RC-136WGS 1080p HD GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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This GPS drone includes circle and follow me, a 1080p HD camera and WiFi FPV viewable through your smartphone. There is also a 5.8GHZ FPV version of this drone to be reviewed in a future video. Get 18% off with coupon code rc18off here and find the longer range 5.8Ghz FPV version here (use same coupon rc18off)

– Under $200 GPS drone.
– GPS hold mode is relatively steady.
– Will automatically return on command, on loss of transmitter signal, or if battery level is low. Quadcopter returns and lands at your location (not its takeoff location).
– Includes follow me and circle mode. In circle mode, quadcopter rotates about your location when circle mode was activated.
– Camera records 1080p video or 5MP still photos directly to an onboard microSD card. Camera can also be remotely angled up or down.
– WiFi FPV video received via RC Leading app available on Google Play here or iTunes here

– WiFi version of this quadcopter has relatively short FPV and control range of under 100 meters. This is likely due to the interference on 2.4Ghz between the WiFi and the quadcopter’s controller. As such, if you desire greater range, recommend the slightly more costly 5.8Ghz RC-136FGS version
– Quadcopter’s video camera produces quite a bit of vibration jello. Camera also has quite a bit of fisheye effect from its wide angled lens.
– Flight time is relatively short at about 7 1/2 minutes.
– Proprietary battery.

