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For less than $5, I bought this border frame mount for the Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera and easily mounted it to my Syma X8HG. I’m sure if you search, you can find the same type mount for your sports camera and easily upgrade your camera, for almost nothing!
Ebay – The Syma camera mount can also be used on the Bayang Toys X16, that video is coming soon. With the new altitude hold feature, the new X8HG is truly a great training quad before stepping up to a hobby class GPS bird, easier than ever to fly and a nice price.

Thanks to Bill Somrak for sharing the link for the camera holder. Thank you guys for watching, stay cool, fly safe! DJ SOUL FORCE

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what's up guys once again it's DJ Soulforce here's a quick simple easy camera mod I did for the seamless xhc I bought a camera holder and I found this on eBay thanks to my man build up in Ohio build provided me with a link this is a camera holder for the yo-yo mayi and bill pointed out to me that that camera holder will fit right onto the standard SEMA xhc mount so by removing that screw put the Iommi camera holder by the way the Iommi yi wouldn't fit in the SEMA camera holder the the Yi is just a little bit fatter than the earth SEMA stock camera so also guys keep in mind the Yi is a little bit heavier than a stock camera but this should make for an interesting video now that the x 8g has an altitude hole that should make it one hell of a nice camera bird the stock camera takes some pretty good video but it was still lacking in some areas of a quality and color this frame is made for the Iommi II but it is built to hold it upside down I believe it's a helmet mount nonetheless I can flip that video in post-production okay guys we got the XA G fired up x8 HG that is let's go ahead and bind it and push up one more time to bring the motors to idle I'm gonna take it up in a high mode and take her around for a flight let's check the alta – a hole with that the motor sound nice and smooth so she's not having any problem lifting that extra weight take it up but like I said before the the Iommi Yi will not fit it to the seamer stock camera holder the Yi is just a little bit thicker with this little camera holder that I got off for EB you should be able to modify your X eg in a similar way if you don't have a yo-yo me I'm sure whatever camera you have came with if it came with all the attachments this is the helmet mount the thumb screw that uh that holds your camera to its mount you would remove that and use the stock screw that came with the seamless x8 is handling it if I'm not mistaken the Yi has a wider field of view or a wider angle lens on the lens so we're probably going to get the league's in the props in there now what I was most impressed with the stock camera is uh wasn't a bad camera pretty decent camera but I was mostly impressed with how I never saw the props and I never saw the legs of the quad in my video the guys there's no wind blowing full pitch forward full stick ahead in the high mode there's no wind blowing out here spring in kind of like over our head and do some altitude flying some high-altitude flying wow that's up there pretty close to 200 feet okay baby get up from over that water by the way guys okay I was up at 200 feet and I brought it down gradually and I did a couple of circle patterns some guys are reporting pulling down on a throttle stick to descend remember pulling down on that left stick and holding down too hard or too long will kill the motors on this quadcopter and I'm sad to report some guys have already torn up some X eats I think we see me should have done was put a click stop on that remote controller so that you can feel it because in a haste to come down if you're in a hurry to come down you really can't feel it when she hits the bottom I haven't had any problems with mine I just I don't know how to explain it I wasn't even aware of that pulling the stick down will kill the motors with just the throttle stick if you hold it down two to three seconds that will kill the motors and you almost can't feel it so you guys got to be careful with that especially at high altitudes even at low altitudes you don't want your quad dropping the old ones when you pull the stick down it was supposed to kill the motors but you could quickly push up on a stick to rearm the motors and I'm not sure if you can do that with these if you kill that motor then you have to push up twice and it's just going to come to idle well while falling at the same time you've already crashed it would be too late I wanted to do a test of this camera on the x16 but it's a little dark now I'm going to postpone that test for another day but you guys can see how that will work with that yo-yo me camera holder and a similar stock mount you can upgrade your cameras on your bird and we're looking now at the X eights having no problems carrying that thing the Yi is a little heavier than the stock camera but she's having no problems handling it so actually and one of my reviews of this quadcopter I was demonstrating how the x8 will come down when you want it to come down unlike some of these other out – – whole Birds apparently holding that left stick down too long will just kill the motors and you get more than a drop you're gonna get a crash this is your boy DJ so for guys I got to go before the mosquitos come out for dinner I'm out of here you you


  1. Mine just came in yesterday DJ ! Gonna take my time with this one before I take it out . Practicing on my Futaba Interlink Elite simulator also plus I have others I am using for practice . Not going to end up like my X-380 did hopefully …LOL peace out Airman

  2. First time (only time! – tried it once, didn't like it!) one of mine fell out of the sky, was the first time one was in the air… but for no clear reason I can claim I didn't actually panic and restarted the motors high enough to give some big throttle and prevent a tragedy. But the fright i got stayed with me for a while… That was the X8W, no altitude hold but its motors died just like you're saying here. But a new bugs 3 bought a couple weeks back has rather spoilt me for these big Symas – it's so Smooooooth as well as loads of power to spare, it's kinda scarey to be honest… Over here they're down to less than £70 from Amazon. it's the Drocon version.

  3. im getting this drone soon,also a gpopro clone camera with small remote with range of 30meters…do i just start video going near me,and then use display for image?controller wont operate camera i guess

  4. Universal-Camera-Holder-Mount-For-Syma-X8C-RC-Quadcopter-Drone-Helicopter
    hi my name is CHRIS ive put this on my syma x8hg and it fits any action camera and its cheep only £1.90 plus £0.90 for p&p witch is $2.37 and $1.12 p&p keep the videos coming like them the holder is on ebay

  5. Hello mr soul force. I just got my walkera G-2D brushless gimbal, plastic version. It seen to b moving around wen I power it up. It's a syma x8HG. When I move the drone left to right, it's twitching. Can u help me plz?

  6. Hi DJ Soul, Brilliant video, as are all your other reviews on different quads. I am looking for some advice on which quadcopter to purchase, it will be used mainly for video work. My target is to film our local steam train gala's, filming close ups while train is moving, front side and top views. I have been reviewing the Syma X8 HG and the Bayangtoys X16 Typhoon. I have a Y8 Sports Cam with WiFi. which one would be most suitable for my needs. Cheers my friend.

  7. Hey man, so im planning on doing the walkara gimbal with a Yi camera on a drone, and i wanted your opinion on which one to do it with between the Syma XHG, the K70c, the Tarantula X6, or maybe another recommendation from you within that price range? Thanks!

  8. Finally got it to fly good in half mood after calibrating level with no more flying to one side like before then to High mode and the Motors shut down after less than 1 second down on left stick,,,,Happened 4 mores time after I was aware and barely pulled down on left stick. Poor design….

  9. Hi DJ, I hope you see this. I received my X8HG Friday the 19th and had a hard time arming it. After i got it armed it won't hold it's altitude and had to kill the motors just to bring it down. Saturday, I flew it again and this time it just kept climbing and it crashed 2 blocks away. I did find it and the camera is damaged and some other minor issues. After seeing your review I really like this quad and decided to get it. I have contacted the buyer and will see what they are going to do. I guess that this was one of the bad ones. Thanks for your videos.

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