Police Demand Video Camera.. Owner says NO

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well this is our turn haha Oh Gaia 0 Sigma c this.get pouring him in a camera I think I got him low guy give me wait for that joint I'll put that Joyner here him right Oh excuse me mister your camera first uh no where's that because it's mine you need a warrant yes may I please see your camera like to see what your video Joel I'm sorry okay how much have you had a good look too much very much and I'll just come back friend tell us yeah he turns out away from me please sir turn it off come away from me there's no law against it I'm on my own property you're on my property actually could I ask you to get off of it please Oh ERD you're on the means on my property here officer it was open the middle of the road carrying a beer hanging on never had the beer when he was got off the property okay we have two pretty silly probably and that's the guy here still so why is it you what are you nervous about I'm doing everything wrong you're not doing anything wrong no sir I've talked to lawyers about this there is no law against me filming public peace offices they're going to come back we can't do that bullshit punk-ass let's no you didn't have a beer I thought it was gonna be hysterical I see arrest me bitch bring it you can't arrest me I can't take my like hammer either that's why they're gone they can't do shit Matt Matt Matt Matt I don't want him to try to take my camera oh I got a fucking punch one right in the face make sure you get on the camera I'm going to hide my camera in about fucking 5.5 seconds

35 thoughts on “Police Demand Video Camera.. Owner says NO

  1. Perfect answer, "no you have no warrant."

    That is the off switch. Even if he did just walk up and grab it out of your hand, he had no warrant for that either and it also would be illegal. Cop butthurt is not law. He can go home and kick his dog to relieve his butthurt, he can't violate your rights.

  2. "I need you to calm down, your acting pretty silly"….while I make up stuff about you carrying a bottle into the street and tell you that you can't film. That lying pos cop, karma will get him someday!

  3. Yeah you guys are right. The cops couldn't do shit. You showed them alright. Good job. Sorry to say though that just listening to you two saddens me. All your school teachers passed you through school…amazingly.

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