Panel – Two Cameras

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Two cameras used to video-record panel of people speaking.

in a very incrementalist way when those people get there and the forty percent of them who believe there is going to be a government-sponsored health insurance option in the exchange don't find one you may have your moment the altering the alternative universe right in this star trekky alternative universe in which Spock has a beard and Mitt Romney as president the Affordable Care Act went through as Romneycare in 2010 rather than I was Obamacare in 2010 right now every single Republican at the heritage foundation that the Cato Institute at the American Enterprise Institute is right now storming the country saying that because of the exchange people who want to be entrepreneurial are no longer locked into their jobs because they don't dare leave their bureaucracy to follow their dream because they'll be beaten up by the health insurance that if you want to kind of a system that is friendly to freelancers it's precisely one that divorces gaining social insurance benefits from your attachment to a large bureaucracy which was the system that Henry Kaiser landed us in back in 1943 when he was desperate to find a way to pay his workers more that the war labor board wouldn't come down on him and whomp him for okay someone had a question over here yellow

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  1. This is great camera work! Quick question, did you have two guys controlling each camera or was this done with one person? and did you record the audio on two different microphones? Or did you use one mic and dubbed the voices in?

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