SJRC S70W cheap GPS, Syma X8 Clone HD camera WiFi FPV RTF Drone

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Budget priced GPS X8 size quad-copter, good transmitter, range, great APP for WiFi FPV, follow me mode, great value for money
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Replacement motor:
Original Syma X8 Pro:

okay it's always windy in this part of my play area which is the Highlands of Scotland as you know I've got a massive great tower here and as you can see by the flag that's cool always a breeze at the top of this hill we've got a little bit of defensive stuff as well here so nobody's going to come and disturb us while we test out a very cheap GPS quarter very interested see how this one I get on with this one it's a company I've not worked for SJ RC and comes with a proprietary battery unfortunately I do prefer if we can have just normal ones that we can change around with but this one doesn't so and it's quite normal as well these days it's a to sell 2500 milliamp hour and it's got these what level your batteries out there so you can actually have a quick check without even powering up the quad it also gives you feedback onto your phone as well it's got Wi-Fi on the phone but I'd say it's they say it's a double GPS system and it actually seems quite nice it's SEMA x8 obviously even down to the motors are as well but that's a very good design so I've got no issues with that at all have had loads of seen wreck sites over the whole range of them so quite interesting having a go with it it this charge is another unfortunate thing I think about this as it charges with the with a microUSB cable there that goes into a USB cable and then that Tech's mouth all mine took about just over four hours it does say five hours if it's fully depleted so that seems a heck of a long time and that when it's pushed into there is really tight in there the click is really nice so it's definitely not going to come out got a nice-looking little lens on this camera there's no gimble with it but you can adjust the angle over the camera with the buttons on side here on the roller on the side here the dial so and we run through that and nice to see the aerial outside I've got yeah I've got big hopes for this it tells you to turn on the quad first of all and it got quite bright LEDs and they're flashing as you can see and you've got some nice repeater LEDs at the top as well so it's just basically one led there that goes both sides rather nice sort of thing we've got different set of lights flashing depending on what you're doing so I think it's actually could this could work really well now I'm going to turn on the transmitter and the transmitter has a in battery as well and you charge that with the same microUSB as well as got a little carry handle there as well it all seems pretty good actually quite softly impressed with it and then to bind up and down and they were bound we saw the led so now a change we got blue flashing at the back and white flashing at the front I've got to turn on the Wi-Fi in a chair to play around with this endorsed and it's already picked it up if it hasn't just get it up so just go in to your Wi-Fi settings and then just connect up to it there we go SJ GPS and then we're going to launch into the app itself the app is awesome they spent a lot of time on this app you've got Quick Start Guide which is going to run through everything I'm just going to do in a second actually which is rather than I so you get a full manual with it obviously and then you go onto your controls you go learn to fly and that takes you to a YouTube video and then here you can see any videos and photos that you've already stored really nice and you pick what model you like by scanning back and forwards or you can use the drop down menu so this is a really nice little app I've been impressed with this just playing around with this indoors I'm gonna flick the controls on there we go and it's we're picked up straight away that's a nice clear screen like I'm liking this already this is this is gonna end in tears for one of us I'm sure you got all sorts of different features on the app as well and also your distances and everything else I'm going to calibrate it first of all so to calibrate the gyro make sure it's somewhere level and don't move it while you're doing it you get flashing LEDs and then actually it calibrates thee you could hear it calibrating the actual camera as well the gimbal went up and down and talked to the gimbal you simply press this one here and it's gonna do it only so I'm really slow which is nice because some of them are really jerky that's actually pretty impressive you can see it on both of things huh yeah that's nice like that to calibrate the compass the compass itself we push this fixed up and in there we go and then it comes up also nice to be here to show you what to do so tells you to pick up the drone keep it level and do a complete 360 with it so got red LEDs at the back might actually look quite Pinkard sort of peachy ones at the front I would say all the way around is that got a swap I've done a complete once oh yeah sorry that was me it did change college girls soldiers on the back so when I point it down and we just do another one and you never feel foolish doing this anyway this is little Scottish Highland Dance which is rather good set and rowing back on a level surface and that's all calibrated lovely and I don't suspect the camera pick it up for your little LEDs along here shown with that home camera and everything else speeds your two speeds up here so what brakes you want to be in there we go there we go and you can see the dolls now gone off alright just a really nice little system you got a follow-me system on it as well which be a bit dodgy around here but look we'll see how we get off and then you got a headless mode and then here you got to take pictures and to take video and also you've got more controls here press this we're going to start in beginner I've played around with this indoor so we want to put it back on beginner so it's actually got a geofence on it so it won't let you go any further than 30 meters and then you can adjust this as you get more proficient with your flight characteristics and I'm just obviously doing this just to show you how it all works sort of thing so