Samsung Gear 360 4k Spherical Camera Review

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Get the Gear 360 camera here
Live stream’ with the new 2017 model
Spare battery
Good memory cards for gear 360 64GB
128GB micro SD card
3-axis gimbal stabilizer for gear 360
Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy S7/edge VR headset
Basic VR goggles
Cardboard 2.0

Sample footage:

Earlier sample footage

Samsung Gear 360 Action Director (You will need our gear 360 product ID key to use this)
Spatial Media Metadata (tells YouTube your video is spherical)
Gear 360 manager
Digital fish thank app Aqua TV
My live wallpaper is called Audio Glow

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oh yeah rivers here with TechConnect and today I've got a new camera to show you this is a 360 degree camera that can shoot 30 megapixel stills and 4k video it's called the Samsung gear 360 so let's go ahead and take a look and I'll show you how it works so on the top you've got your shutter button there's a little teeny display to tell you what mode it's in and on the side you've got a menu and back button on the other side you've got a slot for your battery a micro SD card that can go at least up to 128 gigabytes and it seems like some cards don't work in there so I'll put a link in the description to cards that I do no work and then also you've got your USB micro USB port here so you can connect to a computer and take off the files and you can also take the files off wirelessly to your phone also I notice that there's a little gasket around this so maybe it's at least weather resistant I don't know if it's completely waterproof but at least it helps it be water resistant and also one important thing is it comes with this nice soft cloth because pretty much any direction you were to set this down it's going to touch something and it could scratch the lens so you want to keep it in this bag pretty much at all times so that's a nice little inclusion and then it also has this little tripod on the bottom and this is cool because it's removable and you can put anything that works with a regular standard 1/4 inch tripod thread down here but this is really nice too because you know you don't want the ball of the camera to roll like a ball across the table or whatever and scratch up the lenses so whenever you want to set it down just put it like that it works awesome so let's go ahead and fire it up so I'm holding down the back button for three seconds to turn it on then on the on the phone I've got the gear 360 app that I installed on my galaxy s7 edge once I do that it's going to try to automatically because I've already connected it for the first time but when you first do it you want to pair it like a Bluetooth device when you get to the Bluetooth in the menu this is kind of key because I had a hard time getting it to connect at first go to bluetooth hit your Bluetooth settings at the top hold it down and get to the Bluetooth find the device that's your the Galaxy gear 360 and hold that down for a couple seconds and then it will go to connect if you just tap it it goes to the Abbott and never connect so you've got to hold it down so anyway so now we're connected and you can go ahead and just see what the camera sees by hitting that button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and now the phone can see whatever the camera sees in 360 degrees in fact every direction that the camera can see you can see on the phone and the phone is mainly used for like a remote control so that you can be out of the picture and start the video or start take a still picture but it's also good to choose the mode because it's a lot easier than going through all the menus on the phone so there's like say timer mode there's video photo time-lapse you can see you can review your videos from the phone to off the device you can set you know the resolution the resolution of your video the resolution of your pictures so the app is really nice you can do almost everything on here that you can do on the app but that makes it a lot easier and quicker to access those menus so let's take a picture real quick here ok so I just took a single picture right there that was it so once you get your video shot on here will be stored on the SD card inside the gear 360 it's going to take about five minutes to transfer because it's transferring it and it's converting it it starts off video is actually a video with two 360-degrees spheres and it's got to convert it to one ultra high-definition video square file so that takes about five minutes per minute on the phone and it's because it's using the phone's processor to do it you can also connect this to your computer and the computer will convert it from those two separate 300° fears to a video and it seems to go faster on the computer I'm not sure if it does a better job or not but I'll put a video up and link to it and from this video so you can see some of the test videos that I've shot on here so once you get the video on your phone you can put your phone into a VR viewer this is the gear VR so it's made to work with the Samsung devices and you can watch your videos you can look it you can look at any direction and see what's going on in the video so it's kind of cool that you watch it like once you watch it going this way once you watch it going this way once watch it going