SQ11 mini DV Full HD camera review (full reworked manual)

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Link to the modified manual (ver 1.2 – 2 january 2018)

Review of a very small FullHD camera, the SQ11. The camera is able to record videos in 720p as well in 1080p. The SQ11 can be used as a dashcam or as a spycam in your office or at home. The camera is equipped with a motion detection mode and also has a night vision mode.

Update : The camera is able to record videos in a loop sequence. So if the SD-card is full, the camera will overwrite the oldest sequence.

40 thoughts on “SQ11 mini DV Full HD camera review (full reworked manual)

  1. Is it possible to use this WITHOUT an SD card? Like a webcam or just plugged into your computer?

    I've tried connecting it via USB but it doesn't seem to do anything….

  2. I recently bought 2 of these. After 4 hours of charge time one of the two shows a non flashing red light, the other shows a non flashing blue light.If the red light indicates a full charge,what does the blue light indicate???

  3. How do I order one what is name and address to order my got taken and want give back to me so I want to order another one ASAP could send me the information to order one thank you, if you could send information on my email thank you again

  4. How wonderful.

    I'd set this device aside for several months because of the indecipherable (to me) instructions.

    Before this video was half way through, I'd made a movie !!
    Thank you… and those instructions… WOW!

  5. When I wanted to record in 1080p, the red light didn't disappear and it won't record. Any help? Im sure that I turn it on and then clicked mode for red lights and clicked the off/on button again.

  6. you keep stating it uses a "mini" SD card but they have been discontinued for like 10+ years now and never came in that capacity. must be a Micro SD card

  7. Thank you very much for your video.
    The manual is very helpful
    I was very disappointed with the camera when it arrived but with your help, it's working to my delight.
    Thank you again.

  8. 720p Recording steps seem to work every time:

    When blue Led is lighting, push one time the on/off button to begin recording. The blue Led is flashing 3 times and the
    recording in is beginning. During recording, no Led are lit. Push again the on/off button and the recording stops.
    The state of the Led returns to blue.
    – To power off the camera, push the on/off button for about 6 seconds and the camera will turn off.

  9. Your doc is a little clearer but it needs some work; I'm probably just going to get my money back because either mine has a different FW or your not clear enough. Tec writing should be very on point. These are your direction are for the 1080p motion:

    Power the camera and wait until the blue Led is lighting. Press the ‘Mode ’ button one time to change to 1080p. Press the
    ‘Mode ’ button for about 3 seconds. The blue/red Led is flashing three times and the motion detection becomes directly active.
    During the recording, the Led is off. The camera will now record a sequence of a minimum of 1 minute. As long as a movement
    is detected the camera will continuously record (up to 5 minutes maximum). After saving this sequence, the camera will stop
    recording. The Led is still off, but the motion detection mode remains activated. Once a new movement is detected, the camera
    begins again to record as long as a movement is detected (5 minutes sequence max). A new movement detection is reported
    by a short blue/red flashing Led. Stop the detection mode by pressing the on/off button.

  10. Thx Meisech for such a thorough review & your effort with the manual. I see you reply to everyone too… excellent. I am delighted to subscribe.
    Can the SQ11 be used as a parking-assist camera attached to the front bumper. using the RCA to a monitor on the dash and the camera powered by the 5V USB I have in my car?

  11. Thank you for the clear/concise review. I'm still having trouble with mine since it only records a 5-minute video then sleeps, kinda useless if this is the case.. Will try to fully charge this before trying it again.

  12. The camera in this video is "original", but I've got a "fake"- it looks exactly the same, has the same box and was sold as 1080p/720p, but it records in 640×480 only, so beware of these and always look for disappointed reviews. I use quotes for "original" and "fake", as like with various kinds of cheap Chinese electronics there are so many manufacturers that there is no telling who started making those first, so they are all fakes in a way, only either good, fully functional or bad, deficient fakes.

  13. Excellent review! No "BS" just fact! Just got ours in the mail today. How to attach it in my car would have helped. That little clamp is OK inside at my desk, but I guess I have to invent an adapter. We bought this just for fun on Wish…took forever to get here, but for the price, it's OK! Thank you for the "improved" instructions.

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