Nokia 6 – How to use the Camera and Slow Motion Video Camera

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This video shows how to use the the camera and the video camera on the Nokia 6. This camera can also do high speed video (aka slow motion video). Let’s walk through it and show the different settings

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hi everyone welcome back to how texts today we have the nokia 6 we're going to show you how to use the camera and camcorder just look for the camera icon here should be on the bottom roll if it's not you can of course find it in the apps on their camera and it's basically a standard kind of interface just hit the circle here to take a photo and you can pinch to zoom and you can also do some photo modes so panorama touch up or regular photo touch up we found just basically there's a slider here and you can select different amount of touch up and basically just makes it a bit blurry so clean up your complexion if you're taking selfies stick to photo here on the top we can adjust the flash if you want auto flash on or off HDR you can switch to be on/off or auto you can do a timer 3 second 10 second or no timer and then you can switch between the front-facing rear-facing camera here and then you have a pulldown menu where you can do comfort tagging guidelines etc watermark and shutter control shutter sound on/off etc and way down here is actually the aspect ratio and resolution so this is actually the most important thing but they put it way down here and you can choose the resolution on the cameras either front or back camera and you have a bunch of options and it's basically a small medium and large option for either regular Four Thirds or widescreen sixteen by nine and you can also do that same thing for the front-facing camera and they let you do it here for video as well so let's take a look at that while we're here so you can do 1080p 720p or 480p and 1080p is pretty good but let's leave it in 480p because I'm going to show you why in a second so let's go back and we'll go to video monel and so if you click on that one you're in video mode and it gives you some options on the speed and so let's just leave it in the regular one and then now take a video and you can film let's go to one so if you're filming it's just running and you can still take a photo if you click on the camera icon here and this one doesn't allow you to pause you just can basically start and stop recording so and then up here on top you can do the light on and off in this case because it's video it's not a flash it's just the LED on all the time and you can also switch to take a video with the front-facing camera so let's take a quick look at the speed again so if you click on this you can see you can do 3 X or 1/3 X or 1/2 etc so 3 X is actually slow motion so it would run at 1/3 the normal speed and 3 one-third X is actually three times the frame rate so that gets a little bit confusing but that's basically saying like 90 frames per second filming and 3x is like 10 frames a second so let's try taking a video at 3 X and because it's time-lapse it basically says use a tripod and let's take a quick video one-mississippi two-mississippi three-mississippi for as you can see basically it's doing this at one third of the normal speed and if I go like this take a look at that so this should be a pretty short video and you can see even though I was moving my fingers very slow in this sped up video it's basically three times faster so not sure how useful that is it's actually not super slow and let's also try the basically the high speed framerate so that's the one third X and so now the reason why we left the camera in 480 mode is because if you are not in 480 it won't allow you to do this slower speed and if you're in 720 you can do this one and if you're in 1080 you can only do the high speed one so basically there's a limitation on how fast this thing can capture high res at a high frame rate so anyway let's try the one third and take a video and so now we'll do this so I'm going pretty fast and let's take a look at how that video came up so even though I was going fast now it's kind of in slow motion so basically that's three times of regular framerate so that's it for the camera and video recorder overall it's not too bad the high frame rate thing is kind of cool one major contention we had was with this low slow image capture speed so that's really kind of outdated in today's market the fact that you have basicly have to wait like a second before actually takes the photo but anyway for the cost of this phone I guess it's okay you can live with it you have any questions please leave a comment don't forget to subscribe please check it out their how-to videos for the nokia six and many of the popular phones here on how texts see you next time get your milky all over here on the front on the back and you get a nokia logo on the front so no the last time you saw a phone and had a logo on that on the face as well

39 thoughts on “Nokia 6 – How to use the Camera and Slow Motion Video Camera

  1. Brother how to install old camera in Nokia 6

    Mean Frist my android version marshmallow

    But now of my android version Oreo

    I want old camera Tell me any solution please

  2. Kindly tell me how to attend call when phone is locked.. sometimes i lost call screen to attend the call and then i unlock the screen to attend call…plz solve it or show videos for this problem

  3. my le eco le 2 ruins the quality and zooms in a lot while taki slow Mo is it better on the Nokia 6? also the images get blurry and are hard to understand the alphabets is there anything​ similar here ?

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