behind you and it's like a different video every time and since it's in 4k it looks pretty clear like all the cameras up until this point of in 1080p except like super expensive custom cameras so this new one it looks pretty good in 4k I mean it's the best I've seen so far I'm pretty happy with that me still I wouldn't I guess I wouldn't mind going to 8k just because it's you know 360 degrees takes a lot of pixels basically you know if you're thinking about it something as big as this is taking 1080p and that looks good but this is only about you know maybe about 1/10 of what I can see in every direction so you need a lot more pixels to get all that information so 4k is a good start it's four times the resolution of 1080p but I think actually 8k or even higher might be good for three or six teary especially for like really high-end things like movies and you can also watch in something this is this works like a cardboard it's got a little magnet here inside you move that and it actually is like selecting so you can put a youtube videos in there use this select the video you want to watch and then you can watch from any direction you know with this guy oh this is basically equivalent to having cardboard on so you can also watch on your phone that way and then of course you can just watch in the browser and just move the video around you want how you want or you can watch the video on the phone here go to my video you can also move it around like this I've been using the gear 360 for about a week now and I found some different things that work pretty well on it so I put together a separate clip that I'll show you you can see some of the videos I've taken on it and it works really good for certain things like for example inside of a car it works awesome it feels just like you're in the car yourself you can look in any direction and see what's going on you look at the gauges you can look out the window you look in the backseat you can look through the windshield so it's really good for that of course it's good outside of the car too so you can see the cityscape as you go by and it works really good for like situations where there's a lot of crowds of people walking by so you can look in all different directions and check out people you know kind of people watching and the thing I think it doesn't work as good as if you're looking at stuff that's really far away so if you went to like a big like a national park and you went into the city when to the Grand Canyon everything looks so far away it's kinda it's not really moving you know you're just kind of moving like it's a photograph so that's that's cool but I think to me the action is where it's really cool when stuff's right up close to the camera and it does a pretty good job even though it's got two videos that it stitches together to make that to make the video you don't see much of a seam although once in a while if somebody walks really close to the camera something you'll see that seam so anyways check out my link in the description or after this video to see my clips that I've put together and I'll keep on making these as I get a little bit better at making them too you can see what kind of things you can do with this camera okay well I love links to the software that you use to convert it it comes with a license to this gear VR software that you can use to kind of do some basic editing and also will convert it into a usable file so I'll have that video description below I'll have a link to the memory cards that work best on the gear VR and the gear VR itself it's actually not quite available in America yet but I have a link where you can get it right now thanks again for watching and as always Aloha and this little thing we're trying to review today and it's called 360-degree camera I'm not sure how this works never try it before

50 thoughts on “Samsung Gear 360 4k Spherical Camera Review

  1. What’s the name of that link you mentioned in the video? I’d just bought the same Samsung gear 360 you have right now. The app manager is not available in America which really sucks. Without that app. I just waisted some money buying it.

  2. ok a few questions, I've just ordered this exact camera myself and want to know can i use Vegas Pro 9.0 to edit the video (once the video has been stitched together) so i can place in some text and animations and different images?? i also have the Meta data already sorted so youtube can recognise it as a 360 video.

  3. I am hoping you might be able to help. I am looking for a 360 camera (under $1000) to record focus groups. I need to record for a minimum of 100 minutes without resetting the camera (since it would interrupt the group's processes). Thus, the camera needs to have a power supply and ample storage. I have hard that most of the VR360 cameras only record a maximum of 25 minutes. Is there an option that can record 100 minutes or more? Thanks in advance!

  4. live streaming is possible with this camera. by using Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge +, Note5, S7, S7 edge, S8, S8 +. live stream for youtube and facebook. please reply as soon as possible

  5. Does anyone know of a good way to mount this on the head? Most of the GoPro type set ups place the camera by the forehead. Something like this would best be mounted on the top.

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