Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera Review & Hands on Demo

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Nikon D5200 Camera Review & Hands on Demo with Sample Images


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After a busy year refreshing their full frame lineup, Nikon has more recently shifted its focus towards renewing their DX-format DSLR’s. The latest model to roll off the production line is the Nikon D5200, which slots into the gap between the entry-level D3200 and enthusiast D7000.

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in 2012 nickel had a really busy year launching no fewer than three full-frame DSLR z' there's the d4 then the d800 and then the d600 but towards the end of the year Nichkhun decided to refresh its dx-format range of dslr's by announcing this the d50 200 let's take a look at it in closer detail in this full review rather than adopting the d50 116 point 1 megapixel sensor the d50 200 features an all-new sensor at a resolution of twenty four point one megapixels and if you're thinking that's the same sensor is found within the D 3200 you'll be mistaken this is an entirely new sensor for this camera the center offers an ISO range that runs between 100 and 6400 which can also be expanded to 25600 the d50 200 also adopts the latest generation image processor and that's an XP 3 image processor this enables the camera to shoot at up to 5 frames per second and it also allows the camera to offer 50 i video frame rate one of the great benefits on the d50 200 is the new Nikon multicam 4800 DX AF sensor module now this is the same AF sensor module that was found on the D 7000 and the advantages that brings to this camera is it can now find up to 39 AF points and you can also if you just head into the menu just set this to either 39 points or alternatively you can just set it to 11 AF points if you'd like to just move across the frame very very quickly what's more the d 5200 AF tracking mode that's its 3d AF tracking mode is excellent locking on to moving subjects it's really fast and responsive and although the 18 to 55 millimeter kit lens may be adequate for beginners those that really want to take advantage of the AF system will want to use the d50 200 with some premium glass the d50 200 also embraces the 2016 pixel metering system from other cameras in lakhan's range such as the d600 and d7000 now the exposure compensation can be preset to plus or minus five evey and the real great advantage of the 5200 is that you can also just change the exposure compensation when you're recording videos one of the key differences between the d50 200 and its entry-level cousin DD 3200 is that of its tilting a screen at the side this can be tilted to almost any angle for high or low angle shooting and it's a screen that measures three inch in size and it features a 921 K dot resolution although the d50 200 doesn't feature Wi-Fi and GPS built into the camera it does actually support both of these features but these have to be paid for and just bought additionally which actually just increases the cost very slightly of the d50 200 the wireless mobile adapter to make it Wi-Fi enabled is around 50 pounds but if you want to buy the GPS adapter which didn't just sits on top of the camera which plugs into the side that's going to set you back at that 199 pounds to make it attractive to those who like to record HD video the d50 200 shoots a variety of different frame rates including 50 i 30 frames per second 25 frames per second and 24 frames per second at the side of the camera there's also a 3.5 millimeter port so you can attach an external microphone however there's no 3.5 external port so you can listen to the audio and monitor it as you create your videos even though it looks almost identical to the d50 100 is actually 45 grams heavier and if we just take a look underneath it also just uses the same battery so those who are going to upgrade can just use the batteries that they've used before and if we just swing the camera around it's also got a really good new graphic user interface just make it a little bit easier when you're setting up the camera this new graphic user interface makes it very easy just to set up your shutter speed aperture and ISO settings these clear dials just clearly show the settings that you've got them set to and even the aperture closes as you just increase the aperture there we go it's really really nice neat interface and also the ISO can just been controlled over here on the right and if you just want to get into any of the other settings you can just hit the info button and likewise you can just get to all the settings you need to beneath very very quickly the d50 200 also adopts the effects and creative settings from the D 50-100 some of these include night-vision color sketch miniature effect selective color silhouette high key and low key but as we found out in our testing this delivered a lag when using some of these modes loaded with the SanDisk Extreme Pro card we managed to rattle out six frames at five frames per second before the buffer prevented any more shots being taken this was set to war and fine JPEG and when we changed the image quality just over to find Chau peg the D 5200 happily rolled out an unlimited amount of frames and that's testament to the D 5200 excellent buffer adopting the 2016 pixel RGB sensor from the d7000 the D 5200 provides matrix center-weighted and spot metering modes with the metering mode set to matrix for general shooting the D 5200 images appear well exposed on-screen and a study of our histograms in Photoshop and Camera Raw confirms that the metering system works very well indeed we found ourselves rarely dialing in any exposure compensation to produce accurate exposures in scenes with a wide dynamic range if you'd like the camera to help restore more accurate detail from high-contrast scenes active d-lighting is also available and applies automatic digital processing to the brightest or darkest areas of an image the D 5200 produces bright and vibrant images straight out of the camera color accuracy is a good representation of what your eye sees at the point of capture but JPEGs are fractionally more saturated than draws as a result of some in-camera processing as for sharpness and detail the 24 point 1 megapixel sensor delivers highly resolute images with impressive levels of detail when it's coupled with premium lenses attached to a sigma 105 millimeter F 2.8 test lens the D 5200 managed to resolve 32 lines per millimeter on our resolution chart at ISO 100 which is a very respectable performance as for its performance at high ISOs the D 5200 performs very well with very minimal noise in images until ISO 1600 you can use ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 settings with no problem at all and it's not really until you reach ISO 6400 that you really start to see noise creeping into images when they're viewed at 100% with a little bit of noise reduction in Camera Raw you can easily just remove the noise but we would say avoid the extended ISO settings at twelve thousand eight hundred and twenty five thousand six hundred so there we have it is nickens latest the X format DSLR the d50 200 to read our final verdict on the camera and to read the full review make sure you just head to what digital camera comm

