46 thoughts on “Taillefer production : The best winter drone shots ever – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  1. very nice, I Just switched to blackmagic myself "The King's Cult" is a short me and my friends made with 3 different blackmagic cinema cameras. Feel free to check it out on our channel Guerilla Magic Productions.

  2. If only we had a BMPCC with 60fps but also ease of use like Sony a6000 or 5100 with fast focus and zoom! Yet again one of the most affordable cinema camera I think! Oh btw, 4K is Ok but not really necessary at all, I still believe 3d is more important than 4k res, and will never die, on the contrary once it becomes available without glasses than more people will appreciate it! Eventually 4K 3D without glasses would the best! 2023 may be :))

  3. the main question is… how you stabiled bmpcc ? it has no stabilization mode and drones are not so stabilized… did you use a stabilized lens or this amazing footage is post processed stabilized in software ?

  4. WOW!! That was just so awesome, Love the look and cinema feel and I could watch that again and again, never get tired of stunning scenery, very Professional look and feel = Respect from the UK

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