great I love them they're cheap you know if you if I threw it on the ground right now I wouldn't cry as if you know I bought a Canon 600 or a Nikon expensive SB or whatever they're called you guys have heard me talk about this before if you haven't it's a little viewfinder hood loop you just stick it on your camera on the back of your screen magnets and pretty much what you do is you just look through it and it cuts all the Sun away if you're outside in harsh shooting conditions and you can see your photo and look at the exposure sharpness I use this mainly for video too and it's perfect I love it I could not go on a shoot without this loved this this one is the keynote technic and this is a new addition to the family I got a little Fuji x100s their older model not to a snot and I got it just because I wanted to camera that I could literally throw in my pocket or my jacket pocket not worry about it I got it pretty cheap and I use this when I go shoot events small family fun you know just anything I always want to have a camera on me it's kind of fun to you know document the day and whatever you're doing and I found I just wasn't taking my big camera my 5d 3 anywhere and I wasn't getting photos so I got this and I really like it it's cheap and it's it's the images are amazing they're great they really are that looks like that's about it for the fun stuff whitebalance cards knickknacks all the stuff in here is just basically I got sync cords in here four different flashes just kind of acquired a bunch over the past few years more sync cables here's my gels that I cut for all of my young duo's and put little dots on them velcro dots so they kind of just attach on there real quick if I need to change the color temperature of my flash in a reception or wherever I might be these are just a bunch of knickknacks kind of just stuff again I've acquired and needed over the years just a bunch of screws hotshoe adapters I mean whatever you can think of just random crap I got it you know batteries backup Manfrotto parts yeah it's you know just a bunch of random stuff I've acquired but that's kind of what it is you know you you figure out what you need and then you kind of just build a kit and you know once you start shooting more and more weddings or shoots you'll realize okay well I don't use this I don't need this don't you know get rid of it it's less weight and in all reality I could get probably rid of some of this stuff but you know when you need it that one time in the year you're gonna wish you had it so there are some things in here that I don't use but I just have them in there because I got the space and again this thing's got rollers so I just I don't don't hurt the back at all and just roll it through the dirt or whatever I need I'm not showing the camera right now because the video is shooting the camera right now I'm still using a 5d 3 I'm in-between backup bodies right now I kind of sold my last backup body which was a 5b and I think for this wedding season I'll probably get another five these three or maybe even look in the Nikon woohoo I know crazy right I don't know we'll see another fun kind of product I got off of Amazon the other day was this really cheap flash it's it's interesting it's really cheap but it's it's it's kind of fun it's like 34 bucks on Amazon it's called the got ox VT 560 pretty similar to the young no.5 60s yeah I'm gonna be doing a review video on these I kind of bought a bunch of them because I'm gonna I'm gonna do a really cool epic portrait with a lot of speed lights and this was the most reasonable way to go it's really cheap it's not breaking the bank to buy a bunch of them in bulk and so yeah keep an eye out for that review that's gonna be coming at some point in the next couple months but yeah they're cool little flashes check about other than that guys yeah that's pretty much it I got this bad boy this is just a low pro backpack I like it I love it i've used it forever I've had this one for probably about four years now I use it all the time again when I don't want to take this honking junk to big shoots and I can just put that on my back if I don't have an assistant helping me it's a great way to just carry all of this gear are a little bit less obviously not all the flashes and maybe not the receivers and stuff but it's it's great so hope you liked that guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up that just lets me know that you're watching you're liking what I'm posting and keep an eye out the Sun is out finally in Oregon so I'm gonna be making more videos I promise and so subscribe like it share it go to the Instagram David James I go to the website David James visuals comm and check out some other videos I posted until next time I'll see you guys


  1. A 24mm f1.4 would be good for large group shots, I have been taking pictures for our family reunions, family outings and weddings with my zoom 24-105mm f4, so do you think a 24mm f1.4 would be worth the investment to take group shots?
    I also have my camera and lens in a Peligan hardcase 100% water proof.

  2. I don't like the way you handle your equipment… It depicts that you don't care about what you do… Look at your video. That's so disrespectful… It's photographers out here that will be very grateful of your equipment…. Your content is great but you should consider treating your equipment better. Ijs

  3. Hey David….I had the Canon 5D3. Sold it and all my lenses and picked up the Nikon D750. I honestly can't tell much of a difference in the files for wedding work. The 5d3 is the easiest and most fun camera I've ever used. I've recently had the Sony A7RII but hated the battery life and image quality is about the same. The best small camera I've used is the Panasonic GX8. Especially for video.

  4. Great video. Very real and you remind me of myself! Also, I was a Canon user since 1995 and I switched to Nikon several years back and I get a lot of slack for it. Honestly, I love both! If you shoot manual does it really matter ultimately? No.

  5. Always really pumped to see a new video from you! Thanks for the look in your bag, I'm starting to shoot more weddings and this gives me a starting point of what I'll probably have with me!

    Looking forward to more vids, I'm off to your Instagram!

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