Quadrone Pro Camera Drone RC Quadcopter Review

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okay let's take a look at the Quadro and pro cam quadcopter here we go I've already headed up for some flying and I can tell you it does take a little bit of a beating as I've had a couple hard landings but it's very capable of doing the effort of all like the very flexible landing skids on it and did you see on here the camera is when it's slightly down so you get a pretty good picture of the ground below even when you're flying level she's about 15 inches across tip with the sprout the tip of the shroud I do have the Shroud zone here I think it's a good idea to fly with them you save a couple of grams maybe if you take them off but it's just not worth it because they do help protect your rotors and I've weighed it on my scales it's three point six five ounces that's very light for one of these I've I've seen some a little bit lighter but they were smaller than this so and here's the controller pretty much a standard controller they much like the ones I've already used on other quads so the difference is going to be how else to flies and we're going to take her up for a spin and see okay let's take this one for another spin this is the quad drone again very stable where it's smooth even though there's a little bit of a breeze today and it's also very hot it's about 90 90 degrees which reduces your lift a little bit but very smooth very nice and coming in almost okay well that's it from here okay we're going to do one real post-flight just to show the maneuverability the little sideways maneuvers and rotating I have to say the quad rotors yeah it's very stable even in this wind we've got see the wind trying to take it away okay well it's a little bit too breezy for us to do some real closely maneuvers but that gives you an idea of how stable this is yeah we're gonna try to do a little bit of aerobatics here with a flip there we go Oh almost recovered okay we just need more altitude this Oh

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