Visit Portugal – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Portugal

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Portugal is one of the most popular spots for European travelers. It has great weather, cheap prices and wonderful people. This video covers some of the issues that travelers and tourists face when they visit Portugal. Whether you are having a pastel de belem in Lisbon, drinking Porto wine in Porto or just hitting the beaches all along the Portuguese coasts, a few things may stick out at you.
Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
Shock #1. You have to pay for the bread and butter on the table.
Shock #2. The Kitchens close between 3pm and 7pm
Shock #3. They CATCH The bull in Portuguese Bull fighting
Shock #4. The Portuguese love to smoke.
Shock #5. The lack of good lower and middle priced hotels. There are great hostels and vacation rentals though.
Shock #6. The Portuguese Concept of Time. Dinner at 8pm means 10pm… or later 🙂 usually
Shock #7. Driving in Portugal is a white knuckle affair, so be safe.
Shock #8. Guys trying to sell you “drugs” in Lisbon
Shock #9. How affordable Portugal is for travelers
Shock #10. How slick the cobblestones can be.

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Lisbon

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Portugal

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hola fellow travelers mark here with Walter's world and we're in Lisbon Portugal my old stomping grounds I lived here for five years I love Portugal but even place I love like Portugal I know there's things that will shock a tourist when they come here so what we have for you today are the ten things that are going to shock you when you come to visit Portugal now the first thing is going to shock you is when you go out to eat and you're going to have to pay for the bread and butter yes the bread on the table the butter on the table the olives these things you do pay for here and actually are in the menu now you'll see that but the thing is if you're coming from the US or other places that Oh chips and salsa is free bread is free here it's not the case and I know people that have actually spent more money on the bread the cheese and the hand that they've been given there's some more money on that than they did on their actual meal okay so be careful with that one so you might be shocked yes you do have to pay for the bread and butter in most places not everywhere but just pay attention now if you don't eat it you don't have to pay you don't want to say no thank you they'll take it away no problem all right so but not me the first thing it shocked you the second thing that may shock you is also do with the restaurant is the fact that a lot of places will close the kitchen between three and seven or eight o'clock at night so if you're a tourist when you're used to eating at five o'clock in the afternoon for dinner realize you're going to have to go to more tourist areas to get dinner okay so there's places here in Lisbon that do open throughout the day and the kitchen is all the time but a traditional toshko like a family-run restaurant they'll serve food from about 11:00 till about 3:00 and then a suit for food again from 7:00 till 11:00 or 12:00 now the thing is the restaurants won't necessarily close during the day or during that all time what they'll do is they'll have what are called Salgado's like little savory treats maybe croquettes of meat or you get a toast of misa toasted ham and cheese sandwich but if you want your buck yellow bras or vaakya conatus or pork cooperate through the really awesome dishes here it's hard to get any late afternoon hours so that's going to shock you but just know if you want the real Pasha to a Portuguese experience you might have to wait for it okay the third thing that might shock you when you come here and this is actually the first thing that shocked me the first summit Portugal Portuguese bullfighting now if you go to Spain you see the Olleh Olleh sup and you see the swords and things like that Portuguese bullfighting they don't kill the ball in the stadium and the thing is it's more horse riding in the beginning they ride the horses around to tire out the bull and then there's a bunch of guys in these kind of funny outfits and green hats they kind of look like Portuguese elves they go out there and they literally look and they catch the bull I'm not kidding the bull charges them they catch the bull it is completely insane when you see the first time it will shock you you're here in the summer or the fall you might see it on TV and you're just like what the heck yes Portuguese bullfighting where they actually catch the bull it'll shock you the fourth thing that might shock you when you come to Portugal especially come from the US is the Portuguese love to smoke they smoke a lot here and you'll see people outside and in the cafes and outside banks and outside offices smoking smoking smoking there is no stigma on smoking here in Portugal so a lot of people they come from the US like oh my god everyone here is smoking not everyone but yes smoking is quite common here and it does shock some tourists that yes you can't smoke next to people and the thing is they do have a law you can't smoke inside unless you have designated smoking areas so if you're flying in and out of Lisbon they actually have like a small like cordoned off area that's just for smokers okay the fifth thing that might shock you when you come here the tourist is trying to find good lower price and middle price hotels there's definitely a lack of those in Portugal so if you're looking for hotels you're not going to get much great stuff lower end middle end prices so what I recommend is Portugal actually has some of the best hostels I know hostels mark I'm 40 years old 30 years old I don't go to hospitals they have family rooms there they have stuff like that but honestly hostel world is ranked a lot of the Portuguese hostels especially here in Lisbon some of the best in the world and also Portugal is really good with vacation rentals getting an apartment we're staying here at apartment this time and it's great we got bedrooms we got