Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Pocophone F1 – Camera Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus vs Xiaomi Pocophone f1 camera comparison. How does a $1000 smartphone compare to a $300 device! The results will shock you. Watch for the full review!

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so if you want the internet right now you can find a ton of camera comparisons putting the s10 up against another expensive smartphone but let's be realistic at the end of the day what we want to know is how good this phone compares against the poco f1 this could possibly be the most important camera comparison of 2019 so first up we have an outdoor pic skies looking nice and blue on both pictures now here's the thing between both of these photos the s10 Plus slightly more exposed tends to hit the pink or purple tones poke a phone f1 really hit the greens hard the fact of the matter is this house is a little bit on the pink side realistically would be somewhere in the middle between both of these phones but overall I think the s10 looks slightly better so in this shot I wanted to show depth of field I actually had to take the photo like five times on the poco f1 and it just couldn't get the brown leaves in focus the s10 nailed it on the first shot and it looks absolutely awesome but here's the funny thing if you look at the exposure between both photos the poco f1 actually did a much better job of exposing the photo than the galaxy s 10 plus with this phone it's pretty even again are some minor differences though s10 if you look at the snow slightly cooler tones if you look at the poco phone slightly better exposure but once you punch into the actual flower itself then pretty even if anything the s10 is mixing cooler tones in the background and warmer tones surrounding the flowers themselves I'm gonna give this photo a tie so this photos pretty cool we have a bunch of shadows hitting the sides of the building give them their own unique look the s10 definitely hitting the cooler tones it is slightly overexposed you can see that on the brick the brick is just way too yellow and you're losing some of that detail in the brick itself same holds true for the windows on top of the brown building now because yes 10 is over exposing the shot there are some advantages for example if you look at the wheel on the truck or on the van the Mercedes van you could actually see the little rivets going around the wheel whereas on the poco f1 it's more of just a dark circle harder to see overall now when you zoom into both photos if you're looking at the SUV in the background they both aggressively over sharpen them but it is more over sharpened on the galaxy s 10 so this is just a simple shot of a fire hydrant I wanted to test to see how it deals with yellows or just one solid color I actually liked the polka phone better again has those nice warm tones if you look at the snow it actually looks like white snow the galaxy s 10 looks great too but I find the fire hydrant not to be as contrast II or vibrant compared to the poco f1 if you look at the snow it's hitting those cooler tones a little bit more so it's time for some indoor shots and I have this beautiful beautiful in the kitchen and it's just standing erect waiting for a photo and as you can see the galaxy s 10 totally destroyed the polka phone f1 in this situation I literally took the shot three times and the polka phone f1 had a hard time of putting the head in focus the vibrancy the colours just look much better on the galaxy s 10 now we're in the supermarket we're taking a picture of some fruit both phones did a great job the polka phone wolf f1 looks a lot more realistic exactly what the fruit looked like it is bumping up the contrast but it's keeping the color tones kind of neutral the galaxy s 10 you can see that the orange is a little bit more orange and the oranges on the poco f1 but instead of bumping up the contrast on the pears it decided to introduce some yellow tones to give it more of a warmer vibe so again we're indoors and as you can see the s hat again is bumping up the yellows in the shot given the picture a very yellow worm feel to it the poco f1 is hitting the Reds a little bit too much but the poco f1 actually looks more realistic than the galaxy s 10 I'll be honest with you even though the polka phone f1 looks more realistic I personally prefer the way the galaxy s 10 looks so when it comes to nighttime photography this is when the polka phone completely falls apart the s10 is definitely not the leader in nighttime photography but obviously it's significantly better than the Polka phone you can actually see the houses in the background perfectly you can see the details around the windows itself whereas on the polka phone it's completely blacked out making it hard to see the background same holds true for my face now when it comes to selfies the poco f1 completely destroyed this image I literally took this photo four times and every single time it blew out the background way too much you can't even make out any details in the house because it's just way too overexposed my skin is pasty white it looks like I just came out of the basement 50 years later and saw Sun for the first time and there's a lot of moving going on my skin between both phones now the galaxy s 10 is not perfect either there's a lot of skin smoothing going on but the photo looks good so again the exact same shop at this time with live focus or portrait mode on and as you can see the poco phone did exactly the same thing completely blew out the background to the point where anything in there is not recognizable so definitely live focus is better on the galaxy s 10 so Turney thanks to the rear camera this is live focus or a portrait mode on the poco f1 I think they look pretty even if anything if I had to choose wanted to give the slight edge to the Galaxy S 10 because my son's face looks sharper because it uses aggressive sharpening and the color tones are a little bit cleaner alright so here's the front-facing camera both of these devices based on my first impressions just looking at the screen it looks like the camera on the galaxy s 10 plus is better it's hard to say for sure and last up we have 1080p footage they both actually do a pretty good job but video does look better on the galaxy s 10 stabilization it's pretty even steady shot is on for the galaxy s 10 but the poco phone is surprisingly holding up its own but when it comes to 4k video that's when the Pogo phone completely falls apart the stabilization on the camera is non-existent and you can see that the galaxy s 10 is completely destroying it so that pretty much wraps up this camera comparison obviously the galaxy s 10 takes the better photos but in daytime it's really hard to tell the difference the poka phone actually holds up its own and sometimes actually takes better photos than the galaxy s 10 it's kind of neat to check these things out because at the end of the day one phone is 350 dollars the other one is a thousand dollars obviously the Galaxy S ten has a lot more features like why landscape chard you can zoom it up to two times and some other camera tricks but that's the difference in price you're paying between an expensive phone and a lower-end phone it always comes down to the camera well I hope you guys enjoy this camera comparison let me know your favorite results in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next video

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Pocophone F1 – Camera Comparison!

  1. For all of you saying install gcam on the Poco it would be better
    So if you install gcam on the S10 what do you think would happen???
    Xiaomi just needs to work on their software period!!!!

  2. Matthew, My man please help me out. I want to make a one time investment. And I'm confused between Xiaomi mi8, pocophone and oneplus 6. Please guide me which phone is best in camera department. It'll be a huge favour to me.thanks

  3. How about a comparison of poco f1 with gcam mod.. Would be interesting to see the results. I prefer gcam mod on my poco f1 for better details especially in darker situations. And yes for the portrait over exposure issue, try to manually set the focus on face, it helps to reduce over exposure a little bit in background.

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