Pixel 3 XL VS Oppo R17 Pro Camera Comparison – Which one is better?!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the Pixel 3 XL and the OPPO R17 Pro Smartphones.
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In this video I compare the front and rear cameras on the Pixel 3 XL with the cameras on the Oppo R17 Pro.
Throughout this video you can check out portrait mode pictures, daytime pictures, night time pictures, selfies and of course videos.

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what's happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back to a new camera comparison video well this camera comparison video is a bit more unusual because we have a mid-range device from Oppo called our 17th ROM a phone that he ran by for about $600 and then we have the pixel 3 XL the phone that we all know that takes the best pictures so that I said that the comparison is a bit unusual because I was pleasantly surprised by the pictures that I took the are 17 Pro and compared them to the pictures taken by the pixel 3 XL so in the back of the Oppo are 17 Pro we have three cameras but the last camera is a 3d camera so it's not used for the pictures that I'm about to show you the main lens is a 12 megapixel sensor run to the variable aperture so it can either be an F 1.5 or F 2.4 and we get an optical image stabilization and the second lens is a 20 megapixel sensor that tongue is used for portrait mode pictures to the F 2.6 moving on to the pixel wall on the back of the pixel we only have one camera so this is a 12 point two megapixel camera the F 1.8 and of course optical image stabilization so throughout this video we're gonna check out some daytime pictures and I've also included some portrait mode pictures then we're gonna move on and check out some nighttime pictures after those we're gonna check out some sample videos so I have a 4k video and a 1080p video and after that we're gonna check out some selfies and I guess we are gonna start with the daytime pictures so the first thing I noticed for daytime pictures is the color accuracy so if you're looking at the pictures taken by the r17 drone well those colors are actually closer to reality so closer to what I'm seeing with my own eyes now for some people the pictures taken by the pixel 3xl will look better because they're more saturated but if you're looking for the phone that takes some pictures closer to reality I feel that the r17 Pro does a better job now for portrait mode pictures I feel that the pixel 3xo does a better job for every single picture even though the edge detection is good from both devices the pixel 3xl retains the color some of the subjects much much better as for dynamic range all I feel that the pixel 3xl does somewhat better for some of those pictures but definitely let me know in the comments down below which phone you prefer for daytime pictures end up why and I guess I'll let you guys watch a few more just so you can make up your own mind and we're moving on to nighttime pictures so for nighttime pictures I use the night mode from the r17 Pro and the night side mode from the pixel 3xl so for the most pictures you're gonna notice that the pictures taken by the pixel 3xl are a bit brighter and they have a bit less noise but I actually prefer a lot of the pictures taken by the r17 Pro because if you look at those lights in all those buildings you're gonna see that the pixel 3xl over belongs all those lights so the pictures actually look better from the r17 Pro and that's something that I was not expecting so definitely check out those pictures and let me know in the comments down below which one you prefer for nighttime pictures and we're moving on to video recording so for video recordings both devices can do 4k at 30 frames per second but only the pixel 3xl has image stabilization for 4k recording this one doesn't so I feel that for videos the pixel 3xl does better for pretty much everything stabilization colors and sound so let's check out some videos out all right so we have a quick video testing the OPO r17 Pro and the cool pixel on 3xl so I'm currently recording in 4k at 30 frames per second but at this resolution the oppo are 17 throat does not have on any type of image stabilization therefore the footage will look a bit shaky so under these conditions are basically walking and on a sunny day this is how a video recording from these two devices would look like and we moved on to a 1080p video recording with a pixel 3 XL and the oppo are 17 prongs so on these resolution both devices have an image stabilization which is great because in 4k we don't get some put all porcelain improved so this is the Grand River and probably fairly cold out today and lastly we are gonna check out some selfies so even though you only have a 8 megapixel front-facing camera on them on the front of the pixel and a twenty five megapixel camera on the front of the r17 Pro all the self is that I took udon pixel three XL look better in my opinion so let's check those out so to quickly conclude this video I was quite impressed by the pictures that I took with the are 17 pro and mostly because some of the pictures taken by the are 17 pro actually better than some pictures take him by the pixel 3xl and I was not expecting that at all but that's just my opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below do you prefer this one or this one definitely let me know or I guys hopefully enjoyed this video if you did like it press that like button don't forget subscribe and I'll see you on the next one thanks for watching

36 thoughts on “Pixel 3 XL VS Oppo R17 Pro Camera Comparison – Which one is better?!