laundry got all kinds of stuff so you're going to go that way but try to find a cheap hotel or a meal price hotel that's good it's kind of tough so stick the hostels a written apartment or go high-priced okay but it's kind of shocking where you know you can go from Germany or Austria and you find like good middle price stuff and you don't have so much of that here now the sixth thing you might shock you about Portugal is their concept of time going out to lunch yes that's going to be two hours going out to dinner yes it could be a five-hour affair we want to go have lunch with our friends in sintra the other day we had up at their house for eleven hours time and Portugal is quite relative okay so in someone tells you hey let's have dinner at 7:00 what they probably mean is eight or later okay so don't be surprised so if you mean Portuguese people and they're really nice and they speak English really well and they invite you to do something and they say let's meet at 8:00 you just say hi I'm from a country where eight o'clock means 755 when should I be there okay so just to the host thing it'll make your life a lot easier but the concept of time here does get some of the tourists upset because they're always getting a coffee or having a cigarette or things like that now the seventh thing that may shock you about Portugal it may give you white knuckles is the driving oh my goodness it's like every Portuguese person has a little rally driver inside them and it's going to Jojo Jersey it doesn't matter where you are in the country it's like little rally drivers everywhere and if you take taxis which you will because they're nice and affordable here you will feel that oh my god I'm going to die feeling and the thing is yes they do Drive kind of crazy here and they drive very fast but where the weird thing is is I found that if I'm in the crosswalk they actually do stop for me but if I'm walking on the sidewalk and I get a little too close to the edge Louie gets a little close there so be careful one if you're driving or if you've got little kids you keep them next to you all the time okay because the driving here it's not like white-knuckle driving scared off for your life and the taxi sometimes yes that can't happen so just just know that all right now the a thing in my shock you is when you come here to Lisbon you're going to get somebody that offers to sell you sunglasses and then you'll say no no I don't need sunglasses and then I'll say oh hashish cocaina you want like marijuana or cocaine and said like well that escalated quickly look these people they're trying to sell you drugs they're not selling your real drugs anyway and Portugal is decriminalized most drugs so the cops don't really do anything about it it's just one of those little annoyances but just know if you're a tourist and that's the key locals say I don't see this very often it's the tourists that get apps stand outside the rosio station where you go to sintra there's a Starbucks there there's people selling drugs all the time we're there with some friends of ours their son is 15 guy came up would you like some drugs like no thank you I'm going to go go take a train to central instead okay these kind of thing so they do ask you huh she's my marijuana cocaina just say no thanks because they're not selling your real drugs anyway it's all fake anyway all right but it does kind of shock people and they've asked my mom who's you know a little bit older than me if she wanted drugs she's like no thank you so that might shock you when you're here in Lisbon that's more of a Lisbon centric thing now the ninth thing that might shock you when you come here is how affordable Portugal is this is a cheap vacation to stay to eat to travel it is extremely affordable okay so when you come here your money goes a lot farther you know you get it one of the small beers here it's a Europe okay that same small beer and sweets is like eight dollars all right so you do have a much better time here your money goes a lot farther and you see a lot of Tours to start to see that you get tons and tons of tourists coming to Portugal now for these great prices so I tell people you know they're looking for a warm easy place to go I say look Portugal is great a lot of the people speak English they're very friendly they got great food and it's affordable so it's a great combination and this direct flights all over Europe and to the US from here so Philly Newark places like that it really makes it a great place to go so you'll be shocked how affordable is like wow I can get all this stuff do they do they miss something up no they didn't they got it right ok so that kind of shocks people how affordable it is here and then the tenth thing of my shock you when you're here you'll see the cobblestones here in Portugal these little tiny squares put together you know and they have designs and stuff like that and it's beautiful but the thing is they can be slick it's not so if you're here you got you see the water coming on me this is from the fountain this stuff could get very slick and if you're wearing high heels and stuff like that be very dangerous so just be careful with the slippery pavement because I've seen many a tourists go whoops and fall on a butt on the slippery pavement now it doesn't always rain here in Portugal so it's not a big issue but just pay attention because it can get very slick and there's dog poop there you have a TV flick too so that I'll do it for you anyway those are ten things that I think that might shock you about visiting Portugal what are some things that shocked you about visiting Portugal please put in the comments section below so we could have some more shocks if you like videos like this why don't you subscribe to our YouTube channel go down there and click the subscribe button 10 things will shock you about Italy 10 things will shock you about the US five things you're loving about here in Lisbon all on our website at Walters worldcom and here on youtube channel subscribe get videos like this in your feed every week anyway I'll say uphills or buy from the Blaine district in Lisbon I hope you got too shocked about coming here to Portugal