I'm good I'll fly out straightaway and we just see how we get on got a return to button because it's GPS it should come back here but it will come straight through that building if it's around the other side and also it would hit trees and things so just be very careful on that you're using it I'll probably use it somewhere else and then you can also take off autoland this is yeah I'm looking forward to this this give it good okay okay so we're up and away we've already lost one of the LEDs on the back here so I can quite understand but let's just start this video going and these that like on coffee and they're getting a beep off this all the time that and this includes don't question LEDs there see what happens I move it ready don't wanna move come back to exactly the same delicious the GPS works really well my screen looks a little bit dark I would safer ah it might be my screen ah now can I stop that because I've actually got a screen on the brightness setting so let's just come back to here I've just alter my brightness settings oh no it's up on bright so it it's just a dull area obviously I haven't let's do what happens when we try and come back into it yeah yeah came straight back up no trouble at all yeah yeah it's pretty good actually okay so go take it away just see how far we go and whether or not we hit a geofence yeah we have it a geofence look at that that wasn't very happy with that yeah actually we'll fly past it but it comes back to that area as well so that's that's pretty impressive yeah yeah I was still giving it stick input there and it's still all it's done is brought it back to just under 30 meters which is what it said it does so let's go in and change that so I'm gonna take off the geofence quick the beginner mode yes and then let's just move it up to I'm a couple hundreds unlock that and fly out you to return to a map to shoot 25 meters so believe that as that it's very good like it already so she'll be able to just go straight off and now actually go fine yeah that's no problem at all yeah now with 4050 metres away that's fine and there's a tower well their Wi-Fi still working okay so that's in slow rates that's rather nice actually for video and that's lovely the controls are really nice nice and simple nice and easy to use oh yeah and not too fast or anything yeah yeah it's rather good when I say it's always a wind here as you can see with the lovely Scottish salt air flag they're just telling us it's a we are definitely in the highlands gone so it's trying to pointing that camera down that's I'm pulling my finger right the way down here yeah that's good really nice nice and smooth as well on a smoother day you've spent a lot better jobs with it rather nice yeah it was good so let's put the rates up so they bring it down now I think that we just have a quick see so I've got maximum wood sent there I don't know to the descent which is quite normal on how to shoot hold once oh yeah that does alter the speed – in high rates there we go that's in low-rate so we exceed definite difference there I'll bring in nice and close for you so they can ever look so this is low rates and sign the art with ever get high rates a huge amount of difference there I like this is cool so just do it a selfie ender and the tower shot all you want there we go so let's just stop that and they just take a single image and we get the click off your phone obviously and we got a little flash here as well so me to show you that there we go you know restart the video is like this this is cool I'm gonna point down to that should be somewhere near my car link and it points fully down as well which Robin I see a lot on don't they just point a little angle down not far enough over for the car and Ehrlich trying to pick out where it is there we go oh there's a girl there we go yeah very nice inducer it's making more fuss with the beeper than it is actually the speed of the camera oh there we go hey lovely I mean it's moving around all over the place but you saw with the flag there is quite a bit of breeze here sort of thing I'm gonna turn the speed right down I'm just gonna bring it in nice and slow hopefully I would do a quick range test the link for that is really nice actually I've reached a high of 30 meters and it's stopped I didn't know how high this towel was now reduced that's great okay I'm gonna try to return to home though slightly nervous where I've got a massive great to tower never we can always cancel it by pressing this again they will all that comes back its feet there we go I know we would have been right I just will stay out there you try again whoa very rapid most returns to home are really slow you hear it's just now it's descending quite fast again cause find these bits a bit boring with returned words love wailing where's there we go I'm not sure exactly I set off here they're nicer I never worry about this a lot of people sort of really wanted to return spawn and you just press the button to cancel it a lot of people wanted to I figure it off here you know why two meters away a person like that it's a noisy bird of oh I'm really noticed when we first took off like gee whiz that thing is noisy oh we got headless load on it as well so we took off facing that way so I'm assuming this will work but press in headless mode yeah but even though the cords facing in this direction head forward is that way the right will be right and left and it doesn't matter what orientation the court is in so now the cord is facing fully that way so if I push forward it will go over there I won't do this close to me because it's so noisy I hoping y'all hear me over the mic there we go where you will go a little bit again and if you wanted to you just spin it as you doing things as well I'm never too sure what headless mode you saw actually you think somebody did tell me it was quite useful if you've got something and you wanted a shot and you want to pan the rush of a shot serve them like this and but I want the quarter an angle I can actually pan throws a shot like this sort of thing so not something I've ever really found of useful but apparently if that's what you want that it is another way of filming I suppose so it wouldn't be my idea of fun okay so I'm good turn headless off and we've got flashing LEDs when that was going to think you