Manfrotto CC 197 Video Camera Bag Review

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In this episode of The Purple Fringe, Chris and Jonathan take a look at the Manfrotto CC 197 video camera bag. This is the successor to the Kata CC 197 and maintains many of the great features of that particular bag.

today everybody and welcome to the purple fringe the show where we discussed the high end of low end production equipment and today we're talking bags in particular you know you've bought all your equipment or maybe you've had a bag that's kicking around for a long time and it needs replacing so what do you get and the question is do you go something small do you go something hard case do you go something big and so we've decided to explore a particular option which we think sort of answers a lot of questions and it is this wonderful on the back here John what if we got this is a bag may be familiar to quite a few viewers people who are familiar with catters bags or kada however you pronounce it this is Manfred's version of those bags cattle was a sister company of Manfrotto and they've absorbed the company and sort of made a few small changes so it's right now instead of yellow and they've made a few other small cosmetic changes but essentially it's the same bag this is the CC 197 bag so they're come in different sizes this is the largest of the lot there's also a 195 and Chris I got a one a one nine one now that I've seen one of the nice things about these bags is that basically the same thing just be your smaller mmm so that's pretty cool but Chris you've put together a little bit of a video for us that gives us a bit more detail about the practical use yeah took one out and about and there's a few things you realize after you have one of these out and about for a while and particularly the bigger one but let's have a look at that video the big Manfrotto bag this is a pretty sizable bag it would still fit in an overhead on a airplane which is good one of the biggest things you notice is that the zip on this is really like you know solid you can do that plenty of times and still trust it's gonna work um velcro and everything's nice to solid you can fit a lot in here I mean I've got in here I've got a camera pair of headphones I've got five of these actually six of these and of course we've got our lighting kit in here as well a couple of these LED lights easily fit in so that's pretty handy alongside you know a couple of microphones and got two sets of lapels in here which I can sort of flap oh it's a bit messy so I would actually opt to put these probably in the little pockets little holders and then have them in here the one thing that this doesn't come with is a lot of the dividers for putting inside so when you actually want to divide your bag up very you know specifically to put you know use you know slide kits and little parts in you can't necessarily do that with this bag because it doesn't have that many inserts that's probably don't my only gripe with it though I mean the rest of its pretty good you know the build quality the pocket on the front is an interesting one I've just got the monstrosity which is the Z 150 charging kit Lian that they're doing and the only thing on the front of this is that it's not particularly solid so that's very thin material on the front there and you'll find that I think the zip as well it's probably not not as solid as a zip on top but that's a yeah it could be a little bit more padded on this bit here but there are a couple of envelopes in here as well just for putting whatever you want to put in there whether it's spare memory cards or adapters or anything like that the good thing about this as well as it's deep enough to hold documents so if you had your clipboard with your documents for the day or whatever you're using you can just easily slide that in the front and you know use as purely as a documents Bay so yeah that's the Manfrotto bag I guess so from a practical point of view very easy to just stuff things in and look if you are on a trip where you're going somewhere in your shooting and you need to pack your clothes as well the good thing I can say about this is that you can pack your clothes on top and have a nice little padded layer and you still got a heap of packing room even with a full production kit in here so as far as practicality goes you know it's a little bit chunky you know fitting that over the shoulder I would almost recommends the size down if you were going to be just using it for your camera but if it's a travel bag as well this is quite a good bag to get and certainly feels quite comfy you've got the two handles on the side so you can easily pick it up and lug it around and they're nice and you know chunky there as well so you know it's it's not gonna rip off yeah I proved it this bag it's a good one so there you go a couple of things I want to mention Chris about this bag the retail price is roughly around $300 Australian you'd probably get it for closer to 275 and also with respect to the feet on the bottom of the bag which is pretty much I think identical on yours Chris the other the same thing yeah yeah if they do get knocked around a fair bit as they tend to do in my office you can find a few issues with that that the fits we're through yeah they were through they tend to get a bit a little bit loose potentially not a big issue for most people but something to be wary of their waterproof too I think right Wow rain proof probably ya know they've got a surface city as rain proof so you can take them out and they can cop a little bit in fact cleaning the bags I work with have copped a little bit and they've held up pretty well so at the end of the day that's you can't really ask for more you just want a bag that you can throw around a little bit it's still gonna protect your gear you can take it out at the rain it's got lots of compartments it's got room to move the man from the bags John would you recommend them well I bought plenty of them the opposite yeah and I'm not the one saying say is this one imagine a little one in here that fits in between yep and the big big daddy of them all this is the one motor

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