  1. Hello Alex, your comparisons are Always great.
    In like the Pixel 3 camera more.
    In heard that you can download a Software for a lot of Android phones and can install it on the phones. Is that legal?
    Do you know how to do it? If yes, could you do a Tutorial and show us how to install?
    That would be great.
    Thank you

  2. Pixel 3 is really hard to beat even for other flagship phones, but my vote still goes to oppo considering the price difference. Well done oppo! Especially those night shots👍👍

  3. Absolutely great video. After watching the video my choice for overall picture and video goes to the Pixel 3. What swad me was the 4k imagine stabilization in the P3. However for night time shot the edge definitely goes to the Oppo.

  4. R17 did better at a certain level of low light then the pixel but I noticed in even darker shots the pixel is better retaining details. Video in 4k had more detail on the R17 then the pixel 3 even If the pixel is stable.

  5. Pixel 3 definitely.. night mode have some overexposed issues..but i have seen pixel 3 xl night mode is more detailed and more sharp than other devices.. if you share it your pc,you can see the differences..

  6. I guess this is yet another "Request Video" from all the tards that use their phones as a camera instead of an actual camera designed for the purpose.

    People wanting to buy phones for the Camera, E-Mail, Flash light, Dog Finder etc as the "Main Attraction", is like buying a dildo with a hammer attachment because they need to knock in nails…… And not what it was specifically designed to do, to start off with.

    I do realise it is handy to have a camera in the phone, for those "Quick, last Minute" snap shots, as well as having your E-Mail etc on hand, but, tell the truth, reading an E-Mail and downloading attachments on your phone sucks, even though it is convenient.

    I personally, have probably taken 50 pictures in total with my phones camera since I got it, and purely because of certain things I've had to advertise for my dad, and it was just "quicker" to use my phone than get my camera (This and the fact that I don't really give a crap what the images look like in the adds he insists I keep placing).

    Good review as always none the less, for those that insist on using a "dildo with the hammer attachment" 👍👍👍

    As a tech reviewer you must cringe every time someone asks you to review things like this, I'm almost positive, because it would drive me up the wall 🤷🤷🤷

    Ps. 5:21 is it my imagination or is the bench on the left, and everything else in the image for that matter, look far more clear and crisp on the Oppo R17 even though it doesn't have "Image Stabilization" at 4K like the Pixel 3 does???

  7. Oppo takes more of an iPhone approach to image processing to show a brighter photo at the risk of losing detail, which many people will find pleasing especially at first glance over the Pixels approach of a darker image with more detail. Nice comparison Alex!

  8. I like the R17 Pro better for all the photos. The Pixel seems to oversharpen and pump the colors up more and the brightness. There is more noise often in the Pixel. -Adding here that the front facing photos are better on the Pixel.

  9. Shocked!! 🙄🙄

    Day Photos- PIXEL 3 XL
    Night Photos- OPPO R17 PRO

    Great job Oppo!! You did a fantastic job.

    Thank you for bringing out this massive camera comparison video Sir. Fav!!! 🌟👌🔥⚡

  10. The R17 pro is the winner for me
    It’s like my iPhone xs
    I am really impressed
    Well done oppo
    Chinese companies are great and I think that you don’t have to buy a galaxy or a pixel or even an iPhone to take the best picture….you can buy a phone way cheaper which has the same or even better performance 😉😉

  11. I am not a Google fanboy but I have to say that I liked the pictures from the Pixel 3XL better. I don't own one myself but my wife does and I got to use it and am using it right now (for me own video review tests) but as much as I dislike the Google phone, I believe Google has the camera department sewn up. Thank you for another really good video.

  12. Now to all those that said Samsung Global is expensive
    S10e $749
    S10 $899
    S10+ $999. 512gb $1249. 1tb $1599

    IPhone Xs mas beginning
    64gb $1099
    128gb $1249
    512gb $1449

    So there's no comparison. Samsung is still cheaper considering the above facts.

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