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We all know that cameras are watching our every step.

Find out how to hide from cameras, sensors, and any other facial recognition devices with these tips that will make you undetectable.
Camouflage yourself from face detection today with these tips.

CV Dazzle is key for hiding from computers and machines that are tracking you and building profiles. Don’t be susceptible to photo tagging by friends or governmental agencies ever again. The implementation of this makeup tutorial in your everyday life will be key to existing track-free.

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hi guys it's me Jillian again with a new makeup tutorial today's topic is how to hide from cameras so it's nothing like smokey eyes are blush basics today right now we're going to be discussing different techniques which will let you walk around the city undetected by cameras here's what you'll need you too can avoid being recognized by computers machines robots anything if you follow these easy steps you will be undetectable by cameras and you will look great I use ordinary house scissors to get a cool angle from my bangs scotch tape does the trick to get straight lines when applying makeup here I'm using the white cream CV dazzle isn't just makeup it's accessorizing it's hairdos it's the way you present yourself a towel helps for cleanup it's important to address the forehead because you really need to concentrate on breaking up that region facial recognition systems work by identifying certain landmarks on a person's face they extract information by using algorithms that detect certain area of the really stick out those being the nose bridge lips or ocular regions under the eyes it's really important that we distort those that way the computers might have a harder time recognizing us my training for this look comes from Adam Harvey with the CV dazzle approach when working near my eyes I use white eye shadow instead of the cream guys the most important thing here is to really break up your face the more you distort your look the harder time computers will have identifying you I cannot stress this enough black lipstick is a great way to cover lots of surface on your face quickly peeling off the tape helps with the straight lines creating contrast is easy if you use black eyeliner we all know that cameras are monitoring us at all times so I wanted to give you this makeup tutorial as a gift to teach you how to avoid being facially recognized this isn't about blending in this is about sticking out yet remaining undetected by cameras and guys I really want you to be creative here the designs are limitless I use a little bit of glitter when I'm feeling fancy ok and there you have it all you have to do is the last touches including taking the bobby pin out of your hair letting your new bangs down and I recommend grabbing a piece from the back and putting it down in front of your face tune in next week and we'll be discussing different ways to hide in public with accessories I'm going to teach you how to make a hat built with infrared lights and you'll be safe to walk through any Street undetected

31 thoughts on “MakeUp Tutorial HOW TO HIDE FROM CAMERAS

  1. I do this all the time and I am completely invisible. No one knows where or who i am ,
    Except the police who detained and interrogated me at the Bank And the psychiatrist that the Judge sent to assess
    my competency and metal state.

  2. Oh yea – you're not at all conspicuously trying to hide your face from cameras, Jillian. While your model may prove effective, you will draw way too much attention to yourself.

  3. what about putting a grocery bag over your head with two holes for the eyes ? I am pretty sure it wil as well and it is much faster ! Anyway with both solution you 'll look like a weirdo and will probably get arrested in some place

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