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good morning quadcopter 101 here what I got for you today is a review of a neat new quadcopter the RC 136 w GS with the W we know we're gonna have Wi-Fi fpv but the GE tells us one thing we got GPS on this particular quadcopter not only GPS we also have a 1080p camera that it can be remotely swiveled up or down via the remote control additionally this quadcopter has follow-me capability and circle me capability on this that means that this transmitter has a built in GPS to it so that we can do those type of advanced flying features oh no no this is for under $200 the WGS version is under $200 there is another version of this the RC 136 f GS which has 5.8 gigahertz fpv which provides the enhancement of being able to fly it out even further with fpv video with Wi-Fi fpv i'm not going to see probably very much range probably about about 7080 meters will fly out of here shortly but with the 5.8 gigahertz version it should provide much farther range and I'm hoping to get that in the future to possibly to review that one also so let's go over the quadcopter a little more in detail again you know this has a GPS here's its GPS antenna again it has a 1080p camera with a very nice lens on the front of it actually I'm gonna clean that lens a little bit before we take off but a wide-angle lens additionally it records directly to a micro SD card so we don't have to worry about Wi-Fi lag and again it is able fpv transmitter so fpv Wi-Fi so here's its Wi-Fi antenna additionally it has it does have a proprietary battery unfortunately but let's look at its 7.4 volt 59 million per hour it tells you its battery charge by doing actually a long press here to turn it on and we have four bars so we're good to go there so I'm going to turn it off now and again it slides in and plugs in like so make sure that you press this button when slugging or just sliding and incur or else it will not close that's the quadcopter itself let's go over to transmitter notice all the labels I got on this transmitter there's a lot of features this thing does I that you are probably going to label need to label it like mine let's go over the buttons first off this one is for the 5g version this turns the video on and off and takes a photo but again that's for the 5.8 gigahertz version there start and stop there video recording on this Wi-Fi version you need to use the app for this and I'll show that here shortly to start on the camera is controlled via the app this is its return to home button here you press this and the quadcopter will return to home takeoff and landing is via this button here you do a 2-1 second press you know do automatic takeoff or press it again I'll do automatic landing circle my mode is activated by this button here to activate it and see camera upper moving the camera up you go like this and move the camera down you push this button down like that and this button here is for follow me you activate it by pressing this button here so in effect none of these trim buttons on this are trim buttons they're all they all have a specific feature of the quadcopter controls a specific feature of the quadcopter the quadcopter has high and low rates which you could activate by pressing in to the pitch roll stick and you can manually start and stop the motors by bringing both sticks down and inboard and stop them also by bringing them down and inboard you can do a compass calibration and I'll demonstrate that here shortly by bringing this stick down here and this stick up here until the quadcopters lights blink and then conducted compass calibration and you can do a gyro calibration of its gyros by putting it off if it's drifting a lot and I can't see it drifting a lot this being important especially for a gyre a GPS quadcopter but you can adjusted gyros by putting it on a flat level surface and moving the stick up there left and down and to the right and owning it that way and it will calibrate its gyros but again that would only come and play if you lost GPS lock we're flying in altitude hold mode normally I would not recommend you flying this in altitude hold mode wait till you get a GPS lock and that you can I'll show you how you can determine you have GPS lock you're shortly so let's fire it up and see how it performs okay we're gonna bind this first off we're gonna turn on the transmitter and put it here by the quadcopter and terilyn the quadcopter by pressing and holding this button down for about three seconds and we heard maybe that means we gotta bind so again you turn this transmitter on then you turn on the quadcopter that's reverse of what the instructions stated so remember to do that folks okay now let's go into the Wi-Fi app and start it up okay I have the Wi-Fi app started up it's the RC leading Wi-Fi app it's available on Google Play and iTunes but first off let me see you first right now we got salt solid light I don't know if you can see that or not folks that means we got GPS lock but I wanted to do a compass calibration just to be safe so we don't get toilet bowl effect but and a way to do that is bring this stick down and this stick up and then hold it there for a few seconds and our light should be blinking right now and you see if they are yep they are now we can do the compass calibration to do that you just turn the quadcopter three times clockwise one two and three then you nose down and turn it three to four times clockwise again one until the lights become solid – okay you saw it we have compass calibration once you cease all rights you have compass calibration so we are more or less ready to take off folks we have saw lights telling us we got GPS lock and the compass calibration is complete let me open up the app you can play and we have fpv video as you can see your and let's move the camera up and down try it out that's up that's moving it down see I'll hold it up to show you that watch its nose pointing it up back up again there it is going down let's move it back up that's about as high up as you'll get it but it does have a wide-angle lens so we are seeing horizon let's take to the air let's first start the motors manually and let's do that automatic takeoff and we'll check its stability you're looking for toilet bowls that toilet bowl effect is when the quadcopter goes around like it's going the water going down the toilet that means you don't have a gyro calibration and it ain't too bad what we're looking for big circular movement this one's not moving too bad at all actually so it's got pretty good luck let's bring it up a little higher looking underneath we verify the lights I saw it so we do have GPS lock I'm gonna start its camera right now camera is started and you can check look underneath there's oh well I'm not it's not really safe to do it that way I ain't gonna do it but there is a little blinking light underneath it'll verify that you do have a compass or you do have recording started okay let's go up a little bit higher right about there let's push forward Oh before we push forward let me make sure I am recording my mom is in and Bob is in is recording so let's push forward and see how far we get with GPR with Wi-Fi FPV I'm still seeing video as it's going on and we'll push that until it stops now this is 2.4 gigahertz video there it stopped right there I didn't expect it to be very far folks okay I got video back again let's go up a little bit higher right there I still got Wi-Fi let's go a little bit farther forward you see how far we can go and it stopped again so I'm out about 60 meters if it's straight up and done bobbing like that I do have signal let's turn to the left and what's flying back to me I didn't tell it to do that I don't know why it flew back to me I tried to turn it to the left we'll go out this way maybe it didn't have signal from the transmitter it looks like it's trying to land okay I don't know why they did that folks let's go over to it and see make sure it's it did an automatic return I'm not feeling that it did not pick up the signal from the transmitter because the 2.4 gigahertz on the FPV of the phone I'm pretty sure I got sufficient power let's find out taking a look got three bars on the battery so it wasn't a battery that meant the only reason it would return to home folks is if it lost reception from the transmitter so I'm guessing that it did so that may be a limitation in this Wi-Fi version both you're only going to get range of about 60 meters for fpv and probably only 60 meters for the transmitter because of the interference between the Wi-Fi so mainly this one here would likely be a close-in flyer okay and useful mainly for circle me and follow me and that's let's demonstrate that next and see if I can do an automatic take off with that starting to motors first no you got to stuck those motors first so bringing down an inboard automatic take off we are let me stop that recording started again okay let's go up a bit higher go I right about there not too far let's try that follow me pressing the Follow Me button it turns points toward me and let's try to follow me so let's go the other way hold on folks let's turn off follow me and go over this way so the sun's at my back or her sons at my face lighten me up hit and follow me again let's try it okay looking at my screen I can see that it is following me picking up speed a bit not too much but it's working let's go over this way look at all this trash see some truck went through here a couple of weeks back and dumped all kinds of burnt wood with nails in it out here in the desert oh that just made me so angry but what do you do people are stupid but let's go up a little bit higher let's try the circle me okay stop and follow me and starting circle me let's start oh yeah there it goes so yeah this W version it's not a long-range fire unfortunately because of the interference between the Wi-Fi and the transmitter but it can be used pretty easily or very well for circle me and follow me let's stop and see if it'll I follow me while doing the circle me something tells me probably not let's go over here and know it just remembers the position that this transmitter was at when I started circle me so let's go back to follow me while it's doing that let's see what it does will it follow me apparently it does so again you know the W version for is for mainly for close-in mainly for this follow me and circle me let's get a little closer that's too far had one thing I went wondering does it point the camera at me let's turn off that and let's go up a little bit higher actually quite a bit higher right about there and hit that follow me again does it point the camera downward well it goes right overhead yeah it does I think I'm showing up in it take a look here there I am just blob in a bit let me turn that off again turn to follow me off again and let's pull backward I want to be right there it's coming back again it's turn that follow me off and it's pull back is it gonna come back again no stay in there this time turn and follow me back on he's gonna fly back toward me okay there we go so let's go over this way it's going right overhead third and follow me off let's come down lower and again let's go over so the sun's in my face when it's pointing toward me I right about there and hit follow me and am i showing up yeah I am but pretty far out that's come a little closer right there who is it going now hey don't know it went right overhead and it's landing but the lost transmitter again so what it doesn't return to home how many likes do we got I got two lights when it doesn't return to home if it loses musta lost transmitter signal there for a bit it will return to where the transmitter is not where it took off from that's interesting also ok let's check out those lights see what we got two bars ok let's stop that video and start it again taking it off again going back into the air I want to make sure it's above my head cuz I'm gonna continue with more follow me right over here right about there yeah activating follow me and let's go for a walk well that's a wide-angle lens on this camera really wide angles around across the desert so yeah again the G version mainly for follow me and circle me capability I'm not for a long-range fpv flying if you want to be I'll have a long-range flier you're gonna want the to spend the extra thirty five forty dollars to get the fpv version with 5.8 gigahertz fpv mainly you won't have the interference from the Wi-Fi of your phone interfering and the quadcopter and they're faring with reception from the transmitter so that's why you would consider getting such a quadcopter the fpv version this mainly again is a selfie 1 this is the selfie version in effect the WGS let's go back to circle me again okay maybe I got turned follow me off turn circle me on it's lights are blinking that's telling me is probably getting close to to the end of its flight time I'm holding it down it doesn't want to do circle me on low when it's low battery right now it's low battery it's lights are blinking let's get it away when it's in low battery – it doesn't go law itself to go out more air it's doing it automatic return to home it does say return to home on low battery and it's gonna return to home on you so wait until it starts just descent and get out of the way when it starts just to set it remembers where it's coming down at get out of the way of it let it land its batteries are low now so we know it does return to home on low battery another thing on low battery will not go further than 30 meters well now itself to go further than 30 meters when it gets too low battery so that the end of its flight time that's its flight time folks let me stop its video and make sure I got the video and pressing again stopping so that is the WGS version of the RC 136 this is the follow me or the selfie version in effect of the w 136 long range version would be the FG s version but long range exploring is an important and selfie and circle me is then you get this version but again the FG s version also has circled me and follow me so I I would recommend spending the extra thirty five forty dollars to get the FG s version personally so I hope you enjoyed this flight is the quadcopter 101 signing at

