Wedding photographer violently pushes stepmom out of the shot

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The first kiss is usually a picture-perfect moment at any wedding. At this rustic ceremony in Kentucky, however, a wedding photographer had to shove the bride’s stepmom out of the shot after the woman jumped out of her seat and stood in the middle.

34 thoughts on “Wedding photographer violently pushes stepmom out of the shot

  1. I am aslo photoghrer. I have also done such because some people too much they want to ruin the moment. As you are paid photgrapher you have to blame if moment where missed

  2. ColeTanner Militant Wedding Photographer..$40/hr..Purple belt in BJJ..6'2" 212..As a veteran wedding photographer I have knocked many former boyfriends, unapproving brothers, and father's out cold on the floor. If anyone trys to thwart the marriage I will make sure they will quit speaking now and will forever hold their peace

  3. She totally did that on purpose. She literally watched the photograpgher and waited until she got into position and then jumped in front of her. And then when she got pushed away she had a big smirk on her face.

  4. How would you like it if your getting paid and some clam kept getting in the way of your job.. think she would have been paid if the missed that shot… fuck the hit the wall, fat, trouble making clam mother in law.

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