31 thoughts on “Visit Portugal – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Portugal

  1. OMG, Portuguese put a stigma on bombing innocent people for oil instead of smoking, can you believe that?!
    I met once some American tourists in Barcelona that were literally asking themselves "How do these people live without drive-in ATM's, how am I supposed to take my money out at night?!?!" :)))))

  2. I just returned from my first trip to Portugal. My main shock was how instead of putting toilet paper in the toilet, there are instructions to put it in a bucket next to the toilet. This was at some train stations and grocery stores. I did not comply. I found it gross and unhygienic. My second was what you mentioned about the cobblestone sidewalks that are everywhere. Even without rain, I found them slippy, and had to walk more slowly with care. However, there was also lot to like. The climate, how inexpensive food, medicine, and public transportation are compared to the States. I paid ~$54 for a medicine that cost $400-$500 in the States. The doctor and pharmacist were apologetic that their medicine was so expensive, until I told them that the same medicine in the States cost hundreds of $. I was the one in shock, never realizing how much the pharmaceutical companies are ripping us off here. It made me seriously consider moving to Portugal.

  3. driving in Portugal is not that bad, Paris and Rome is way worse, but yes portuguese taxi drivers are crazy. And all those "drugs" are smashed
    oregano ahah

  4. Funny thing is.. USA made so many Tobacco advertisement and exportation to all over the world.. and now you guys are surprised that the other countries still smoke so much.. guess took years to spread the word to use it.. same happens the other way around. Plus, Portugal os 10 or more years behind in many things..specially minds.. ( I'm not a smoker and I hate tobacco)

    Drugs..I'm portuguese, no one ever tried to sell me such thing. Still I'd prefer people smoking weed than regular cigarets

  5. Smoking is prevalent all over Europe. No big deal.
    Food is inexpensive when you go out, and you can go to the outdoor booths for chicken and Ginja (a very strong cherry liquor.) Portugal is wonderful and so are the people.

  6. what a schmuck! plenty of middle lower price hotels if you know where to look, they're not in downtown Lisbon in the same way they're not in downtown New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles etc etc

  7. 10 shocking things in USA for Portuguese. 1. Most is the Americans speak loud. 2. They dont charge for bread but they charge service charge and they demand tips. Even if they don't pay staff they expect the costumers to do it.3. Every product is non organic and preservatives are the most in their food.4. Social services like hospitals are non existing unless you have an insurance. 5. Impossible to talk about geography or history's when Americans dont even know their history .6 Americans dont anoje as much as Europeans but they all in drugs like champions. 7 safety is non existing . Just in LA there is 10 no go zones. 8.dress code between Americans are the worst .9. Advisory for the food. Most I'd tried and you can see how Americans eat fat and sugar in most every day. 10. Most ugly house design. They look like boxes. 11. Fake friends . Everything is wonderful for them once they turn around. All fake.12.most angry people in the planet . Drama and hate speech are their socialty . 13. They think they the best when in fact all Europe laughs . When a country can vote in someone like trump. It's all explain without comments . He may have some points. But he is a low IQ moron. And for people to vote in retarded people. You know where I am going . Not surprised for Paris Hilton to be the next president .

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