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In this video, I take you inside the viewfinder of my Sony A7III on location during an urban photography session. I’m playing with the idea of doing more videos that include some vlog footage mixed in with my regular photography tips. Let me know what you think!

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what's up everybody till today I'm shooting with the Sony a7 3 but it's gonna be a little different this time I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna record the viewfinder so you're gonna see everything that I see so you guys can like just have that first-hand experience of what it's like to shoot with this camera I will be shooting with Diana the missus are you already shooting with the missus so let's go alright so we're in downtown Chicago at the Sony a7 3 and you're gonna notice that I'm using I oughta focus pretty much for the whole shoot because it's so consistent it allows me to focus on other things like posing in composition because I don't have to worry about moving my focal points around which is really really nice and I'm working with my wife okay well see that's obviously that's normal interaction between me and my wife so here I'm having her poles leaning on her front foot to give me like some kind of motion like she's walking or walking down that path also notice how I'm using the white lines as a leading line and almost just creating that vanishing point in the background so this is what 10 frames per second looked like on the sony a7 3 and the tracking is unbelievable it's more frames per second than I need for my personal work but it's always nice to have especially want to capture a split-second moment like this all the images that you see in this video are unfortunately JPEG files and that's because Lightroom does not have a profile for these RAW files yet but I did give them a little edit right and editing JPEG files sucks because obviously there's not much you can do with them but I did give him a warm tone because that's just the kind of feeling that I wanted in this photo shoot so a lot of people question you know whether Instagram is good or bad for photography and regardless of what you feel about all that trendy stuff instagram has definitely opened my eyes to different and more creative compositions that little streak on the ground there that little light streak I would have never thought of using that and part of my you know as part of my composition but I wanted to give the impression that Diana was walking into that streak of light so that's why I wanted her with her back foot up and that's exactly what I got in this shot I absolutely loved it this gentleman sent me along DM and he was asking me for advice on working with your significant other he's like I hate what I do out there I think we're here with my wife well people think that it's all peaches and cream when we work together and what should I say this is why I hate things yeah wonder what else you hate no the shocker you're crazy because I'll be recording this so you can watch it and see how psychotic you are it's granola bars stop beating on my granola bars and I don't have to hide them we have come a long way because that's how we were you know I think it's so funny the biggest article sometimes hello I'm right here sometimes sometimes people they comment on your YouTube video looking watch it the way Diane was looking at Mannion little do they know that was like our 10th take and I'm really looking at you like I'm so in the beginning of the video I quickly touched on how the dedicated autofocus II button can save you some time when you know recomposing a shot moving here focusing point around the frame for here's an example notice how I'm focusing on the white truck but I can instantly switch back to her by pressing that dedicated button now obviously for this scene it doesn't make any sense but I'm just showing an example imagine you're somewhere else and you quickly you're switching your orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa then you want to nail the shot and you have to move your focusing point all across the frame well you can just press the dedicated button and get the shot get perfect focus on her eye so we were done with the shoot right cameras in the bag we're walking a Dunkin Donuts to get ourselves some coffee and I come across this LED sign so you know what time it is I started to take off her jacket and asked her to pose near the sign to put some sunglasses on and sunglasses came in super clutch you never know when they're gonna come in handy you know in here I got some really cool reflections off them it worked out really well I could have paid for that I got 944 I don't need no man that's what she says now but the moment closely to be folded dishes need to be washed and she needs a man then everybody thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this style of video I plan on doing more in the future I upload videos every single week so if you new here consider subscribing so you don't miss out on any of these videos I hope they're helpful with that said have a great week I'll see you next Monday peace

38 thoughts on “Using the SONY A7III for PORTRAITURE

  1. Thanks Manny and Diana. I hope I spelled your names correctly. I always like the interaction between you two. I am about to buy the Sony A7III and your videos have been a great help during the research for mu next camera.

  2. YO MANNY!! Check out affinity photo! Its way better then adobe and should already work with sony. I dont own a sony yet but 100% confident it will impress you more then adobe. I do all my editing on the ipad pro. Hope that helps and hopefully you will droip adobe all together. With video I use luma fusion. Pretty sick!

  3. Just dropped in to your channel because I was checking out your opinions on the Fuji xt3, love this video and the others too. Liked and Subscribed. ✌

  4. My new favorite channel that’s for sure
    In just a week I’ve learned so much.
    And just down to earth and real world information..
    Me I just started this year ..!!!
    Shooting with sonya7ii 👍👍📸📸

  5. Friend, I have a problem and is that no: a photo with my sony to 7iii I can open on my pc: (I do not know what is not compatible with which app I have to open it? Help!

  6. Hi, first off great videos. Quick tip: Try downloading the Adobe DNG converter on your A7III Raw files, after that you can import them into LightRoom no problem.

  7. So glad I watched this video. Been mulling over the A7III and A7RIIII for a while now, and I'm settled for the A7III. Cheers, Manny. These videos are always refreshing to watch.

  8. hey manny! I have question regarding the a7iii screen issue. The EVF displays proper color/exposure but the screenLCD is totally off has more redish tints. When my photos are transferred, the sccreen photo on the a7iii looks totally different compared to the image transferred on the phone. Is there any way to fix this? phone (imported photo) and EVF display looks identical. I just find it bothersome that I cant get the proper color on the LCD screen

  9. Whats up manny.. i would appreciate it if i could get a answer back from you… i have a mac (laptop) and when i put my sony SD card into my laptop the images import but i am not able to see them. when i click on the image a grey triangle with an (!) in it comes up. I NEED HELP!

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