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Samsung galaxy s10 camera review- Is the Samsung Galaxy s10e ,s10, s10 plus worth the upgrade. Here we do a hands on side by side comparison and review of the s10e vs s9. Personally I think the S10 is the ( flagship) number one phone of 2019 ( so far).


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samsung galaxy s10 camera review s9 plus vs s10 plus

Samsung Galaxy S nine versus the Samsung Galaxy has ten II now I want to compare the cameras today but I want to talk a little bit about these phones really quick the s9 – the s10 a is a direct upgrade Samsung is just getting cute with their marketing the phone is in a direct upgrade from the s9 so it's got a better camera more RAM it's just a faster phone but I'm gonna go through the camera here in all the settings because that's the biggest thing I look for when I upgrade my phone I really want the camera to be better I kind of think this is gonna be no contest I think that the s10 Yi is just going to take it just from hardware point of view but you know the video will speak for itself so let's get started I already have right so we're gonna walk around in a bunch of different settings and see we can do this is the front-facing camera and just regular sunlight kind of you can see the Sun kind of behind me kind of direct sunlight just kind of look around here doing the day good with this guy looks beautiful the s10 II has a little bit of a better screen so it kind of just looks naturally better yeah s10 yi and I think the s10 he's a little less than zoomed in there at the exact same length pretty much the exact same level okay so this is the front camera now the s10 II it really just seems like it looks so much better but I don't know if that's the screen or not but this is stock settings just right out of the right out of the box look at this guy here take a look at the Sun I don't know why you would ever do that but just in case so we're gonna run here for a second and see what Canon that looks like let's see what cannon that looks like all right so let's switch the field of view on the s10 II so that is the wider angle there and you can see it picks up a lot a lot more look at that so it's pretty much the same as the s9 until you change it to that wide-angle view it honestly it looks like a pretty crisp image so let's walk around a little bit with the s9 first as 10 with this wide-angle camera you know it's a different camera so we get the bright outside with it you know it's pretty good look up at the sky here I don't know if it's a screen but that has 10 is just killing it and these are just factory settings get up close some grass here alright let's go to some low light the s9 is a bigger phone physically but they share the exact same screen size five point eight inches as far as what you can view so the s9 is heavier and bigger and it's slower so this is definitely a much better phone as far as upgrades go now this is the direct upgrade from the s9 Samsung's just getting cute with their marketing by putting an e at the end of it it's a way to try to make some more money it's pretty smart so the other thing I like is that on the s9 the fingerprint scanners right here which isn't a big pain in the butt if you don't have a case but if you do that really sucks on the s10 II it's right here on the side and you just got to put your finger on it and it opens right up which is nice I got a disabled that Bixby button move well if you guys want to know any more specs on these phones as far as RAM and stuff like that hardware I've put the links for them on Amazon in the description below or if you want to go ahead and pick up the s10 II or the s10 plus that's there for you as well okay so here we go at low light not nighttime but this is actually pretty low light right but a half hour away from from being completely dark and this is on the front camera so I'm just trying to do the same setting too you guys can get an idea of what it looks like so this is on the front camera I'm gonna switch to the rear camera not really sure which one's doing better here get a little lay on the top of the houses of this time do match is pretty low light so the s9 and the s10 Samsung really just ever since the s7 upgraded the light even picks up good colors at at nighttime so the lowlights really good on these cameras always has been like to see the green in the grass kind of looks like the s10 has more of a true color go to the wide field arrange on the other one though so there's the other camera I can't tell which one on the s10 which camera is better see I think this is an overall better camera on the s10 that wide range what I really like about the s10 is you can switch while you're recording back and forth from the camera which is pretty cool that camera right there that one seems to do a little bit better job field at night definitely did a better job with the STA so here we are back at that same field at the dead of night super low-light video and that's all right the pictures definitely come out much better in the light here's my wife and daughter you sleepyheads and as you can see the s10 he does like that's kind of like a red hue this is like really really low like as far as steel shots go the s10 really does a lot better in low light they're just more crisp they're both pretty comparable when it comes to daylight and up-close shots but when if there's any low-light the s10 really shines and the s10 also focuses a lot lot faster than yes night as you can see in this photo I took this while walking it just focuses instantly I really hope you guys found this review useful let me know in the comments below what you guys think on the phone as far as which one is better and like and subscribe thanks

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