Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Real World Camera Test

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Here’s my Real-World Camera Test of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (side by side photos with other flagships, night mode vs regular, and more). Let’s see how the camera on the Galaxy S10 Plus holds up, shall we?





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all right today I think we're gonna try to do a real-world camera test of the s10 plus so what that means is I'm gonna kind of run around and do my normal day and the things that I have to do today but take photos with the phone along the way do videos compare it to other phones that are flagships that it would compete with and just kind of see how it does but first copy and what we're heading to get call me really quick I need a shout out to the sponsor of this video trade trade Moore is a super fast and easy way to sell your news electronics just head to the link below click on sell your device tell them a bit about it get a prepaid shipping label to send it to them and then get paid by PayPal or virtual MasterCard gift card that simple you can even buy certified used devices on trade more that I've been fully inspected so you don't worry about what you're getting click on buy a device on the site instead and check out the ton of devices they have it's super discounted prices and you need to get free two-day shipping so check them out at the link below to trade in some electronic so that you can have some extra cash to buy new gadgets like this coffee check ok so now we're gonna test out the camera on some close-ups here of like my coffee and my croissant it's cloudy out so we have really good lighting here this is probably a very easy test but it is a little bluer in here and then probably normal let's use the s10 plus and compare it to some of the other flagships out there and see how they okay and there we go we're gonna head to the office now though cuz I have a little bit of work to do but we can test the camera there as well and then there's an event this afternoon the t-mobile invited me to that I think will be a really good way to test the video game candidates under work but really quick want to explain some of the camera on this s10 plus so we have three cameras now which I appreciate for me there are three different focal lengths one is ultra wide one is kind of a normal wide angle that we're used to and then one is it two times telephoto now the thing I appreciate about this is that it very much resembles when I have a lens on like a real camera I have three different options now of lenses to be able to shoot different shots with so if I want something that's ultra wide I can do that and then maybe there's a different shot within that that is a normal angle and then there's something I want to focus in on that's a telephone it just gives me a lot more options and the same with it having like a zoom lens or multiple lenses for my mirrorless camera or my DSLR does as well the cameras acted pretty easy to go through each of these there is a selector at the bottom out with like a whole forest two trees and a leaf now my way work has a rooftop that's not really open right now because it's winter mode but we're gonna head up there really quick and let's see what the wide camera looks like compared to some other wide camera that I happen at okay now let's head to that t-mobile event apparently t-mobile is gonna let us skydive in the middle of New York t-mobile apparently celebrating the launch of the galaxy s 10 so this is very appropriate that we test the video camera in the wind tunnel right [Applause] okay that was nuts so much fun Thank You t-mobile for letting me do that and testing the camera in such a great way I think right very normal everyday activity but now I'm gonna head back to Brooklyn and let's go take some more photos maybe some at night now that the sun's gone down let's see how this camera does tonight okay so while we're taking night shots I want to talk about something I think it's kind of so you know we have night mode in like night sight and all these other night low-light photography settings I use like long exposures and anti-shake stuff to get better photos at night well night mode works on huawei and you can actually select it it's an actual mode same thing for the pixel same thing for the one plus I believe this phone though doesn't have a separate mode for night mode which I kind of wish it did instead you have to turn on scene optimizer which is like that a eye thing that recognizes what you're taking a photo of and adjust the settings and then it has to determine that it's dark enough to use it and you'll get a little moon icon when that happens and then it takes the night shot I would much prefer if this had a mode for this because there's times when I think I want a long exposure and the camera doesn't agree and now I'm freezing so let's go inside somewhere and do one last test okay now where this restaurant let's do one last test the selfie cam there you go my camera test for the day I have to stop now because I actually have to go meet a friend for their birthday and celebrate that and I can't bring all this stuff it's just that's ridiculous but I think we I think this is long enough at this point no let me know what you guys think in the comments below personally myself I think it's a it does a great job the s tens camera is oh it's not the best on the market but this is kind of where Samsung's sweet spot is they're the Mario in all of the Mario games or you could choose other characters right like they're the all-around good at most things company the camera itself again is not the most amazing but then when you factor in like well the phone itself the design is awesome the battery may not be the best but it's good so they kind of check all those boxes like that I think that they've continued to do that with the s10 I do think it's a little bit better than the s9 and maybe the note 9 but you guys let me know again when you think though otherwise though if you guys are not already please subscribe and ding the bell nice to subscribe so you notify when I do new videos otherwise check me out on other social media I put a bunch of these photos up actually that are not in this video where I compared them and I didn't tell anybody what the photos were from like which phone they were from and then you guys kind of guess then it was kind of fun but if you want to go check that out I'm at the unlocker on Twitter on Instagram and Facebook check me out there otherwise though as always regardless thanks for watching you