should do just quickly check that for you again I do like the speed of this this is this is in slow and it's really nice actually yeah I think you can do the same motion like a distance is there with the controller and think you need headless for anything to be honest with me but flashing LEDs so whether or not that from nearly from headless again mostly just dropped my keys I wonder if the bathrooms love oh yeah we're right down to one so would have returned to home and then think I haven't managed to do its follow me mode so I doubt that that lead and do that to be honest boy yeah it's been a little bit hissy fit there oh yeah and we've got the information here sorry so battery condition of the actual transmitter and the warning on the battery condition of the actual core itself so we got a drone war warning here reads what you see my oh man is on my shoulder saying that right this second freeze what you see so now you got a couple of ways to land it you can press the land button obviously then it come fans you can still control where it's gonna go there we go into now Tony oh oh no fight in the wind too if you still control where it's gonna land they just press the land but they'll give it a bit of throttle and that will cancel it out of that and obviously you can just pull the throttle off to land if you want and you can hang captain had launched these are brilliant the way you guys look the way for this truck Bistro there we go he's gone back to its launch point I'm not being touching anything here so total that pretty accurate overtly so obviously it will just come in and land so if you were flying away it was just coming in land it's not gonna go over or not know wow that came down really good but seriously noisy there we go so that's pretty cool I like it I haven't celebrated the compass or anything else cause I noisy birds or anything and I flew last time for about 150 meters over that way so let's go see where it goes as well for home I've also had a play around just to show you in here I put the distance you have 400 meters away that we can go to so hopefully that we can do a bit of a range test anyway okay let's turn around and see we can do the following of it so follow me it's just this button here we go follow me ready one drop the hill for it just something gotta keep it on me there we go that's working it looks like I've got a strat with it now no I'm going that's it don't try make it up to me if you don't know what you've done then you shouldn't need to ask there we go just turn that off that's a follow-me done go see about a range test yeah that breeze behind me is quite strong tell you what I'll take it out up into breezy and then it can always come back this way have an easier flight oh we've got a massive gate region in the middle now here we go they're way above us there and that's still hot number Wi-Fi job it's a long way away well it's pretty good yeah and still holding as well still going 200 just coming up 200 meters I think I'm gonna lose it at 200 guys I had looks a heck of a long way to me wow I didn't even realize that building was there – yes okay we're gonna press the return to home wow I can actually see it reacting over there it is rapid the return to home on this so much better than a lot of drugs no it's just bat in itself back to water ah the Wi-Fi has frozen up so finally got eggs and lock up oh it was back on the g-wiz that Wi-Fi is really impressive way over 150 meter well that's two hundred surahs else that's pretty impressive in game 100 meters away the Wi-Fi is working well I've got a repeater system on this or anything turning it round might stop it no it's still pretty good I might start that speed down and do a slow you're there we go I mean without a gimbal on it's still not doing bad to be perfectly honest well hey that's pretty good I should reckon um not far off the top of the tower there I'm just gonna turn the camera angle down there we go that's good good test for the GPS we're good and I say it's quite a breeze out there as you can see from the flag I think that's not bad little drone for the money I don't think it's oral can I do my rollover technique yeah sort of yeah it's not a typhoon H well I'll tell you what that's not bad okay so back at home I'm just gonna try it full fpv so I can just fly it around the garden and actually just use the screen so interesting to see again I haven't calibrated the compass or anything and I'm about 15 miles away from where I set it up so but I've got no reason to think that compass has gone out of calibration so I think it will be all fine yep literally facing away from it now so I'm literally watching tap on the screen this wall just clip the tree so I could hear it there I'm still refusing to look round that's holding all right edge a under there it's nasty for fpv signal that's for sure you know so you can't fly TV with it and the game completely facing the other way so courts coming up behind me now it does work you can fly this FP they no problem whatsoever nice yeah that signal holds really well oh no when they'll do it sorry flight line of sight now plus you can't definitely fly fpv I guess I'll just do this on a CV again hi yeah it's lovely no problem at all the clip back nicely thing to do with the fee because it shows a clear the screen is open no I right very good indeed you like it well we had quite a few flights there didn't wait bunch of there was a lot to cover I do hope you've enjoyed it I've certainly enjoyed having this I'm trying to think of usually first do my summaries with negatives first really this thing coming a seventy five quid as a link in description for you to go and have a look at it and use the discount code as well that gets it down to about 75 quid worth time of review I really can't find any sort of fault with it for 75 quid to be perfectly honest I'm gonna run through a few little gripes but there honestly I'll be very happy if I was coming into our seas and this was something that I'm really quite fancied to be honest at 75 quid of 7 3 years ago when I first got into this I'd have bitten someone's hand off to get this level at that price anyway but things are moving forward they're changing all the time so that and there's quite a few out there at this or price I haven't reviewed any of them but after this