40 thoughts on “Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera Review & Hands on Demo

  1. can we monitor sound during recording videos using sound jack?
    can we connect external microphone in this?
    can we use remote to start and pause video recording or taking photos.?
    can we connect external power to this dslr?

  2. I got my 1st dslr nikon d5200. Its great and awesome.. Having fun with my buddy! I would recommended it for an entry-level.. Like the 270deg.monitor. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. This camera is terrible, very very poor quality pics and videos, buy anything but the Nikon d5200, got mine with a 35 mm lens, on auto mode this camera is unusable, useless, my phone is better, very very disappointed, even called nikon, told them the should be put out of business selling such junk, my old point and shoot is much better, I can't believe this camera is so bad, maybe mine is defective, it sure takes defective pics and videos, don't take the chance, do not buy this camera, you'll be sorry, just like me.

  4. plz help me to choose between this two (nikon d5200= sony alpha a58)tight budget.. Both these cameras with these (18-55) lens are having the almost same price range ….which one would I pick and why ?…

  5. This time fortunately, the high ISO performance has actually improved. The D5200 body is almost identical to the D5100 camera body including the articulating, high resolution LCD.

  6. I just bought this camera a couple of days ago ,, I know absolutely nothing about DSLR cameras in fact initially it was my intent to buy a camcorder.
    At this time I have ignored all the settings except " Auto " and that is for the most part bullet proof, the images are incredible to say the least.
    Anyone who is interested in purchasing this camera take your time and be very careful when it comes to buying cameras on " e-bay ". Price wise, anywhere from $ 699.00 Can. ( that's what I paid ) to $ 849.00 Can. I don't know why but buying this camera in Canada they give you a two year warranty, in the U.S. it appears it's only one year ?
    Anyway it is a beautiful piece of technology and I'm very happy with my purchase.

  7. I bought the camera in June 2013…there's a lot to learn for sure. Everything keeps coming out dark…so I have many MANY settings to choose from to figure out how to fix things. It has been almost 30 years since I got my Pentax ME Super. This Nikon is so advanced…Thank God for this video and others like it

  8. i think he means fast lenses … any lens that have 2.8 1.8 1.4 and 1.2 lens any camera body with this lens will have better images rather than kit lenses 🙂

  9. You mentioned when the D5200 is teamed with premium lenses the image quality is great. What do you consider premium lenses? I was looking at teaming this camera up with the Nikon 18-105mm or 18-200mm lens.

  10. Hi! I can't decide between Nikon D5200 and Canon 60D. How are they different in terms of still pictures and how are they different in terms of video? Overall, which one is the best camera? Thank you!

  11. till now i'm learning how to use it, its my 1st DSLR camera, its an awesome device only wen u really know how to use it. i was really impressed with its low light image quality . i did some pic at night,

  12. these images didnt look all that good on my 23 inch Dell Monitor and i had the settings from it and the video on 1080……they just kind of looked like reproductions…..oh well just an observation.

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