Nokia Lumia 1520 – Video Camera Review

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This is a Review, Low Light Test and Demo of the Nokia Lumia 1520s video camera. Please subscribe for my upcoming review of the actual smartphone itself.
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when I bought my new Nokia Lumia 1520 I did it because of its razor-thin design and the gorgeous 6 inch full HD display and if I wanted a phone with the best camera possible I would have bought the Lumia 1020 instead with that said I was of course still curious about the new camera I think it's really cool that it can take stills in a row DNG format with its 20 megapixel sensor but the video function is what I normally use it's pretty straightforward you access it by pushing the little video camera in here you can turn on and off the light choose a white balance or leave it in Auto you and something that simply a must for us video nerds an optional manual focus another super improvement from the 920's the ability to choose frame rates I live in Sweden so therefore I often want to shoot in our native standard 25 frames per second but videographers all over the world want to be able to shoot in the cinema standard of 24 frames per second the Lumia 920 had a really good optical image stabilization and the 1520 doesn't disappoint either it's totally usable as a walk-around camcorder to capture those moments when you left your camera at home and if you want to make it look a bit more cinematic it holds up pretty decent for a phone it's a good video camera and it's better than for instance the Lumia 920 in every aspect except one that is low-light capability but let's put things in perspective this is a small HD camcorder its only purpose is to shoot good video and this is what it can do in really poorly lit room the fact is that there isn't any really good low-light small censored cameras even a $2,000 video camera have a lot of noise this on the other hand is shot with a Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera which costs $1000 and have a large sensor as you can see it's much better but it does not have a 6 inch screen it can't browse the web make calls send texts or play Angry Birds so back to the Lumia and what we can do to fix it as I see it we have three options wait in the dark for a firmware fix use your editor to get it a bit better or we can turn on the lights and as you can see the Lumia isn't doing a bad job at all my conclusion is that the Lumia 1520's video camera is one of the best as a day-to-day shooter with its stabilization and usable but not great in low-light situations but I don't really care about that since this is so much more than just a camera please subscribe and I will tell you all about it in my upcoming review of the Nokia Lumia 1520 until next time goodbye you

40 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1520 – Video Camera Review

  1. I couldn't find a review for the Lumia 950 of yours, I dropped Android for it, got an iPhone for work, which I also didn't like. The camera in the 950 is superb IMO, but the lack of stability on Win 10 and the lack of apps killed it… had to go back to Android…

  2. I couldn't find a review for the Lumia 950 of yours, I dropped Android for it, got an iPhone for work, which I also didn't like. The camera in the 950 is superb IMO, but the lack of stability on Win 10 and the lack of apps killed it… had to go back to Android…

  3. I'm also a 1520 user. I've been using this phone for more than a year now. It is now updated to windows 10 mobile. The Camera has changed. Hope you can do another review. The 1520 feels brand new again after the update.

  4. all of my respect sir. to those magic charming videos u make. just wanted to know, is there a good useful video editing apps on windows phone ? ( just for simple editing, changing scenes, some colors, nothing extreme like ur vids xd )

  5. ohhh yeeaahh man, I recently discover your channel, and it's amazing, you have a great voice and a outstanding way of making videos, sorry by the bad english, and giant congratulations from Brazil!!!

  6. I got my Lumia 1520 yesterday and today I've been testing it quite well. I'm really frustrated since I'm having an 'issue' with the camera. Here is what happens.

    I take the photo
    Open the image(It looks really sharp and perfect just as I focused it)
    After a second it blurs and all the sharpness goes away and I'm left with a really low quality image.

    What's going on? Is my camera defective? Please help!

  7. Thanks for getting back to me on 30 min video recording.
    I did find out something though. I have a nokia 1520 (16Gig). I had  installed a Samsung 32 gig sd card for more space. Once I took this sd card out, I was able to
    record video for 1 hour. It may have went longer, but saving video to a 16 gig phone took up most of the storage, leaving me with 1 gig left. I'm thinking with a 32 gig phone instead, it can possibly do continuous recording even past the one hour. Unfortunately I can't afford to get the 32 gig phone.
    Anyway thanks. Got my problem solved by saving to phone and not sd card.

  8. I have subscribed to a lot of tech reviewers and I find this video of yours way better though not as detailed with tech jargon but way better. Maybe it's your voice, or the music in the background, or the video making as a whole. Anyway, it all comes down to this – it's awesome!

  9. Just watched all your 3 videos on the lumia 1520. Really appreciate the amount of work you put into them. Hats off !
    One request though.. can you do a small video on how best to use the manual set up features on the nokia pro cam. i am only asking you because i see no one fit better to do a video on photography 🙂
    Thanks in advance sir. Would be much appreciated. 

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