one this one certainly would be up in the rankings I'm sure it would right there little bribes I've got is the quality of the camera was a little bit low I thought but the thing is everything else and it worked so well you you sort of expecting a really good sort 1080p camera out of it and it and it is certainly if I quit at the end of the day I'm gonna keep banging on about that I think the the gimble tilt and everything works not a gimbal so the actual tilt of the camera was really quite smooth and nice and slow most of them go really fast then jut around and and then optically good and a lot of Wi-Fi cameras record only back to your phone this one takes a micro SD card in there it doesn't come with that by the way and so you need one of those and I was putting 32 gig in there no problem at all I'm sure it probably handles 64 gig and everything the recording of the actual video again when they put sort of budget cameras on there's always the downside with it and this recalls at 25 frames a second now nothing wrong with that that's quite good some of them recorded 15 believe you're on a lot of some of the drones I review and some of them are 20 and those are a little bit sore so have a bit of a Giada when there's any fast movement in it because that's because the frame rate isn't quite right but this and the bit rate is only running out of 4800 kilobits per second oh that's that's that's really low that's why the quality is all a bit broken up but again gets you up in the air you've got a rotating camera I'm being really really honestly as I always am on the channel I'm just finding if you've got any faults with it or I find any faults I think I just share them with you so that would be my thing but you've seen the raw footage it's up to you whether or not you like it or not you have to require itself nice and robust really good solid design seem reksai isn't a total drone total a clone sorry and a drone copy of it and I've had no issues with it so even with a little bit of pruning that I did there at the end of the video I was trying to line up on that twig and that's how good the fpv is you can actually see twigs and sticks and I was about 80 metres away so that was pretty impressive I thought now range might be some people saying whoa you didn't take it out on a full range test I went up to 200 meters and the Wi-Fi was dropping out if the Wi-Fi has dropped out I can't see any sense in going 300 400 meters if you can't use the Wi-Fi because you can't see what's in front of you and you're a danger then to me I don't think that's particularly good so on all my drones as soon as the Wi-Fi goes out I turn them return to home return to home on this worked really well all you have to do is press the button or when it go in they went to the edge of the geofence he actually just stopped it doesn't come home then but what it will do it unless you saw in one of the ones when around the battery right now it will just return to its point of takeoff and land and it landed really well it didn't drop out of the sky or anything so it does the calculation of how much power it needs and again you to me you'd only be flying within 150 meters I could always hold the Wi-Fi there about that area with clear line-of-sight for the Wi-Fi signal if you're in between buildings trees stuff like that obviously that's going to diminish my other slight little gripe about it is the battery it's a great battery and it gave me between 11 to 12 minutes flights and lights I did loads of flights with this I've had a real good fun with it it does charge up with the USB so you can plug into your car plug in your laptop mayn't adapt to whatever I use a little power bank when I'm out and about and it will charge with the power bank with all of those systems it takes between four and five hours to actually charge off that's a little one of my gripe sort of thing but if you want one flight two flights a day you could get away with it with that and at the moment I can't find any space for these if I do I'll put a link down in the description for you you've got the same charging system on the bottom of the transmitter itself and this is quite nice so you don't need double a's triple a's or anything simply plug that in you get a little tiny after and hope through the camera will pick that up little tiny red LED there when it's finished charging that goes green so we're getting nice little nice little system there of charged it up everything's kept inside and nice little carry handle and everything it worked really well it's comfortable to use and i felt really good you-you these are very springload didn't obviously it's a toy great transmitter we all know that but but it actually worked really well and when you press buttons you heard beeps and clicks you got the leds up along the bottom here telling you what you've done the rates were definitely different as well and I like the way they work nothing works by the way until it's bound to the actual court which is good so it's not not given an illusion that it's actually working either if the transmitter goes dead when you're flying this will come back and land where it took off if you go out of if the battery's running low it does exactly the same like I say so I like the failsafe systems on it really good indeed and I am totally impressed with it for what it is you get a complete despair set of props with it and reasonably flexible mine didn't come with any prop guards though you could fit them and there's loads of ones out there all you do is just pop them out and you just clip the prop guards in you will make it physically sort of out here becomes a very large cord and really and with this beer beginners course with the GPS only I suppose perhaps it could be but yes you'd have to buy some prop guards certainly doesn't come with it the other thing you get with it is just a couple of spare little caps for the tops of the props and you get a little screwdriver as well and some spare screws and that's it that's all the spares you get so all in all I'm totally impressed with it great Wi-Fi signal without any boosters or anything great range never felt that it was ever going out of range good flight times and just to have good fun hope you've enjoyed it I've enjoyed having you along in the flight and I'll see you on the next one

