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Want to change the perceptive of engineering? We are very excited to share our new video which showcases girls’ impressions of the different professions and some fantastic women engineers.

doctors they usually wear those like white coats mask plastic gloves stethoscope they could work at my doctor's office in hospitals when people or sakes they help them a teacher would probably wear something school appropriate very sophisticated skirts and dressy shirt pencils in their ears they usually work out of school at a university police they see were blue or black a police badge they're cool cop hats a belt they work at a police station they arrest people for doing something wrong an engineer I don't really know how an engineer looks like they can look pretty smart probably like a small cover all on a hard hat a pen in a pocket on their shirt goggles I don't know where it would work in factories possibly in their lab and a car shop some of them build they make blueprints they think a watch that's all I know I am the manager of the user experience design team and what we do here is we create visual and audio display technology I'm working on the inbox project so that's user interface design all the sizes for screenings all the colors all that comes together to create an amazing user interface I work as part of the autonomy team to develop software to any of our robots to perceive their environments and then to operate independently when I was a kid I think the first thing I wanted to be was a horseback rider I wanted to be an artist for Fixer I think quickly once I got into high school though it switched over to wanting to pursue engineering I started out as a physics major in college and I wanted something a little bit more hands-on I was exposed to robotics which gave me that hands-on experience I was looking for I was actually really worried that I wouldn't be able to be creative as an engineer but it's actually really really open I have full control over what I'm building so I didn't really have to give that up the coolest part is definitely deploying software on a robot and seeing it do what it was meant to do one of the reasons why I went to engineering is the idea of creative problem-solving I really like factoring in people's perception of what technology should do when I was a kid I kind of wish I knew that you could be really creative with what you make as an engineer I get to think any of the projects that have more of like an artistic side to them I thought engineers were mechanics or construction workers I didn't even think about the people who build a complex mechanical systems I'd recommend for anybody who has an interest in how things work that you keep the door open to pursue an education and career in engineering the skills you learn in engineering give you a strong foundation that you can then take and apply in many different industries having local to global impact that amount of influence you can have is what makes engineering so versatile a career anybody can create something but as long as you make it your own that's what really matters you

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