Travel Blog Photography VS Hobby Photography

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You always see me taking travel photos. Sometimes it’s for the fun of travel photography, but normally it’s for my travel blog or Instagram – here’s how they’re different.

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You have to wear a lot of hats to be a travel blogger, including travel photographer. Even though I take photos for my travel blog, they’re not the same as the photos I take “for fun”. Here are the main differences between travel blog photography and normal travel photography.

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you guys see me taking photos all the time but there's something I've never really spoken about before it's something I'm doing every day and that's what I want to talk about today i'm k @ co s impose on City Island and like always I have this big kilo bag with me on my back I carry this huge bag stuffed with cameras and tripod all around the world with me so that I can capture the places like I do but I don't capture them all for the same reason sometimes I'm taking photos for the sake of photography I love photography is one of my passions but most of the time it's not just for the sake of it sometimes it's for Instagram but most of the time it's because I need photos to go on my travel blog so today I want to show you the difference between taking photos for fun or for photography sake and how I take photos for my blog or my Instagram and how those two compare because they're very very very different if you haven't already don't forget to hit subscribe down there for more videos about photography and the behind the scenes of my life as a travel blogger and if you're curious about what's in this bag and how I manage to travel with such a heavy bag in my back I'm going to link a video up here about how I feel one of the big differences about taking photos for you know photography and taking photos for my blog starts before I even get my camera if I'm looking to take a photo and I'm just having fun I will scout around for you know a good picture but if I'm taking photos for a blog I'm not really looking for a good picture when I get here I'm actually looking for the details about what I'm gonna write about and that will tell me what I need to take photos of so for example I got here I saw that they were luck is where you can leave your things so isn't that common in the Philippines so that's something I need to take a picture of you can get food and drink if there's toilets if you have to pay fees or anything to get in that kind of thing so I'm looking for everything apart from the photos basically when I'm writing a blog post and sometimes when I'm doing that I actually take photos on my phone so then I have the information for later and if I really need to I can use the phone photo on my blog post the second difference between when I'm taking photos and when I'm taking blogs so so is that when I'm just taking one or two photos I'm gonna look for the best photo or the best cup of the photos to take when I'm taking blog photos I want to get as many angles as possible because I don't know what I'm going to write yet and I need images that can illustrate any point that I might make in the blog post that I haven't yet written so instead of taking like one or two pictures I will just take look and lots of pictures I'll keep them on an SSD so that in the future if I write a blog post and I need them they're there and I usually have something I can use something that might not seem like a big difference but it really is is when I'm taking one kind of epic travel photo or trying to take an epic travel photo what I really want to do with that photo is to make people want to go there make people go WOW where is this when I'm taking blog versus on the other hand a kind of don't wanna do that I want to make it really realistic and I want to make them useful I want to show people what they're actually going to see when they get there it's more about expectations and I guess it's kind of this idea of fantasy versus reality when I'm shooting one photo it's all about fantasy what it could be where it could be do you want to go there and when it's a blog photo it's all about the reality it's more practical so I want them to actually be useful photos that when people get there they recognize the face and go oh yeah I know where I am this is what I expected perhaps the biggest difference of law is when photography some angle the picture itself is telling the story the picture is but when slogging is my mango and I'm taking further explore the purpose of drugging i'm just want pictures that accompany the words I don't need the pictures to tell a story and actually I want them to complement the words and not draw attention away too much I want them to really both ever it shouldn't be too much focus on one or the other so if I was just taking a photo here I would want it to say everything that I want to say in the glow face but because I'm writing a blog post I need to think about that and also what I might be saying and the words that it might be going with the final thing I'm doing with blog photos I guess is actually showing the things that I won't necessarily say with words there are some things that are just led us up with a picture like the blue water sometimes you can just capture a moment with a picture that you just you can't really share with words so yeah sometimes the photos are there to show the words for example I'm talking about the swimming rules I need a picture of someone swimming or a sign about the swimming rules but sometimes I also want to use the picture to show thing but I won't necessarily mention just a tiny details that bring the whole story to life and that's it for this video I hope you've enjoyed seeing four samples of me I hope this is kind of explained what I'm doing because you guys see me taking photos of the same but I I've never really spoken about why I'm taking photos or what I do with most of those photos of course if you want to see some of my photos come find me on Instagram I will put the link here somewhere and of course don't forget to subscribe if you are seeing more videos like this one I will also put a link to my blog down in the description if you want to go check it out and see the kind of photos that I use on there and basically see everything I've been talking about in this video otherwise thank you for watching I hope you have enjoyed this video I'd love to know what you do with your photos if you do something similar if you use them for different purposes leave a comment and let me know below the next video will be up in a few days time and I hope I will see them you

29 thoughts on “Travel Blog Photography VS Hobby Photography

  1. Always appreciate your works.

    It's a masterpiece that no one can take away from you.

    Be always yourself. Uniqueness is what matters to ourselves.

    The Creativity is your masterpiece! Don't let anyone take that away from you.

  2. Very interesting, Jodie. Thanks for the insight. In this situation, as a travel writer, you’ve shown that you’re a professional photographer with yourself as the customer. You have to deliver the product to Dewberry so she can visualize and write articles. Keep up the great work!

  3. Very interesting! I like how you are finding yourself taking pictures for different reasons. I usually just take photos for fun or for Instagram, but as I am starting to utilize my blog more since it got revamped a few months ago, I am starting to add photos there as well. I will have to keep these tips in mind. Thank you for the video!

  4. I really have a problem to accept image of artificial happiness in virtual life of social media. I think it provides so many young people towards wrong decisions or even depression. I appreciate your explanation how you are selecting pictures for different purpose. Your fear of spending night under a tent among wild life in Africa especially was important for your followers to distinguish fiction from reality. Thank you Jodie for being honest and great traveller. Safe travels and best regards from your much older friend. 👏👍 from 🇨🇦🤗

  5. Great location and interesting video I take photographs for me if I like it or need to remember something the only other reason is to show friends and family who don’t live close what’s going on

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