34 thoughts on “SJRC S70W cheap GPS, Syma X8 Clone HD camera WiFi FPV RTF Drone

  1. I just got this for Christmas. My first "Drone". I must say, I'm glad this thing has a "Beginner" mode with built in Geo-boundaries! Anyhow, I found your review very helpful and reassuring that I have a good product to learn on. Thank you!

  2. Hey buddy 🙂 Nice video! Am I wrong or is it very nice quality video for that price? I mean, I bought the DJI Tello and it's worst and similar price!

  3. Hey there, can you make a review of the draw the dot feature? It's the hand drawing a line in the app, you click it, a map opens, then you can choose the location to make the drone fly there.

  4. Cool drone for the money, headless (also known as home or course lock mode) is a very useful mode for those reasons you mention. If I could find anything wrong with this drone… where do you buy extra batteries? I’m so jealous of where you live, such lovely views. I’m in the states and have become so discussed where I live in New York, but I guess the grass always seems greener on the other side of the pond. Happy flying!

  5. Hi Tigger, I have just purchased one of these based on this review. The only real issue I have is the horizon….I need a 2-axis gimbal and probably another camera to fit.
    The Walkera gimbal you tested seems okay, but cannot decide on a fpv Camera option! Any recommendations please?

  6. Isn't this the same drone as the Promark? Those can now be had for #99.00 USD. I have no idea how much a 'quid' is. I thought this looked really good for the price, which I am guessing is less than an arm and a leg.

  7. Hi Tigger, great review. I have just got one of these. What is the name of the app for apple/ios and if it is not on the app store where can I download it? Thanks in advance.

  8. Finally got a battery (off Ebay) to replace the DOA one supplied with the quad from Gearbest and tested how Headless is set.
    Headless mode on this quad works the same as on the MJX Bugs 2 series – the headless direction is selected as the way the quad's nose is pointing when the motors are armed. You can only reset the direction by landing, re-orientating the quad and re-starting the motors.
    Some quads set the direction at binding quad & Tx (eg Huanqi 899B and Xinlun X5) – others set the direction each time "Headless" is switched on (eg Bayangtoys X16 GPS, Hubsan H501ss and SJRC X300-2) – still others set it the first time "Headless" is selected (eg Syma X5 & X8 series) – there's lots of variants.
    Feel free to add to this list or use it to make up your own expanded post.

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