Peedi Crakk on Jay Z Deleting Cam'ron's Verse, Beans Breaking CD w/ Cam Verse

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Peedi Crakk admits to being rap novice when explaining how he remained oblivious to any feuds between Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, and Cam’ron when he first made it into Roc-A-Fella and told DJ Vlad about an interesting story filled with excitement, disappointments, and utter confusion. In this interview, the Philly rapper talks about getting Cam’ron to do a verse on a song, and when completed, he played it for Jay, who immediately told the engineer to delete Cam’s part before abruptly leaving the room. Appearing dumbfounded, Peedi said he felt “salty” and moved on. However, in another instance, Peedi says he had the final copy on a CD and listened to the record on his way to Los Angeles where he would meet up with labelmates, and decided to play the record for Beanie Siegel. What was the Broad Street Bully’s reaction after hearing Cam’s verse? He got up, opened the CD player and broke the disc in front of Peedi.

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you're all blueprint too right uh I'm more like a couple bars on a song yeah we're all like a couple bars and AH as one song yeah but we got a plaque for that shit so yeah I am on blueprints Oh exactly yeah you're getting placements right you don't have any monster songs but you're getting song as the people are fucking with you know you're on albums that are selling and everything else and I'm part of this whole big movement movement yes Rockefeller right shows and everything was really uh it was really crazy tours consistent toys and stuff like that absolutely so starting to have legitimate money coming in alright you know yeah if you leave the street shit alone and you could actually support yourself in it so now one point Jadakiss and beanie sigel start beefing yeah now what really sparked that off no to be honest with you I never knew what they beef was about me neither I did that's crazy and it was hard for me because I mean you were right there I was a big J – kids fan – still am the example you – it was hard because it's like you gotta suppress your inner Jadakiss fan you know I mean cuz you cuz you click you wit they all we all go hard right now are we moving but I was like damn i fucks with kiss man so did you actually get on any records like like dissing Jadakiss and i I wasn't around etomidate beef I wasn't officially officially locked in with them I said I was just up at the label up at the studio just trying to work my hand okay so you weren't trying to get mixed up and all that I mean I didn't really had the option if I wanted to okay fair enough and they were and they all they were state P I wasn't officially in yet you know yeah but camera shot the camera he's the fuck with me heavy while I was up there he actually he's the first person to do a song with me when I got son okay so Dipset was already part of Rockefeller when you got there I mean my mom's cam was there okay you know damn hey you know came the Harlem thing that move so exactly camp kept her funky with me he did uh he did a verse for me and it was though now you would mention that you had a song with Camryn oh yeah and I'm talking about yeah and jay-z took the took cameras verse off yeah okay so so you and camera workout song together yeah it was your son Cameron song it was my son it was 150d crack I was one for PD Christ one poppy it was the original version of one for PD crack okay the original and um came and saw me perform it at like some show I had in Philly I don't know why he was there but he was just there chillin it wasn't even he wasn't a part of the show he was just in the background chillin I think one of the DJ's had invited him out one of the Philly DJs and uh he hit me the next day he's a yo crack you know I heard that joint you did that there Matt goes ring I want to do that over with you so he's like yo next time you come to New York go to baseline recorded leave it for me and I hop on it with you okay so I went up the baseline I laid it and I called only old killer you're the dry lady the vs. is open then I go to the next day and he put a verse on at him and you else put a verse on it it was dope and I was loving it I'm like then shit is crazy and I was excited of course I'm excited cuz you know it's my first joint with a with a real known artist and I'm saying Cam'ron was was really buzzing back right yeah I'm playing I'm playing it for everybody in the studio I'm excited you know I'm saying and Jay comes in and he like yo what's that shit man I was the oldest this new shit I did man yo so I told Regina you'll play that shit for Jay he turn it on and my verse went on a shitty game I'm from Philly go white I'm a crazy man Millie used to be will you be you know like relevant wings and then cam part come on since I was 11 years old I have birds and bees scissor please J tattoo engineer like yo stop that for a second say yo no delete that shit alright the record just stopped like heard what was this young guru nah it was a good name Shane okay yeah okay so jay-z stop the record stop the record and so long to delete that shit I gotta take this cuz I gonna take that off man and then just walked away and shit wait so so he heard the song you're right there with him he's listening to his vibe into it camera starts rapping he's like yo stop that shit yo delete that shit delete that shit it's like no and the engineer had to follow us right yeah yeah he deleted that shit dude dude shit out of day say anyway he didn't even save a version he