Pros & Cons Of Costa Rica (Views From An Expat)

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After having spend the last 5 months in Europe, we are finally back home in Costa Rica.
And as we receive questions about this beautiful country – our home as German expats- I thought, I make this video for you guys!

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hello everybody this is your car speaking I want to warmly welcome you to this video here and tell ya well boy we finally arrived you know we have been away in Europe the last half year we're back in our chosen home with German expats and as we have you know been receiving so many questions and the same questions over the years and we are back here now I felt like doing this little video for you and sharing some of my personal pros and cons about Costa Rica which my kids consider really as their home so let's get started and I'd like to start with the negative things first so can I can end with something uplifting and positive number one is the rainy season often people are not really aware of that there is not always just sunshine in Costa Rica and some people of course if you're tourists you don't want to have you know rain and moldy and wet days here me as somebody who lives here I actually appreciate that you know because it's not as hot you don't have so many tourists around and it's it's just you know a little bit cooler however if you're a tourist and you have to consider that you know months out of the year is rainy season down here and some people don't like that you will just want to have the postcard image but at least I wanted to name this as a downside number two is organic foods you know coming from United States or Europe you're used to having organic food stores you know where you live you don't really have this in Costa Rica there's really just a few organic food stores in the entire country so getting organic foods is not as easy you really have to go to the farmer markets and talk to the farmers and yeah invest time and effort and then you also will need to be able to get all in one place but you have to go to different places so you know considering that this is a tropical country where foods and fruit trees are growing wild and all over the place it's an interesting negative point I feel about Costa Rica number three are the electronics and cars and everything that needs to be imported down here this is really important expensive they have very high import taxes here and just as an example the MacBook of my little daughter the screen went black just a few days ago and you know we've got an estimate and it would be two thousand dollars to get a new computer screen shipped down here and I can buy two new you know MacBook Airs for the money we need to pay to repair the the MacBook so all photographs cell phones television and cars everything that needs to be imported is very expensive much more expensive than you know from the Western world number four is theft this sometimes I feel also gets exaggerated because compared to other Central American countries Costa Rica is possibly the safest however if you leave your car open or your house open it's more easy or it's more likely that you know somebody gets in and take stuff out then this is for example in Germany we are just not used to that however you know there is no really like armed robbery or people you know really using violence that's not something that happens I feel at all in Costa Rica especially compared to other countries down here people always friendly nice so they if they want to take something away they try to do this and not getting hot or not being showing their face while doing it um I don't really feel that this is a big issue but it happens down here and once it happens to us as well we left the car open on the beach and they took away our camera so it might happen then the fifth point and the last point before I'm going to go talk about the positive things is that it's just in general compared to other Central American countries a little bit more expensive down here then it is and another comparable countries um food and accommodation is rather cheap but it is not as cheap as you like it to be possibly or as you're used to be from other third-world tropical countries it's called the Switzerland of Central America which gives you a high standard you know they have high educational and at least the health set hospitals here but it comes at a cost literally so these were my negative points about Costa Rica now let's move to the Sunnyside number one according to the happy people index Costa Rican still is the country with the happiest people on earth people are really friendly and happy down here and that's a big plus point coming from grumpy Germany believe me that and the people are just friendly and enjoy Pura Vida you know that's the that's saying they say for everything down here Pure Life pooh pooh pooh pooh Avedon and that's a big plus point that people are happy down here number two since 1948 Costa Rica did not have any army soldiers was not involved in any conflicts out there that means that there has been no mother has been losing any son brother or husband to any war that does something to the country and people down here proud of that so I for me you know as somebody who is a pacifist I I love this fact about Costa Rica very very much the third point I really love about Costa Rica is that they managed in the last couple of years I think three years to produce almost a hundred percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources that means they use wind water gravity they have lots of waterfalls here and Sun to produce all of their energy isn't it amazing so there is almost no carbon footprint down here in Costa Rica which leads me to the fourth point and that is that more than half of the country is natural reserve area so they have tourism here and this is how the country is or the builds are paid for in this country by tourism however it's green Akula ecological tourism mode for the most part you know um people coming down you to watch birds and to do hikes and to go on the rainforests and people down here are aware of that so they have good also waste systems in place you don't see like large piles of rubbish like you seen many other third-world countries it's clean down here and they want to keep it that way and preserve their natural resources that's another I think a big big plus point of course you get all the fruits fruits and veggies here you have a rest you can decide over vast different types of fruits and veggies down here that are freshly picked all year round you know permaculture is a big point you can do this down here which I also really love your outside pretty much all of the day or you can set up your lifestyle you know if you live in a place like this close to the to the beach that's so far up in the mountain because it can be cold even in the mountains you will be able to just live most of the day outside in a very close connection with nature that's a big thing coming from you know again Germany we're just cities and people and highways all all around you don't even have really highways here in Costa Rica you know it's it's very much connected to nature and very laid-back and of course to name the lifestyle the pura vida lifestyle I said in the beginning that people are happy down here but I want to add on to this you know that especially if you have family I've been I'm a father to six kids I enjoy so much being valued and seen here as a family father and that kids are so welcome people dangle off Emily and it's um family is number one here work comes not even second or third but way after that and family is always number number one here so if you have family you should you would love it down here because they love children here in Costa Rica well and the obvious also named almost as a last point here it's always warm and I'm not talking now about the food angle that you have permaculture but if again if you have kids in the family and you try to go outside in winter time with kids you know what kind of a hassle that is to just until you have everybody packed in and they're many trousers and jackets and you know whatever in blankets and you know it's such a hassle and in Costa Rica you know you can basically have them run around naked all day if you want then you have some private place where you can do that but it's so easy it's um that's a big plus point on my my end as well and that you have it's a small country but you have so many different climate zones and different nature to admire here you know you have high altitude even cool mountain you have rain forest you have foggy rain forests cool rain forests you have plains in in Guanacaste but you also have you know tropical beaches you have the Caribbean side with you know this Caribbean Jamaica Flair you have the Pacific side where we live where it's just totally different again you have the surf that's was one of my main reasons to come to the coast rate you have high waves here and surf awesome surfing Costa Rica when as you can feel and I talked myself into a quite positive mood in the end that's what was my intention I love this country and for me and my family the positive points are far outweighing the negative points but it's up to you how do you feel about my video if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and the best thing for you to stop watching me you to be use a booked a plane ticket and just fly down here and check it out yourself it was my little video for you I hope you enjoyed it again give me a thumbs up if you liked it and I'll be back the next couple of days with more thanks so much this is your car I love you Buddha Vida from Costa Rica guys stupid buh-bye

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