Lily Camera Drone review (of the "hands-on demo videos")

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Here’s an overview of some of the various hands-on demonstration videos that have been posted on YouTube about the Lily Flying Camera. I have some questions and concerns about what I’ve seen so far. Let me know in the comments section what you think.

first off lily will not ship until February of 2016 so no one has an actual Lily yet here's the CEO talking about the pricing and the release date yes so we're launching a pre sales campaign on May 12 it's going to be at $409 instead of 999 dollars in retail and we're shipping in February 2016 so the company is inviting you to pay $499 for one now months before any consumer will own one they say that the price will be going up by double at some point so you should get yours now at this large discount one thing I've noted what the other new quads on the market is that they all have bugs in the software when they first release on each of these quads there's a bit of software code that's called the firmware and the firmware is largely responsible for how the quad acts and even the large well-established companies with years of experience often have some pretty glaring issues with the firmware on their new releases you can see here in this following video here I'm going to show what appeared to be some glitches in the prototypical firmware he tells the quad to do a spiral which is actually I believe supposed to be a 360 degree orbit around the wearer of the sensor and the cameras supposed to stay pointed at the person in the center with the sensor and it appears in this video that the quad just completely ignores that order and doesn't do anything like in orbit and the CEO demonstrator just sort of glosses it over like it has done exactly what was expected have a look so should you watch follow spiral take off online so I'm not so sure how comfortable I am paying in advance for a quad which is coming from brand new company with brand new quad with brand new firmware especially with a drone that's being expressly marketed as autonomous autonomous means the firmware is going to control much more of the behavior of that drone than a more standard user controlled quad that means the firmware is all that much more important second the battery tech in all of these new quads is awesome but there is one common theme amongst them and that is that after they're charged up been used and charged up and used there's a finite number of times you can do that before they go bad with most of the major players in the market you have to go buy a replacement battery which is a drag but in the case of Lili there's an even larger concern in my mind and that is well listen to what he has to say here okay how do you uh will there be a battery meter on this somewhere how will it tell me so there's a formula flux on the batteries built-in so the battery is built into the quad and what that'll mean for the Lili owner when the battery is waning and no longer able to fly I don't know maybe maybe they'll have a way that you can open Lily up and replace the battery which would be great they never did mention anything about this but I'd want to know that piece of information before I paid $499 for it only to have it turn into a paperweight if the battery goes dead third the drone purportedly will not come with any object sensing capabilities and this means that if it is following you and you cut close by a tree or a power line or anything and you're in its way the quad is not going to sense that the object in its way and it could run into it if you look at this section of one of the CEOs demos he's doing what he calls a droning which is it's like a drone selfie where the quad centers the owner in the camera and then it moves upward and backward and it keeps the owner in the frame it's a pretty cool shot I spent some time trying to do it myself with my own quad you know manually and it's a great shot but I can't see for sure in this video that I'm going to show you here how close that pole behind them is but wouldn't the drone run into any object that was in the predetermined flight path if if there isn't any object dictation detection capability wouldn't this apply to all the autonomous functionality of this quad as well maybe I'm missing something but I'd be worried that the drone would run into something that would meaning I could do about it now let's try a drone II shot really actually flies away from us autonomously again I press a button a newly will fly away and zoom out and create this really cinematic shot while keeping me in the frame you can see the world behind us it's a really awesome shot let's bring Lily back again by pressing a button really comes back and when I feel safe with my surroundings I can make it line by pressing another button all this is done through the tracking device but that's what this was Italy y'all thought I must flying camera Thank You forth taking off and landing safety this drone has no landing gear I can't tell if they intend for this thing to land on the ground or at all or not but certainly in all of the demos that I've seen he has at landing in his or someone else's hand except for the time it crashes I've learned a little bit about what a spinning prop can do to you if if it happens to make contact with your body and there are a number of videos here on YouTube with very graphic displays of the injuries that a quad can do so having the quad land on your hand appears to be what the manufacturer is recommending as normal landing procedure and in my opinion that seems dangerous at one point in in a demonstration video the CEO asked the video host if he'd like to allow the quad to land on his hand and the host agrees and watch what happens would you like to plant it you want to rub it yeah so you'll have to hold the device there no you just stop it at the bottom line once okay now is gonna win oh stop it nice oh that's cool that's a great pop very easy to line vertice to take off so it looks to me like there's a firmware issue or some other problem that caused the quad to have a fairly rapid descent into the wrong place and the host of the video makes a remarkable save to keep the quad from crashing but seemingly has no idea how dangerous that catch he made was and the CEO demonstrated responds by saying it's very easy to land and very easy to take off I'm not sure I agree with that in any case how will this worked in more windy situations or for people who aren't quite as athletic as the hosts of this video I've done some landings in my hand with my current quad under ideal conditions and it can certainly be done safely but I have concerns about doing it every single time that way maybe the lily can land on the ground and they just don't show it in these demonstration videos have a look at a mistake during takeoff involving a different video host again the host being unaware of the real dangers involved he laughs out loud about it while the CEO is apologizing and I am frankly surprised that this house was not injured and he had to perform complicated surgery on it a few times to get it to work properly ready yeah eventually one of the drones did set him off trying to bite me my vibe here are a few other things that occurred during that demo trying to land on some sunbathers I took my new open fall I love it and briefly running away fifthly I have never found a video that purports to show the actual video from this quadcopter in every one of them instruction videos I managed to find the footage that is supposedly being recorded is very conspicuously missing one of the video hosts even comments on that fact here what I look as cool is the people skiing down the slope in slow motion or even cooler I'll never know because the footage never came out so let me share some questions streaming around in my head about the camera situation with the Lilly drone the biggest players in this arena they use a relatively cool piece of technology called a gimbal it's on the underside of the drone to hold the camera steady the camera stays in the same place no matter what the quad does and this gives you some great stability in the footage as you can see in this video I'm showing you it is apparent that the camera is held inside the drone in the Lilly as the CEO says here the camera is built-in and super easy to use all you have to do is throw it in the air and literally do the rest they will follow you know where you are and create amazing content on the flight now if the camera on the Lilly is housed inside the outer shell instead of out and open like with most of the others how they allow for the kind of camera steadiness that the bigger companies using gimbals offer is there some sort of mini gimbal and mini camera inside this thing I mean that would be awesome given that the bigger companies have not been able to accomplish this and if that is the case why are they not pointing out what a marvel this technology is that they've created and why are they not showing us this awesome video that's coming from inside of Lily instead I can't seem to find a single bit of footage from the Lily camera anywhere they make it look like the video from the ski jumper in the original promo is actually from the lily and maybe that's true maybe the snowboarder that tossed it up in the air maybe that came from the video I don't know I'd like to know I'm just not sure how they can pull this off if they do I'm going to be impressed as an aside he says in this video that you just throw it up in the air and it follows you but in the demos I've seen he's holding in his hand for takeoff for liftoff sixth this drone appears to be a selfie drone only under all circumstances in the demonstration videos the drone camera is by design pointed at the owner of the drum for me this seems a little limiting I may want to make a video of a bunch of my friends playing volleyball or basketball or whatever how am I going to do this if the camera just wants to keep looking only at me if I'm not playing volleyball or playing basketball or whatever seventh the Lille cam will only go a hundred feet from the owner and you say what's the range on this thing so it's five to a hundred feet how can I get the camera to film a bunch of surfers who I do not know or a certain two hundred feet from the shore if I'm on the shore the camera will have to remain a hundred feet away from the surfers at least and besides it'll be pointing at Mia how am I going to get it to point at them I don't know maybe there's a way that they allow you to turn the drone away from you but certainly they're not talking about that so I know the concept of this Lily drone is fascinating and exciting and I'm hoping that thing will be rock-solid and that any suspicions I have are unfounded but I have suspicions and I thought I'd share with you what we'll show you now is a spiral shot where Lily flies around Manor 360 so the league hovers in place and now let's try the spiral shot I was just telling you about Lily goes in position and start this loop around me again all I did is press one button on the tracking device but Lily's knows where I am and creates this immersive shot around me okay

