Photography tips for beginners – composition – the Rule of Thirds

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Improve your photography with our composition tips.


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now when you take in a picture composition is extremely important because it can make or break an image some people are born artistic and find this very easy for the rest of us we simply follow a few simple guidelines in this video I'm going to share one key composition rule review + as a bonus you're going to get a chance to win a really cool man follow tripod how I pull here from photo genius now in this video we're going to be talking about composition so we can make our pictures more engaging but you're also going to get an opportunity to win a really cool mini tripod now this is the Manfrotto pixie this is a tripod that I use literally on a daily basis it's nice and small and compact and if you are familiar viewer here on my channel you would have seen me feature this in a lot of my videos it is awesome and I'm going to be given one of these away so make sure you stick around now in this video the theme is composition and we're going to be talking about one key composition rule which is called the rule of thirds there's a chance you may have already heard about it now what I love about the rule of thirds is it we are surrounded by it it's everywhere you see in magazines newspapers billboards TV in film artists use it and that's because the rule of thirds is a great and very simple composition rule now like most photography rules especially when it comes to composition you don't have to apply it every single image sometimes with rules you can bend them you can break them occasionally but I wanted to explain to you first how the rule of thirds works so the rule of thirds is about making your image more engaging by moving the subject away from the center of the frame so it is off center and it works like this we take our image and we divide it up into three equal sections vertically and horizontally I'm using the rule of thirds now in this video so if we take an image and I use the rule of thirds a lot but here is an older image that is of my boy down at the bay here looking out over the water this follows the rule of thirds if we add the gridlines you will see that the horizon is along the bottom third and my son is featured on the intersecting lines so with the rule of thirds you want to drag your subject from the center to where the lines intersect and of course there are four intersecting lines to choose from if you like doing landscape photography they carefully about where you place your horizon Gimli the bottom third works really well sometimes if there's more foreground interest maybe you go for the top third now it doesn't matter whether you like taking photos with a smartphone in a mirrorless camera or an SLR camera composition is extremely important you can be a good technical photographer and take well exposed photos that are sharp and in focus but if composition is letting you down then your picture is just not going to be very engaging so composition is something is extremely important if you like taking pictures with your smartphone you can turn the grid lines on so you are reminded about the rule of thirds it helps you keep your horizons horizontal and your verticals vertical it's easy to do you just go into your settings go to camera settings and turn on grid if you're using a larger camera on most of the cameras such as the Nikon d40 400 here and your if you're using the Live View setting you can press live you press the info button and the gridlines will appear on the display so check out your camera there's a good chance that you can turn the grid lines on either on the screen or if some of the more advanced cameras even through the viewfinder so here is just a handful of images taken by me featured on my Instagram and they all use the rule of thirds now with all of these images I've made a conscious decision to not place the subject in the center this makes the images more appealing to the eye following the rule of thirds keeping the subject on the intersecting lines and in the case of this beautiful London sunrise photo I've got the horizon on the bottom line and the key subject over to the right now for an opportunity to win a cool Manfrotto tripod or by the way I want to mention this video is not sponsored by Manfrotto or anybody else by the way I'll be supplying this tripod myself for a chance to win it's very easy firstly I want you to follow photo genius on Instagram then I want you to take a look at some of the pictures that I have posted on our Instagram and look out for pictures that feature the rule of thirds so when you think you found an image that uses the rule of thirds I want you to like the image and leave a comment and in the comment in 50 words or less tell me why you'd like to win the tripod plus so I can easily find your comment use the hash tag PG r ot that stands for photo genius rule of thirds hash tag PG ro t now the competition will run until the end of September when I'll go through the entries and I'll choose a winner more information plus links down below so if you're not sure how to enter just check out the notes below the video for more details so I hope you've enjoyed this short video on composition and how to use the rule of thirds to make images more engaging if you're entering the competition you'll find more details in the links below the video and if you've enjoyed this video you know what to do give us a thumbs up consider subscribing to my channel and you can leave your comments and suggestions down below good luck with the competition I hope see you soon see ya you

21 thoughts on “Photography tips for beginners – composition – the Rule of Thirds

  1. Sir

    I want to buy a camera for my family use

      i have watched many other videos, but I like your video on everyone's behalf, because your video has a simple discussion. So, I want to know for you that Nikon D3400 and Canon 1300D which of these two cameras is useful for a long time? I've assembled the money for a lot of trouble. So I do not want to buy a camera that will lose its normal working capacity in a short time. So, we would like your valuable feedback on this.

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  2. Damn you Paul! Damn you to heaven!
    – You made me sign up to Instagram! xD

    I was out taking pictures yesterday and I kinda ran out of ideas even before I left home.
    So I figured: "Eeey! Rule of thirds!" and I have to say I'm happy with my results 🙂
    More importantly it made me look a bit differently at objects and I took a few photos I never would've thought of taking before!
    It's a great little trick to get more out of a shot, or even get a shot in the first place in my case.

    Thanks a lot for the videos and ideas!

  3. It is also better for the eye if the subject looks in the direction with the more space (or movement is in that direction, like on the sport photo example) . For me in some example pictures in this video is a bit disturbing, that the subject "looks out" of the picture. I think if we speak of the rule of thirds, we have to mention this too. Of course rules can be broken, but in terms of "basic" rule of thirds this is important to keep your pictures more balanced. 😉 But otherwise as always, great video! 😊

  4. Which of these lens is good for my camera d3200
    .. Nikkor 55-300mm
    ..Nikkor 70-300mm IF-ED or the
    Nikkor 18-300mm lens.
    I want the lens for birds photography

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