PROJECT ZORGO HACKS OUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS (Exploring Mysterious Abandoned Clues & Evidence Solved)

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What I got for Christmas in my stocking was hacked by PZ!
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After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER VOICE REVEAL! Is Project Zorgo a YouTuber in Real Life? (Found Spy Device in Safe House), Vy Qwaint, created HACKING PROJECT ZORGO MASK and HEARING ZORGO’S REAL VOICE (Found New Mystery Riddles & Evidence), and Daniel uploaded the video on Exposing Project Zorgo named HACKERS are putting CAMERAS in our HOUSE! (Using Decoder on Florida Riddles Recap), CWC and Vy use their decoder wheel, ninja gadgets and spy gadgets to unlock the mystery where Daniel is! They find coordinates that he is in Mount Charleston in Las Vegas. Chad and Vy go on a mission to save Daniel only to find that Daniel has joined Project Zorgo once again as PZ1 because they used the mixture B235 on him to take away his memory. Once Daniel got his memory back and remembered who he truly was, the CWC crew got back together again! While Daniel was trapped in the Project Zorgo headquarters he found abandoned top secret information and secrets about the PZ mask. Daniel taught Chad and Vy about the voice modulator gadget PZ uses to change their voices. With the help of his hacker skills, Daniel reverse engineers it so that he can control the mask himself and reveal PZ’s real voice! CWC, Vy Qwaint and Daniel trick the hacker into wearing the mask and heard the real voice. Could it be another YouTuber like Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, Marlin, Papa Jake, Matt and Rebecca Zamolo or Guava Juice? In this video Chad, Vy and Daniel celebrate Christmas by opening presents in an unboxing mystery box haul. It was all going well open gifts from their holiday stockings until they realized that Project Zorgo has been hacking their gifts! They find out that PZ has had access to the safe house the whole time. Hopefully, they find and solve evidence, clues and riddles that will help them get down to this! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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couple videos ago we found this hidden camera inside of a water bottle and we revealed the footage in here and we found out that project Zoar goal is not get inside of our safe house what are we gonna do there somehow I have access to our safe house so we decided we're gonna get each other Christmas presents to help protect us against projects are going yeah we got to celebrate the holidays even with all this craziness going on exactly give this video a big thumbs up if your open presents today too real this fun stuff look at this we got a Christmas tree you look at the beautiful Christmas tree we got some snap Kings full of gifts and look at this fireplace that we have Oh very cozy so who should open the presents first oh you guys have heard of paper-rock-scissors we're gonna do chop punch God ready all right there we go job Oh all right so Daniel you're out okay we had both good guys ready here we go punch couch go my Christmas presents first here we go nobody got me some amazing balloons check out these they hooked it up to this awesome little pedestal a CWC pedestal here link in the top right corner look at you all day oh that's so sweet of you alright let's get my stocking let's see what we got check this out it's a it's a blade it goes onto your finger like this Wow he's got a nice pointy blade right there and it has sharp of fingers perfect for nut popping blues just kidding and the third one I got we heard all three of my three fingers yeah remember you had these shed but we have to leave them behind because their house in La Verne yeah yeah we had to run out of that house really quickly and all the ninja guy just got enough behind you never got a chance to test them out so yeah we buy these you can test them out on the balloons here that is an awesome idea let's get popping three what what is all this stuff the heck okay what the heck I inhaled whatever was in there what is that what did you do I didn't know Danny I didn't do this get up in the balloons what is that that cat hair looks like hair well it's that much yeah I mean it is black this is cat hair I'm allergic to cats Oh No what kind of Christmas present is this yeah we just put cat hair and balloons is this a joke no we didn't we didn't do that we would never get to you Chad we know you're allergic to cats guys guys did you guys see them put cat hair in the balloons leave a comment down below let me know if either daniel or b is like playing a trick on me okay alright let's let's go back you can see it is you guys said you didn't do it I promise I did not put cat we did not do that Chad well I guess maybe they just came like that by accident maybe something happened by accident you guys got presents too so let's open your presents okay okay all right Daniel I think you should go next you do really special oh good yeah where is this in my stocking blue is – there's one in your stocking and one behind the tree behind the tree that sounds like a good one I'm gonna go for the behind the tree one oh oh my gosh guys oh my goodness it's a drone you didn't have to give this to me this is so nice so what can you do with that you know well like the hackers always have drones and they're always spying on us and so now we'll be like one step ahead of them exactly so we can fly around and spy on projects or but with this ya can play with it now you'll be pulling over there and finish your other gift first no and we'll play with it okay all right all right Daniel that's me okay whoa what the heck what is this thing guys it's a device you plug into your computer it protects your computer so nobody can happen to your computer oh wow I definitely need that Coty's or goes really mad at me these days are always trying to hack like a pewter oh I should play some as soon as I can then yeah yeah I could be hacking me right now alright I got my laptop they've been trying to hack this thing for months now yeah this will stop but you're saying yeah that's what that's what the salesperson told all right let's plug it in all right so case oh it popped up okay okay so I guess I just click this and it it installs and then my computer's protected this yeah this thing's getting really hot though really it's not supposed to happen it's like really hot wait there's the smoke there's smoke coming up oh my gosh was it the smoke coming off your laptop should probably bring this outside it's so high okay okay I think it looks like it's done smoking yeah wait why don't you remove this out of it yeah there was something about this Brett when you plug this in it started getting hot right guys what the heck my screen is up it's broke no it's this device we got used it really sucked destroyed your destroyed your computer yeah need to return it and get a refund or something yeah the guy who sold it to us was like oh it's gonna be perfect for your friend it's gonna protect this computer yeah I'm so sorry I don't know I used to like help you guys out all the time yeah supposed to help you yeah we're alright what if guys can you give me a second sure yeah grab this yeah okay yeah that would be great thanks okay guys um I don't