THE DIP – wedding photography tips and poses for the bridal couple

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THE DIP – wedding photography tips and poses for the bridal couple.
this is a classic pose, not very easy to achieve as it shows. People who never pose will not relax when receiving directions from you as a photographer. My suggestion is just show them the position, get few jokes going and let them play like they are dancing. This pose always looks good with a empty textured wall, or along a rhythmic archway, or balustrade, fencing or similar.
this is one pose of the many included in our series of wedding photography posing guide
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welcome to the Academy of photography where awesomeness is the norm I'm Christiane sugar and today I'm gonna continue with my wedding photography posing tips series we're gonna talk about what I would like to call the dip so every time I do a location session with the bridal couple it doesn't necessarily have to be a wedding every couple can do that what I am asking the groom or the male partner to take this position and get the wife or girlfriend or whatever to actually do a dance move like that so the male will stay in this position and will hold the bride and perhaps the bride is gonna have a leg up so the groom is gonna hold the leg so basically what I'm asking them to do is just do a little dip like that and perhaps kiss now when I was young and awesome I didn't have any issues doing that but I have discovered that it's quite difficult for Bridal couples to actually get it so it's not as straightforward as it seems however if you are a photographer don't give too much direction just try to get them and let them play a little bit if the bride and groom never posed there will be a little bit stressed and they they're not gonna look natural so just go with the flow show them the position let them have a laugh and you're gonna get a better picture I like to do this pose either on a flat background surface like a sin Stonewall but always I am trying to do archways or footpaths or bridges or whatever when you have a little bit of depth and also a rhythm for the columns or for the balusters of a balustrade it's always looking good I would suggest you take a couple of shots one with a wide-angle so you can use it as a rule of thirds and also you can use a telephoto lens for the nice depth of field my next attempt to do the deep is on actually train tracks I always wanted to do that but it's not as easy to get a couple to do the look session and to actually spend the time to go on the train tracks I'm gonna show you some samples I hope you enjoyed it if you do something similar just feel free to share don't forget to subscribe and I'll deal I see you next time I wish you happy shooting thank you very much if you enjoy our videos and you're just a photography enthusiast please check out our website it's Academy – of – photography comm we have prepared a lot of great content and we have also subscribers and contributors we have other photographers wish you to contribute then they submitted their articles for anyone to enjoy the website is structured for the ease of use nothing is complicated everything easy within two clicks and it's structured by the level of knowledge for every photographer we have beginners lessons absolutely free you can go through them and I can promise you if you go to the first ten lessons you will be almost a competent photographer at the end we have the basics of photography camera settings photo equipment and you can learn also how to make money with photography and and select your area of interest and you're good to go we have also just for fun sections general tips and very important photo critique if you're interested to have a photo critique done by me just feel free to submit it and I'm happy to make comments on your photos everyone is welcome to submit their photos and also do not forget to subscribe if you subscribe you're gonna receive an automatic confirmation or validation email if you don't receive it please check out your spam folder because if you do not validate you're not gonna benefit from our newsletter the only promise I have this is gonna be a constant change so nothing is gonna stay here forever everything is gonna get changed on a daily basis great quantities uploaded every day I hope to see you here and until I see you next time I wish you happy shooting thank you

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  1. What about an excursion?? take a couple to a local park or scenic spot and do hands on natural light portrait lesson, or maybe a street shoot at a local market or something, or a landscape excursion to local mountain or beach??

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