20 thoughts on “RC-136WGS 1080p HD GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

  1. After watching flight test i purchased one last month. It has a problem i.e. no follow me or circle me. it would seem the remote control is faulty as do not get a GPS green dot and the lights do not flash. I get no reply from RC Leadings. any ideas?

  2. Hi Q101… I would like a simple drone/ quadcopter with a 1080p cam (without jello), brushless motors and GPS. I don't want have to do updates etc if possible as am just a beginner to GPS. I have narrowed it down to basically 2 or 3 drones and would like to know what you, and other YT reviewers think … and if you think any other drones are worth considering (I don't have 5g wifi). My choices are….. the MJX Bugs 2 …. the Hubsan H501C … and the more expensive Hubsan H501S, but is this more complicated? I'll be pasting this same question to other RC reviewers as well but would appreciate your opinion too. I only have about £125 – £150GBP to spend. Cheers 🙂

  3. I noticed that the new RC Leading 136FGS appears to have the exact transmitter as the FlyTec T-23, bit there is only one review on the FlyTech T-23 which was never finished. Could you do a comparison between these drones ?

  4. I bought the F version of this quad. The range is about 200 meters but man this thing was bunk out of the box. It had a bad fpv battery, would only charge to 3 bars. The FPV built in monitor is scratchy and loses signal half the time. The servo on the camera burned out after first flight. This long range version also returns to home for no reason. BTW, sending it back to Tomtop took like 30 emails (2 months) and had to make video of malfunctions. Upon making video and just arming the quad, one of the motor's burned out. Don't waste your money on this thing, spend 40 more bucks and get the Hubsan H501s advanced.

  5. I'm sure this quad will fly beyond the FPV range of 60 meters, but you made it sound as if the flight ends when the FPV signal is lost! What's the actual control distance? This one kept returning home, just like your BayangToys X21 did in your previous review… are you in area 51??? LoL!!! Thanks for this review. DJ Soul Force

  6. This channel is quickly becoming the: "don't buy anything reviewed here" channel. There's soooooooooOOOOOoooo many garbage drones out there 🙁

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