Panasonic Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Two New Lumix S Series Cameras

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Panasonic will be releasing two new Full frame Mirrorless Cameras. The cameras will be the Panasonic Lumix SR1 a 47 mega pixel mirrorless full frame with dual IS, 2 card slots and a flip out screen with 4k 60p.

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cambree describe it here and at Photokina 2018 on September 25th panasonic has announced two full-frame mirrorless cameras so let's go over some of the details so you can see it's already posted on their website it's going to be the Lumix S series and there'll be two full-frame cameras so one will be a 47 megapixel s1r and the second one will be a 24 megapixel s1 now they'll both have 4k 60 frames per second they'll have a tilt out screen they'll be dual is image stabilization in both and will be 2 card slots one with an x QD card and one with an SD card much like the Nikon d80 has so those are the features it'll have an L mount compatibility with lenses from lenka and also there's going to be a new partnership with Leica Sigma and Panasonic in all three of them creating lenses for this new L mount mirrorless system now Panasonic will have three lenses on launch they'll have the 24 to 105 the 70 to 200 and a prime 50 mil F 1.4 and Leica right now has some lenses that will also fit as well as Sigma coming out with some and they say they'll have 10 lenses by 2020 now these two cameras will not be available until 2019 somewhere around the March time frames all right so that's the official announcement – full-frame mirrorless cameras from Panasonic 147 megapixels the other it's gonna be 24 let me know what you think about these upcoming cameras and lenses in this partnership how do you think they're going to compete with Nikon or Canon or Sony what do you think well the autofocus be as good it's really hard to say at this point anyway that's the announcement thanks for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one

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