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The Realme 3 comes with the dual-lens rear camera combination of 13MP + 2MP cameras where the primary one is with the F/1.8 aperture. In this video, we do the camera review of the Realme 3 with the different capture samples in HDR, Nightscape, portrait mode, and slow-motion video recording as well.

Now that the Realme 3 has support for the Google Camera, or GCam, thanks to the support for Camera2API, we tried out with an older version of Google Camera and found out how well it works on the Realme 3. Check out the Google camera captures on the Realme 3 to see if they are any better.

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subscribe to these more times and get notified about our latest videos by hitting the Pelican the real me comes with a similar camera setup to what it was on the real me you won and the admit to with the 13 megapixel purse 2 megapixel camera combination on the back but this time the aperture size is better its F 1.8 compared to the F 2.2 that was on the other two phones previously and this also some new features that's thanks to the color OS 6.0 that is on the real me 3 you get to feature such as the chroma booster that helps you take advantage of the camera app and it has the colors though it might not look like what is it on the real life it still makes it a punchy and better output and also there's a nightscape mode to take advantage of the camera gain to do better night shots so those are two new addition to the features and one of the major things about this time was the support for camera2 api which is going to help you with the G cam installation and with G cam you can do quite a lot more you know how good the cameras application is from Google and you can see that in this video as well be they are showing you a few captures that we did the portrait captures especially when you take selfies so the portrait selfie is not exactly the same that is on the real me 3 directly so the camera applications are different here and you can see that in this video on how they differ with the camera quality how the they differ with the capture quality when you're taking portraits with the selfie so that is it and keep checking out for these camera samples that we took in the different conditions read about them in every picture about what the condition was and you can judge them based on how good they look so this is not the final camera review our early thoughts would be that the real May 3 is performing quite well with the cameras but it's not the best out there the redmi note 7 clearly is going to be better it's a purchase eyes and that all doesn't matter it's the SOC as well with the qualcomm snapdragon 616 performing quite well with the optimization of the pictures and the camera sensor as well is doing a great job there so the real me isn't bad on the other side it still tries to do quite well in the bright light conditions in low-light conditions the focusing was one issue that we faced but still it's not a bad camera overall you did well but there's no support for 4k video recording which is a disappointment and there's no OS or EIS as well so with thousand ITP videos you cannot even use E is to stabilize the videos so this was all about the real me three camera and keep checking out this capsule samples hey guys so this is a quick video sample the 1080p video capture that is happening on the real May 3 we've come to a place there where there's some greenery sort of capturing for the video to see how good the colors come out to be because I have been in the same place here right now and I can later check and see if the quality of the video with the colors is good or not so just a quick sample of the full HD video that we're going to showcase in the real me 3 camera review so we're contoured remote place to take a sample this time to see if the greens are actually greens that when they are captured this is a selfie camera around this area is where the Sun is so the exposure seems quite good here but then again we'll be seeing this in full resolution later to see if it did perform well or not right now this is a full HD video recording on the selfie camera off the real May 3 smartphone and it doesn't have any options of video portrait or such it's just a regular portrait a regular video that is taken this selfie camera so we'll be also knowing the mic quality as well in the final review we'll be adding more about the camera thoughts of from our side and then you'll understand whether it's actually a good camera or not so this was all about the real me 3 camera I hope like this video if you want to know more about the real me 3 or its cameras do let me know in the comment section below and subscribe to be sometimes for more thanks for watching and see you next video

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