49 thoughts on “Lily Camera Drone review (of the "hands-on demo videos")

  1. im from the island of Panay south of Manila Philippines and was just about to get a drone and good thing i stumble upon this review. thanks for the warning of scam artist. great review great video. thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. These predictions turned out to be true. On top of the initial funding of 15 mill dollars, 60.000 people paid 499 dollars and the entire project reached 45 million dollars in funding When the "backers" got an email saying the Lily project was shutting down, they offered everyone a full refund. As pr. october 2017, none of the 60.000 people have received their 500 dollars in refund.

  3. SCAM…….Yes seriously vote this down. If they are for sale then if they take the money then give them the product. If the product does not work then don`t sell them till all the gliches are out of the product. I don`t care what it is . If it is a banana with holes in it or a car that has no wheels on it . Give yourself a smack in the head if you want one so bad you will risk your money.Seems like by the time you get your SCAM drone it will be out dated by better capabilities. I know if you want good photo shots .Why not just get a 15 foot pole with a gimble and stick it up in the air . I`ll call it the Lewee cam. Send me your money but I`m sure the glitches in the 15 foot tec pole will have some glitches .So it may be a while before you get your Lewee cam. Haha.

  4. Congratulations on a dry, laconic, disingenuous, prescient and compelling video. If it isn't your day job to make investigative films for TV, it should be.

  5. just watched this video after lily's shutdown announcement. You sir, is a true fortune teller! It amazes me that you were able to pinpoint the glaring issues with the drone almost 2 years ago! That earns a two thumbs up and a standing ovation from me. Bravo!

  6. The initial promo video was shot by DJI Inspire and they are being sued now for false advertisement. It took DJI years of development and iterations to achieve the current status and you won't expect a new start up to succeed out of nowhere 🙂

  7. Watching this video just after Lily has folded! This guy has seen through all the BS about this drone, well done! Too bad the fanboys disagreed judging by the amount of dislikes.

  8. News on the Lilly is that the company sent out an email saying it they are closing the company and offering refunds now.

    On a side note on your video and I know its a couple years old now but I'm sure image stabilizing was out then, using a bigger resolution and cropping it and stabling the image out digitally.

  9. To many liar in product industry believe me….especialy in Drones area , i work for it in China and many company use CGI to make fake product flying video….You guys should have a concern about that , people dont actualy love their job, they just love to make money fast and we know who is their master if you know wot i mean… Small team can make only non mature UAV. Where are the Lily's censors? That is crazy and they suppose to make safe UAV….BS….Antena(Not in the fake CG they did) etc…etc….For my point of view i believe only internationnal team actualy like DJI even they meet a lot of problem they still alive and still making amazing product because they all come from different horizon.

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