just know the man he saved shit so Jay Rose I'm sitting they stuck like Chuck like what the fuck so I'm sorry anyway I'm depressed now I go okay wait wait who's that so he deleted it but he didn't actually lay a verse down himself nah I mean I didn't think he was gonna leave first I just was playing his I wanted him here but a check it out check out what happened though okay so a couple of days later I was in um I was in fucking uh at the Metropolitan in Manhattan and I was scheduled to fly out to LA so one of the interns or one of the secretaries at Def Jam called me call my room I thought she was calling me to tell me that the car was downstairs for me they take me to the airport she called me told me like Petey hold on camera talk to you and he get on phone you know without crying I was sad yo yo man um oh I thought oh yo I got to tell you something man I want to tell him first but I got a telling cuz I can't hold it shit in it and then I appreciate him doing it with me so so much on my own keep it G with him crackers tally man I like yo I was in the studio man last man please the salt for Jade man he deleted you off the song man and cam it's like he ain't good he's like oh it's cool man don't worry about that shit crack just do what you gotta do man worry about it you know how we hung up so I hop in the car service about to go to the airport and he called me back again yeah yeah we were go meet me around it gave me a street wherever I met him around I met him back a baseline actually you know I met him there and he had a copy of he took a copy he must have took it when he recorded it he gave it to me is like yelling worried about that shit he gave me the CD with his verse on it so I played that shit the whole way – uh Callie you still got it nah I don't I want to tell you why I don't got it though though I play the shit on the airplane that's when we had a little dismissive shit I played the whole way – Callie and I get there and the whole state P is already there you know I'm saying so I go go up to the room and shit they all in one room playing a game smoking this shit I'm still excited again I pull the CD out on my a Benz look this is joint I did when I check this shit out I threw the city in the on deck I press play in the same shit when it when it got up to camera apart there's naked Mac stand up and go walk over to the CD player kindly ejected that shit and broke it in half and threw it in the trash but you'll get shit out of a I'm like yo what the fuck is God or beanie sigel yeah man baby with Cam Ranh on the first I don't know why broken half cracked it to have it through the trash like shit out in and just got back to playing the game and smoking like I'll just walked out on like yo I don't know what the fuck is up with these niggas I don't know what the fuck I just got there I like this what goes on I don't know what the fuck I don't know what beef is going on even no got no insight on the Harlem Brooklyn thing I don't know what the fuck is up at the time I'm saying so I'm super lost like the fuck is good well I mean clearly from the story that you're telling me right now beany you're siding with jay-z right yeah basically yeah but you know what Mac was just Mac was just being loyal I'm saying today I'm now looking back at it now Mac which is right and trying I guess showing his loyalties to Jay and just riding on whatever Jay felt cuz I don't believe that was even anything to Wars can cuz Mac and Kim always had a good relationship from what I seen even after that they never had problems so I was like I couldn't really put that to nothing else but him just riding if that's what was going on right then in a rocking with his man Jay but I don't think it was not personal towards camera aside from from those two instances did you see like tension between Dipset and jay-z nah I just received notice that Jay would never be around around we're there yet or they what they don't interact like that you know I'm saying but we always interacted with the whole Dipset me and Jim was cool me me & juelz was tight yeah I'm saying another that goes for all of us the young guns was cool when we was all good we all was in Puerto Rico together it was dope but I think that cam hemant came but I really don't know the details of it I just didn't never know I remember there was a podcast I think with tak stone and Karen civil because I guess Karen Silva was around during that time I don't I don't remember her yeah I don't she told the story about how I guess Cameron had parked in jay-z's parking spot and there were some problems that occurred over that that was like when i okay you see I was too new to really register any of that bullshit that was going on at the time see now I could pay attention and know what's up but at the time I was just kind of lost like

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  1. I'm From Philly South West Philly Peedi From the Bad Lands Up North Philly U Had To Be Thorough To Be Respected Up There Crack Was Thorough. His Rap Game Was Serious. We Was Fuckin With State Prop Around Here

  2. I just looked at another video about Beanie Seigel being in a satanic industry & in one clip he's really close to Pedi trying to kiss him…didn't talk about that…he did say he was lost & unaware of what was going on but….👀👀👀👀👀👀🤦🏾‍♀️👀👀very sus.👀the same face i had when i saw surviving r kelly👀👀🤷🏾‍♀️what are they REALLY doing on these tour buses," hotel meetings "& jail stints??

  3. Beanz breaking the CD when Cams verse came on 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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