Lumix Stories – Wedding Photography by Luminary William Innes

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William Innes, a Panasonic LUMIX Luminary photographer, specializing in wedding photography has divorced himself from heavy, bulky full-frame DSLR cameras and hitched himself to the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera system.

William avoids what he calls the wedding camera hangover effect caused by caring heavy full-frame DSLR equipment around, but thanks to the compact, lightweight nature of Micro Four Thirds mirrorless lenses he is hangover free. His transition away from full frame DSLR’s and onto mirrorless photography came after experiencing several key benefits key to his needs. Those key benefits include super sharp lenses like the Leica 42.5mm and Leica 12-60mm and a camera like the LUMIX GH5 with dual card slots, wifi, and the ability to shoot with lower ISO thanks to the innovative Dual Image Stabilization 2.0 mode. William feels he now feels everything he needs in this new marriage, “and then some”.

Enjoy William’s interview and experience what inspires his photography in stunning 4K resolution.

Featuring Photography by William Innes
Documentary Shot on LUMIX GH5 by Griffin Hammond
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wedding photography that's all about making the bride look beautiful I've been waiting for this for so long it's gonna be a very special day and then you want to tell the story because if you dig deep enough every wedding does have a little bit of uniqueness to it from the moment I've met her I've fallen in love with her and she's the only one I'm gonna tell her that again today I'm gonna tell her that for the rest of my life weddings you have to be a portrait photographer a landscape photographer a macro photographer 42.5 is a phenomenal lens the look it gives is absolutely beautiful this is so good if I was able to capture every image I wanted to with that lens that probably would stay on my camera the whole day too I love to 12 to 60 because it's a great utility lens you can shoot wide and even 60 if you use your feet the zoom you can get almost every shot you need with that lens I work with two bodies at weddings and that land stays on one body the whole day one of the tricks I have is I shoot all a manual mode it's difficult to expose for a bride stress because it's usually a white or just off-white so what I do is I go in close and I take an exposure reading off the dress and I expose typically one to one on the third stops overexposed when you back up and shoot it's amazing it's perfectly exposed image many times I'm walking around with my hand in front of me looking for light we are in Southern California so most weddings here do take place outdoors and sometimes it is hard to find nice soft light in the shade if I find an area that works with beautiful light especially the colors in this room I tend to work in a lot and just one thing leads to another to another and we end up capturing a lot of great images I'm really excited now that the gh 5 has two card slots now I can write rod a1 and JPEG to another and have it built in backup on the cable these cameras now have no low-pass filter so the sharpness is actually crazy in these cameras I'm gonna be honest I am NOT a spring chicken anymore I'm not quite as like stable the other thing I love to do is drink maybe five cups of coffee before a wedding so I'm pretty amped up and I think the dual stabilization really helps me be able to shoot at a lower shutter speed and the big advantage is is I keep the ISO down a stop or two and now have less noise in my images and still capture great photos and in the view of la help me beat that's pretty awesome isn't that cool la is joy look at that I think I got everything I need and then some it's been an amazing venue with amazing light we've had a great makeup artist just the whole team was phenomenal he's such a pleasure to be around he sees things that we I mean we'll look at the pictures and have no idea of the color scheme that he sees and it's just amazing to watch his work these cameras are have to wait and half the size of traditional cameras and when you're doing 35 weddings a year or back-to-back weddings and you're lugging around a lot of year like we used to call it wedding hangover the day after a wedding I don't have it anymore Panasonic

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