47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Real World Camera Test

  1. Well I an a huge Samsung fan always have been and I can't believe im doing to say this but the s10 plus is probably the worst phone I have ever had the camera quality is absolutely terrible and really fuzzy and the selfie cam is the same and the screen has a plastic like feel to it I'm really disappointed with it, but that is just my opinion hope this helps people

  2. Your video content is very nice, informative and the QUALITY is just superb. Love watching this kind of reviews especially I am also a gadget enthusiast. Keep uploading this kind of Reviews.

  3. Pay $750 for my S10e I can honestly say, even after the update I'm not impressed at all.
    My Huawei mate 10 pro takes better pics and of course my pixel 2xl takes much much better pics.
    Yes I do love the deal, the speaker sound of the s10e but…. it's not $750 worth it at all. Especially when I paid $400 for my mate 10 pro

  4. Samsung fails with the night photos in all comparison videos with other top phones. This is actually an embarrassment for those of us that want this phone. It's definitely a deal breaker.

  5. Compare the s10 to the new phones this year not older ones from 2018. That's the most easy trickery ever. Still the other phones can handle all situations just fine. Samsung just updated everything others had in 2018.

  6. And here, I do all my video works, videos and photos of events, behind the scenes of music shoots, tv drama shoots and whatnot on Galaxy S7 edge.

    Several times in a day some days. 🙂

  7. I agree with you – it´s really not the best camera. I tested the S10 just indoor and that was enough to be too disappointed for further tests. No matter what I tried – my 1,5 years old Pixel 2 shot better photos. Maybe the S10 does a better job in bright daylight but I need a camera that works as good as possible in all conditions.
    So unfortunately I´ll return my S10 and maybe get a Pixel 3 or stay with the Pixel 2.

  8. Samsung's S10 Plus Bright Night is actually not the moon icon. I have the S10 Plus SD855, and if you move the phone to an area with the lowest light, you will see a moon icon with 3 stars in it. It will tell you to hold still. The whole process takes about 5 sec or so. It also have the pixel 3 awb look as night sight but nowhere near as detailed or bright as night sight.

  9. the front facing camera still needs some work it's good but it does not have a lot of detail, it's too smooth, I hope they bring the Instagram camera mode from the s10 to older Galaxy devices, I need it on my Note 9.

  10. I disagree with your conclusion, first of all state that it is in your opinion about the best camera, cuz everyone has different opinions right boy, and 2nd if the s10 is not the best than the others are not better than the s10. There is no clear winner camera, as it will come down to personal preference, however if u combine videos and photos with this s10 is definitely top 2, because they did a great job with videos this year.

  11. Omfg…
    I dont understand why you guys(phone reviewers on yt) dont record the entire video with the actual phone youre testing. If this is suppose to be a real life "camera testing video" USE THE FRIGGIN PHONE for video, not your dslr…

  12. As someone who preordered S10 plus, I have to be honest – I like Pixels and Iphones photos and videos more… And those are LAST years models…urgh…should I have waited for Note10…

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