Python pygame camera demo on Raspberry Pi zero with USB webcam

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Video: pygame webcam test on pi zero

I am using the PlayStation Eye USB camera:

I am running demo code from:

It is running on raspberry Pi Zero:

With the Raspbian Jessie image from November 2015:

Intro to the pygame camera module:

Good videos that someone else made:
Stream Webcam Video to PyGame – Python – Linux Tutorial

Place Images Over Webcam Video in PyGame – Python – Linux Tutorial

so this is a test of Pi game which is a Python library using the webcam and we're using the the PlayStation camera and we can compare here it seems to be pretty pretty decent reaction time there you can see the transition it's pretty pretty good there so need to play around the code here and see if he can get it to overlay some graphics but thought that was kind of a cool thing the codes not too complicated good to see the Python can can deliver that number of frames per second

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