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yo was popping in hoppin mr. Goodson on scene alright so today I'm going to be buying a new camera um I haven't been really using good cameras I've let my GoPro and that's pretty much it alright I'm gonna be going to Walmart to buy a new camera I know Walmart like y'all think they don't have good cameras but I actually do so I decide I'm gonna vlog it I think I don't know how much money I have to work with cameras are pretty expensive $111 200 250 250 seats here she yeah so I'm gonna hopefully I can buy a pretty good camera with this I don't know how expensive they are but cameras are pretty expensive but I'm gonna try to get a good one that's nice good quality in it so yeah before we begin make sure the like button subscribe if you haven't already and uh yeah let's go to Walmart oh we're going to Walmart that's never muscles excuse me alright so we came back here trying to find Grand Place in Chicago with my favorite we were looking for yeah alright yeah we kinda have to do it quickly because our girl is ready but we can make it work yeah yeah should we say loud all right great no all right no we abdicate nobody saw anything Yangtze would your mom let us yeah neither you should ask her about it mainly where's the bleach I want some drinks do you know the bleaching Tide Pods are alright yeah that's fine I got a candle Holmes chatter fries I got a camera we did a quick toilet paper before this one and now we're going to buy everything Oh our mcdonald's getting alright so I'm back to the Walmart unboxing I don't remember but I got this the Kodak Kodak pixpro FC won 5-2 I guess that's what it's called let's look at the front first it says there's 15 times optical zoom in right there well that's pretty good I'm pretty positive 24 why didn't go 16 megapixels I'm the screen on the back the LCD is 3 inches has optical image stabilization that's good because if you didn't really notice whenever my cameras no product like I'm always shaking it but now it's not gonna really pick it up I'm a has continuous shooting has HD video at 720p it has high dynamic range how you charge it hang on this looks like it connect oh yeah all right hang on a certain age actually yeah alright so the thing that got earlier as part of it out listening that you can do so this thing right here you can plug into there and then you can plug it into a wall and then this thing can go into your camera alright I understand yep how do I detach me I don't know clues like some like little rope holder or whatever oh this is the battery right here and that's all except for the back this is nice alright I'm gonna charge the battery and then I'm gonna show you what it looks like when it's turned on alright alright I charged it here's how you put it in just a little sitting on the bottom do like that and then you just push it in make sure you close okay alright the batteries in hopefully it charged I hope it charged look at that can you see me yeah geez it doesn't like show up that look at this well can you see me jeez it's kind of hard to pick it up from this oh there goes was popping mr. corndog Hey all right this is actually kind of cool I like this you're right here on it we have the record button the mode all of this kind of stuff this is cool camera it does have good quality this is nice hmm she's careful all right um yeah I guess that's you know let me take like that you can zoom in far Oh sixties oh I didn't even notice it how long like shrinking now that's cool this is cool I like this camera um now I'm gonna go to the price real quick I showed y'all that I had like one hundred eleven dollars and Fisher and it cost me a hundred and seven G's this cameras pretty expensive but I feel like it's worth day right now no I'm gonna figure out like pretty much everything to it make sure that I guess yeah I guess that's gonna be in this video make here hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't already well this is greatly appreciated yeah I like this it's funny cuz whenever I was buying it like the guy at the checkout that I was buying it from he was like so surprised whenever I'm folding money in my wallet he's like oh here's a little kids mom's writing on my phone site boy I got it myself um yeah make sure you can like one subscribe yourself already look I turned it off but wait hang on I can get that that's cool and it's not like overly big so I can look I can fit my pocket dude this is a good one I like this one oh yeah make sure the like one subscribe if you haven't already that's gonna be in the view some video yeah

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