really know what happened there jadon be just bought me a little device I put out in my computer it's smoked and it just broke today did they do that on purpose maybe they're still mad at me and they bought me this thing that destroyed my laptop I don't know guys it's really weird I guess I guess I'll go back in there and keep celebrating Christmas okay guys I'm back got your drone charging right now so we should be able to play with it pretty soon really sorry about their first gifts but hopefully the drones really cool you know all right you got a charging right now should ten minutes all right maybe there's no because after Christmas sale we can get you a new laptop oh okay happy great guys all right yeah this'll be your turn yeah your first gift is beneath the tree beneath the tree yes oh my gosh is it this one Chad oh my gosh it's something you wanted your whole life my whole life and look it even says channel for your YouTube channel yeah yeah a channel but it's not wrong whoop smitten they made a mistake whoops everybody that's all long Chad I can put all your spy gadgets in there yeah oh my gosh you guys know what I thought you would really like it because check this out who's your husband Chad clay it's got CC on it right there this stands for Chad clay you got me more stuff yeah both Daniel and I got ya we went 5050 yeah Daniel really broke the bank this Christmas you guys deserve it you helped me out so much that is no what is it Daniel it's a dashcam for your test slot yeah good idea put it on the front of your Tesla off the window so when people drive by or if someone runs in front of you or does something weird you're capturing them on camera so if right observable runs up to your car you get them all on film yeah and you can show the police if we can get parties or arrested if they do anything to your Tesla they're always trying to steal this oh my gosh I wanted to sell this right now then yeah okay let's do it all right be in your Tesla all right so now let's do it right here so now whoever runs in front of the car or does anything strange you'll be able to see it so how about I run out there and run around oh yeah and you just film it and then we watch it oh yeah yeah all right there is is it recording you should do a port night dance oh there it is all right good let's watch it now yeah awesome see the clip on there yeah yeah this this isn't what we recorded yeah where am I what you just got hit by the car heck no watch that again rewind that yeah look at this if the car's not even moving this is totally fake yeah totally trying to frame it someone's pretending to get hit by that by the Tesla yeah we weren't even driving it we weren't even inside the car this is the first time opening this present and like why are they already like weird things on it that video is preloaded on there when we bought it yeah the vid this video was already on here someone planted that video they're trying to make it look like that you hit somebody with your Tesla V yeah someone planted it yeah it's almost trying to frame you V cuz remember when they framed me for stealing a car that I never did they're trying to frame you for hitting somebody with your Tesla okay guys this is not married at all I mean there's all these weird things happening to our presents yeah and this is some serious crime if they're doing frame me for hitting someone yeah it does and the person who got hit was wearing a black hoodie he might have been working with the project program do you think they deal with all the presents I think so the only one we haven't tested yet is the drone right chittering I mean that's a really good gift it work so we could take that projects are go but I don't know at this point I think we better fly it and just be very careful with it all might be tampered with okay okay it's go fly it all right I like the colors red and black guys sure yeah yeah good yeah color scheme all right so let's uh I guess I'll put it down okay now the remote here okay cool I'll just give it a little test flight yeah this would be fun rs is really good because the hackers know our safe houses so they could be around here anyway so now we're going to see them yeah so keep an eye out guys yeah leave a comment down below if you see any weird activity or a hacker around yeah because you'll be able to see the drone footage all right here we go ready yeah we down guys good job Daniel okay really well this is the worst really proud of you I'm going that way ready I'll get it ready all right go that way it just turns right at us I'm not controlling it Oh guys what it's coming it's coming towards us okay don't see it did it fly away okay what what's going on that wasn't that wasn't true that he's promised I was not mean just take the batteries out okay yeah yeah okay someone else is controlling that for sure it's gotta be project or Die repository yeah yeah obviously project circle has been hacking into all of our Christmas presents we have to do something about it I think the final gift we got UV is gonna come a hey so why don't you check you're stopping right okay okay okay all right what is this this is a device you could hook up to your phone it's an x-ray device you could use your phone to look through walls and so since projects our goal has been hacking into here maybe they've planted some things in our walls like they did last time oh my gosh yeah hook this up to your phone okay let's check things out all right okay I'm plugging this into my phone here cool all right yeah yeah super-bright okay so should I start scanning yeah okay let's start with my computer though yeah paranormal about down here okay well hey what was that wait what what was that do that oh my gosh you guys come here it looks like a triangle gosh why would there be a triangle in your computer monitor no kidding it's a tracking device I would not be surprised by this circle is always using triangles for their devices oh my gosh is this how they found out where we live the safe house and they being Duhok is crazy things for us we've been tracking my computer this whole entire time yeah it could be a camera could be a micro could they could be watching you while you're sitting at the computer okay we need to get rid of this chatter yeah well we need to break the opens we need to get inside of this I got something in open yeah I've got some ninja gadgets we can bust this thing open right now and we're gonna see what that triangle is maybe you can reverse engineer at Daniel see where it leads us okay well let's go pick out like the perfect ninja weapon to destroy this and we're gonna do that on chats channel so make sure to click right here to go on Chad's channel so we can break this thing open and figure out what's exactly inside this monitor right here make sure to subscribe to me subscribe to Chad and subscribe to Daniel and shout out to y'all use find in jazz new show up whenever I promote the brand new video I'm showing your comments right here and I will see you on my chat channel right now pick mom out

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  1. That person at tried to frame you was Pz4 because, all black,sleeves covering hands,black leggings,white or black shoes just like how Pz4 always dresses and she’s short just like how that person tried to frame you.

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