Unboxing a New Sony HXR-NX5U Digital HD Professional Video Camera

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This is a video of myself opening up a box containing a new Sony HXR-NX5U professional video camera. My daughter got me by surprise the other day and I ended up throwing my camera onto the ground and it became inoperable so it was time to buy a new video camera. This video camera is just like ones they use for recording shows for television. This will make a great addition to the studio.

This video is not sponsored by Sony, I bought this due to my daughters trick they played on me causing me to lose one of my cameras to the ground.

Please post a video response and let me know what kind of video equipment you use and if you have ever had your camera hit the ground and become broken.

well if you notice of one of the earlier videos I made if so the other day my daughter played a prank on me and I dropped my camera and you know I have a collection up there cameras they use but I use them in different areas when I make a video so I usually have a certain amount that I need to use so long I was one short so I decided I what the heck I'm gonna buy it another comment I figured I'd go all the way to go professional with it so uh what I got here in this box is a Sony it's a hxr – and x5u professional camcorder so it's like kind they use doing news or doing reality shows TV shows what have you so I'm going to open up and see what's in the box right here you okay got UV protector got to have that video lens you know and the definitely gotta get some memory for right since it's going to require memory extra battery just wants a heavy-duty one is all when you're doing videos and movies and stuff to make sure you got extra power you know and here we go here is the products here now old power cords here ah Morris I'll talk to your TV USB cable audio/video cables we got here XLR on there that's the microphone a mouse on the top of the camera alright okay alright the charger and warranty manuals only good stuff I guess from accessories but you know all right really getting into something here little handy Sony remote control why not right it's easy we'll shoot ah the phone cover for the microphone need one mouse on the camera nice big eye cup yeah and the sony battery gets the original one it comes with it now it looks like yeah okay thank you the camera and it feels pretty solid too nice and solid but not to break this one right a little beauty huh look at that we're going to definitely be making some good videos with this one here it feels solid really I think it's made really well you know so for now I want to make a videos we're going to be using this most of the time especially uh you know or pranks and what-have-you is my V logs all the good stuff so uh yeah I'm just going to plug the battery into it and charge it off and and see how this baby works like it's got some big big lens on here you know I like that cuz look what this does your little view screen flips out see that then you can take your microphone and looks like it clips in there like that and then you can stick that in there to lock it down get the ports on there and plug it in so it's the XLR connection there so I'll plug that in and now it's plugged in and use the the mic here the foam cover just put it on there and then we have it you know now I could pick up sound better you know this is obviously gonna work better the microphone sticking out further so I get better sound on here and definitely get better video I can get focuses better and a lot of good things so yeah we'll be making up future videos on here so I'll post in the description when I do make a video with this to let you know that I've actually used it so you can see you know the quality of the videos that this takes so yeah that good it's made Japan – so it's not like the Chinese stuff real good alright well take care and leave a comment or a video response below and uh let us know what you think gotta go got a party to go to and I'll bring this with me actually right now I'm using the new Sony camera that I just unboxed I'm just sitting here at my desk and it's right here so uh yeah I just wanted to wha just do a little test to see how you know it came out so comparing it to my other V logs just let me know how this would come out um yeah I guess I better upload it and get it online here alright thanks for watching an annual living 70 pretty strong I know and oh yeah I hit my head

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