Pelicans EVP David Griffin recruits Vince Carter on camera to play alongside Zion | The Jump

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New Orleans Pelicans executive vice president David Griffin gives a recruiting pitch to NBA free agent Vince Carter, explaining what he believes Carter would bring alongside Zion Williamson, Jrue Holiday, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. Carter, Rachel Nichols and Paul Pierce then ask what Griffin was thinking during the earthquake that halted Pelicans vs. Knicks in 2019 NBA summer league.

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50 thoughts on “Pelicans EVP David Griffin recruits Vince Carter on camera to play alongside Zion | The Jump

  1. The stupid media overhyped LeBron and said that he could win with anyone. When he didn't, they bashed the Lakers young players ( like they did everyone else) which devalued them in the eyes of many. Now they set it up where this guy could come in and rape the Lakers. He brought low on all the Laker young players because of the stupid media saying they're not that good. I'm over the NBA and the media that covers them.

  2. Vince Carter (One of the best dunkers of all time) before he retires, teaming up with Zion (One of the best Future dunkers of All Time) as he's just entering in the league. Yep, if that happens, I'm watching every Pelicans game for sure. That would fun to see 🙂 Don't get me wrong, he won't win a chip with them…..but at this point, I think him holding the title for most consecutive back to back seasons is more important to him tbh. Nobody has done it as a long as Vince, and that is highly highly respectable! Vince is the man. I don't care that he's getting old……I still love to watch him play 🙂

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